Dude, wth? (21)

1 Name: Lydiaa : 2010-04-13 13:47 ID:O10/QcjL

Right doodz.
This can be used for spreading the news about upcoming authors and
Just post the link to your art, story whatever, add a general blurb and which TV show, book, film ect. its following and whoever is interested can check it out :D

Mine isss
Mine are atm Dr Who related but Im hoping to get some twilight ones up there aswell :)

Have fun guyzzz. :)

2 Name: btvsfifi : 2010-04-19 04:57 ID:D6KtLg+J

This is me, I watch and read alot of sci-fi and fantasy books and tv shows. I tend to get addicted to a certain fandom and go in waves from one to the other. I have 23 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Bones, Buffy X-overs, Angel, Sweep, Twilight, Doctor Who, Gilmore Girls, and X-Files. Although I do have more fandoms! So check me out and have a look at ma deviantart!
Lets be mates XD


3 Name: xdrop-of-golden-sunx : 2010-06-20 10:07 ID:MyyQkG+j


Her very first fic is up! It is really good! She hasn't written very much so far, but when she does, it's going to be amazing!

4 Name: Rachel : 2010-06-21 09:16 ID:CVFpATaB

Anyone know any good stories with Carlisle x Bella pairing?

5 Name: bensonbeckett-sv-castle4ever : 2010-06-25 20:10 ID:dYq2rnKB

cASTLE! SVU! lol!!!!!

6 Name: MyDeadlyPremonition : 2010-06-29 13:19 ID:MnE7c1tY


Author has written 19 stories for Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy IX, Clock Tower, Final Fantasy X-2, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Mirror's Edge, Twilight Syndrome, OneChanbara series/お姉チャンバラ, Deadly Premonition, and Heavy Rain.

This is me on the website, Check it out!

7 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2010-07-08 14:23 ID:cJTqqOnm


This is my own project about the theme 'utopia'. It was a challenge, I had to lay there unmoving for straight hours... Ugh...

8 Name: Two_Worlds : 2010-07-08 15:40 ID:AfznslGb

Hey, I've got 21 stories. I write for a lot of different fandoms...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Angel, Chuck, Eragon (Inheritance Cycle), Bones, Harry Potter, House MD, Legend of the Seeker, and a few others...check me out and let me know what you think. I'm always up for talking about any of my obsessions.

9 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2010-07-09 04:38 ID:cJTqqOnm

I also write for fanfiction and fictionpress (with penname fan-to-fiction)

10 Name: Aver : 2010-07-25 07:28 ID:B1t0jl4N


This is the multiple-chaptered story I'm the most proud of and, sadly, got the least reviews for(so I'm trying to make people interested^^). However, everyone who read it said it was a good story, so it's not my own pride talking to you when I say it's worth your time, because it really is. It's thirty chapters long, though, so it's gonna take quite a lot of time to finish it. It's not fandom-related so everyone can read it. If you're interested in more, visit my website(the link in my name).


A writer whom I've got on Author Alert for a reason. Her writing style and all her stories rock, I really love the way she writes things and I hope to be her match one day. It's really sad that she's going to quit. Again, fictionpress, so not fandom-related. If you've got even more time, I suggest you take a look at A Time To Be Silent And A Time To Speak - amazing writing style, surprising plot and very natural characters.

Anyways, Two Worlds, as soon as I find the time I'm going to read & review your Eragon and HP-fanfics =)

11 Name: 777-DemonicYoshi-888 : 2010-07-27 14:33 ID:q8naBIw4

Eh, I haven't got many stories.

They're all Zelda ones so far, apart from two cracky M-rated oneshots summarising Ocarina of Time and Mario Sunshine. I have four fics overall.

One of my favourite authors is http://www.fanfiction.net/~allidunno
She's another Zelda author who's cracked out a full 54-chapter Ocarina of Time novelisation with five new characters (Joey from YGO, Kurama from YYH, Katara from Avatar and two non-Mary Sue OC's.), as well as an in-progress sequel and a very creepy, angsty post-OoT story.

But I haven't found any other Zelda fans on here since I joined back last year at some point, so I doubt any of you will bother to check, lol.

12 Name: Otaku Girl : 2010-08-06 20:31 ID:vm8LH33T


This is the link to my home page at fanfiction.net I mostly write about anime, actually, that's all I have published. I have 12 stories total about Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Haibane Renmei, and Bleach. Though one story is "down for maintenance" because there were so many spelling, grammer, punctuation, and other mistakes in it like left out or repeated words that I just deleted it and have been gradually working on the editing. Hopefully I'll re-publish it soon.

13 Name: The Famous Fire Lady M : 2010-08-07 10:18 ID:b8AW+vVF

Um, anyway. I have like 27-ish stories. (I've 27 stories for Heroes, Doctor Who, Twilight, Hellsing, Death Note, 9, Silent Hill, and Repo! The Genetic Opera) Most are for 9, the one with the dolls. I am a shameless 1x7 shipper and thus most of the stories are for that pairing.. XD
Um, about the person who asked for the carlislexbella fics, um, I wrote one.. it's several chapters long but unfinished..
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I did work really hard on it.. XD

14 Name: Nikkie : 2010-08-07 12:39 ID:HQAScivU


8D Erm, I wrote 16 stories all for Shugo Chara! c;.
I'm thinking about writing one for Special A and one for Vampire Knight, though o:.

Eh, atm I'm finishing up other stories and later posting them :D.

Yerr, this is gonna be good xD.

15 Name: Kris : 2010-08-08 10:29 ID:dyCAHS5T


Author has written 22 stories for X-Men, X-Men: Evolution, X-Men: The Movie, Wolverine & the X-Men, Harry Potter, and Radio Dramas.

16 Name: Hot Shot's girl : 2010-08-23 23:45 ID:kAYPYDw7

Hm, this is telling all the stories you like to write right? Well I like to write about bunches of things, Transformers being my first and main love of writing fics, been addicted to that show since I was 11. After that I started watching the Final Fantasy VII game clips and fell in love with that, then came Naruto and then it left . . . and then came One Piece which I died and went to heaven for, lol. Addicted to that show so bad it's put all my others on hold for a very, very, VERY long time.
So yeah . . . Author has written 37 stories for Transformers/Beast Wars, Aliens/Predator, Bible, Final Fantasy VII, Naruto, and One Piece.

That's me :)

17 Name: Hot Shot's girl : 2010-08-23 23:48 ID:kAYPYDw7


Yeah, probably should have posted that, lol, well you can click my name and I guess that'd work. Whatev . . .

18 Name: DSG(Sugar) : 2010-08-29 09:35 ID:FlXmaSCn

I have written 8 stories for Naruto and 1 for Ouran High School Host Club :3

19 Name: SephiriaEvangeline : 2010-09-26 20:28 ID:c7lQMIF4

I write for voacloid

20 Name: THEKyuubi27 : 2010-11-05 14:22 ID:61/IvzUU

21 Name: xXAlibomboziXx : 2010-11-11 03:57 ID:1zOgQWMo

I have written a total of four fanfics about Inuyasha and Ranma, two are inuyasha and two are ranma.

I intend to get up some Basilisk, Escaflowne, Naruto, and several more anime's as well I will also do Twilight sometime in the near future.

please check me out ^^

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