Was anyone here at Otakon 2010? (7)

1 Name: Otaku Girl : 2010-08-06 20:33 ID:DBrdjSta

Was anyone here at Otakon 2010 at the baltimore convention center?

2 Name: YumeStar◆d8IUAu9Dzk : 2010-08-31 15:22 ID:gFAQMTx5

I was! That was the best two days of my life! I only went friday and saturday, I wish I could have gone sunday too but I was busy.

3 Name: SephiriaEvangeline : 2010-09-26 20:27 ID:fMwAf8PO

I was technically 'there' on sunday, but i'm not a member so yeah...

it looked really cool though :)

4 Name: KazeYami : 2010-12-02 17:30 ID:sL6aYtqs

I was there all three days! Perhaps you saw me? I was a blood smeared nurse with pig tails?

5 Name: Yogogirl13 : 2010-12-03 22:51 ID:Mneww54a

Yup! I was cosplaying as 'L' from 'Death Note'...well, I tried to. I was the one with a white blouse and hair in a bun. ^_^' I was only there on Friday and I had so~ much fun!

6 Name: liatris-chan : 2011-01-06 21:48 ID:b941T52Q

I was there, that evacuation on...saturday was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen! I was the one wearing a "Fruits Basket Kyo T-shirt" and a pink&black neko eared hat with a chain......no cosplay -sniff-

KazeYami, you were that bloody nurse I saw? Jeez, you gave me and my older sister the creeps with all that fake blood!! I was waiting in line when my sister told me "look over there" and pointed at someone in a nurse outfit covered in blood!! I nearly had a heart attack 'cause I had just watched "The Ring" the night before so I was a bit jumpy.

7 Name: Andi : 2011-01-08 19:47 ID:cV+OCaLN

I was there! I was Kaoru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club!
I had an orange rose, and I also went to Vic Mignogna's panel, and was first in line for the Todd Haberkorn panel! Both of them gave me their autographs and hugs!
I was there all 3 days! I have a youtube account and my Hikaru has a deviantart account, and if anyone is interested, I can give them to you!

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