SunnyCon (2)

1 Name: rachelcabbit : 2011-08-26 15:29 ID:8wxEdysh

Just thought I'd let everyone know that there will be a new convention in the UK.
It's SunnyCon, taking place in Sunderland, Tyne and wear (North-East) on March 24-25th 2012. It's mainly anime, manga and Japanese culture, and we will be having some big name guests from the industry there as well as tons of fun things to do, a cosplay masquerade, skit contests (including an online skit contest), Japanese classes, and various other things.
Announcements will be made in September, and the website will be up shortly, but those interested in more info, meeting the team and the mascot Sunny-chan, (and trying your hand in some Sunny Fanart) please visit our facebook page.

Look forward to seeing you there ;)

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