Does anyone even live near me? (2)

1 Name: Canada'sFangirl : 2011-03-18 18:10 ID:jFs+2rdt

Hi, I'm new here and kinda socially awkward. I was wondering if I was the only teenage anime/fanfiction fan in my area. I live in South Carolina and so far my search for fellow fans has been fruitless. (the exception being my best friend whom I was able to convert)Not to mention my mom keeps nagging that I need to find a hobby that people will actually relate to.

2 Name: Anake14 : 2011-08-02 13:15 ID:dMaZVgnj

Cool. I'm going to be moving to South Carolina sometime next year and will probably be there for two years, maybe a little less. What's it like there? I have a friend in New York and a few in some other East Coast states, but we're determined to corrupt it so they won't think we're just weird people with weird hobbies!

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