New here (2)

1 Name: Prowlersgirl : 2011-03-26 13:16 ID:/rXo+ZDZ

I'm on twice (this profile, Prowlersgirl and Soulless-Apparition), I'm now on here and I'm barri-cade on Deviantart ^ ^ Hi people!!! I write Hellsing, Transformers, Inception, and anything else that captures my interest enough to write a fic for.

2 Name: Kalypso-Fox : 2011-07-13 15:37 ID:0vl0HwG3

Hey, hey, hey! I have an account on FanFiction under the username: Tomi's Little Jenna. I have 10 as of yet, in progress fics, and 1 completed one-shot if you would care to visit my profile and possibly read a story or 2? I am also on FictionPress, as Makayla-Marie Vampire Queen, and DeviantArt under Kalypso-Fox. I am now on here as well; and write just about for about any fandom that attracts my attention at any point in time, mostly Anime/Manga. ^~^

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