New Moderator! (1)

1 Name: Becca : 2012-08-08 10:04 ID:Kw1fIvRy

I don't know if many people log on here anymore, but if there is anyone there, hy!
I'm Becca, and basically I've been given permission by our administrator to sort through this site and to rid it of all the adverts and stuff.
So, hey! How are you?
If you see any "Post was deleted by a moderator." that was me, and they are just adverts. I won't delete any posts anyone makes, even if they are being douchebags. I may do something to them if I hear enough protest. And once I figure out what exactly that 'something' is.
But, hopefully people will come back to this site, I really enjoy it and am happy that I can hopefully restore it!
Oh, and if I missed any adverts or someone's being nasty or something along them lines, just post it here. I'll see it :)

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