Weird and Embarrasing Fears (158)

1 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2009-12-12 15:09 ID:xcJagiWd

Anybody have any fears or phobias that are maybe really weird or either embarrasing and not easy to tell others?

I have about three off the top of my head:

3. Ravens - It seems that a lot of horror books and movies i saw when i was younger mentioned ravens. And so whenever i see a raven or hear one i get goosebumps and if i'm outside will run away. :| It's kind of embarrasing...

2. The Ocean - I don't mind swimming in the pool but i refuse to swim in the sea. I hate places i can't see the bottom and i'm always scared something will come out and get me from under the sand. :S

AND 1. Touching People - Yeah, it's a weird phobia that people know about. I'm fine with touching family members but when it comes to stranges or close friends, i always feel tense when in near proximity to them and if my friends try to hug me i'll quickly flinch and dart away.

Weirdly enough, i'm fine with just 'normal friends' touching me but when it comes to friends who are 'closer' than that then i go frantic. I think my friends are a bit upset that im fine with classmates hugging me but not them.

:S What can i say? I don't know how my weird phobia works... But it also means i'm not good with guys touching me. When i fell on some ice and a boy i know tried to help me up i flinched and pulled away frrm him resulting in me falling again...

Sorry for the long rant, i think i got to into it and was trying to figure that last one out. :| So... yeah... anybody wanna reply?

109 Name: Hollow Ichigo-Ichigo : 2010-07-17 18:07 ID:LzvlhHgx

17, and still scared of the dark. But that doesn't beat this story.

Well, when i was 5, my dad had a Sega and Aladin for it. One night, i had this nightmare that the Genie (blue one) came outta my TV and ate me! For about 7 years, something had to cover my TV so he wouldn't come out. XD No telling, please!

110 Name: Beau : 2010-07-24 05:32 ID:TvHn62Hn

I'm afraid to sleep on my back at night because I get followed by an Incubus during the day who likes to fuck with me, and if I lay on my back he sits on my chest. No joke. I'm also scared of being abducted and forced to mate with an alien, swallowing my teeth, a plane crashing into my house (I live near an airport), sleeping with my back to the room because there's all sorts of shit that moves, people in general, heights, being outside for too long because there's no running water to protect myself with, and being bitten by a building.

111 Name: Bitch Goddess : 2010-07-27 21:10 ID:yM+DGttC

I have a very common phobia - spiders. But it had an interesting beginning: when I was about 5 or 6 my mom and I were coming home from somewhere and when we pulled into the driveway my mom noticed a spider. She decided to get out and squish it so it couldn't get in the house (it was huge!), and asked me to bring a large water bottle we had in the car. She took the water bottle and quickly smashed the spider. The reason it was so was a garden spider with THOUSANDS of babies on it's back. Needless to say baby spiders went EVERYWHERE!!! Into the garage, up the side of my house, and up my mothers AND my legs. So yea, it's pretty much at the absolute least gagging and shivers - reserved for pictures, videos, and ones in cages at pet stores and such - but I have been physically ill several times and even passed out in the middle of a pet store when I turned around and my boyfriend at the time was holding a tarantula not 2 feet from me.

My sister is afraid of ants though...that seems like such a weird phobia to me. She even skipped breakfast one morning because she was the last to leave the house that day and there were ants crawling on the threshold to the kitchen and there was no one there to hand her something.

112 Name: Elaienar : 2010-08-02 20:52 ID:/AsjfO0j

Physical contact that I don't initiate myself. Normally it's just people I don't know well, but if I'm especially tired or stressed out I get to where I can't even stand to be touched by family members. And it's really annoying at that point because I hate the fact that when my cute little brothers and sisters hug me my first instinct is to react violently.

113 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2010-08-09 14:12 ID:nRj97UZQ

O.O After kind of forgetting about this site for a long time - it's been what, seven months? - i come back to find so many replies to my topic I started! (I thought it'd eventually just be forgotten like most)


Yeah, I agree with pyshical contact that you haven't initiated yourself. I've been working to get better at physical contact over the past months and I'm better at it now but I still have to be the one to initiate contact since when somebody suddenly touches me I'll jerk away.

114 Name: enihpledamira : 2010-08-10 07:22 ID:OZMcPVfV

chickens, the dark ,ghosts, hights and depts...

115 Name: Aron : 2010-08-10 14:05 ID:B9ZDWhPa

>>110 ...I really don't understand most of your weird fears. You are actually saying you can feel an 'incubus' sitting on your chest when sleeping on your back? ...Right. So you kinda have a demon who follows you every day and likes to move stuff in your room when you're asleep (with your back to it. i would think stuff would be moved when you're asleep regardless). And water somehow protects you... How? The first two I mentioned just reminds me strongly of the movie Paranormal Activity, which gave me the heeby-jeebies a few nights after watching it.

As for my weird and embarrassing fears... I haven't got too many of those, but I'll try and name a few. 1)I sometimes think people are watching and judging me whenever I walk into a room, or anywhere where there's groups of people, so I get somewhat nervous and self-conscious. 2)I'm afraid my dad will hit me when I think he's mad, or looks mad to me, even though he has never done that since I was in my mid-teens (not abusively). But more than that, lash out verbally. 3)I am very wary and alert when outside after dark alone.

116 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2010-08-11 10:53 ID:wfmJCzTc

>>115 A temporary fear because of watching the horror 'The ring' when I was six.
I had a small tv in my room and it was always on stand-by. That night I had pulled it out of the contact. But when my mother came in she thought it was a lamp and she plugged it in again, which caused it to be on stand-by again.

In the middle of the night I woke up and saw that the tv was on, that really scared me. I had a few weeks I didn't want to sleep in the same room as the tv.

Thank god that phase is over now...

117 Name: Beau : 2010-08-11 18:33 ID:BNyqToUu

>>115 I personally have never seen Paranormal Activity cuz it looked a little gay to me. Most of it is pretty weird because (and I really hate to sound like some whiney emo kid), me and my mother have had problems with paranoia since my brother died. I'm not trying to fish for pity but that might explain some of them.

118 Name: enihpledamira : 2010-08-12 02:41 ID:GN0ov8zU

@116 lol my cousin watched child's play
after that all stuffed animals had to be removed from her room...

119 Name: YamiTenshi : 2010-08-21 09:49 ID:n/bysdmT

I am deeply creeped out by mannequins. I don't know why. Every time I go to a store that has them, I have to walk by them really fast. The more detailed, the creepier they are.

120 Name: Jen : 2010-08-22 13:33 ID:ZdMKpZEI

The dark. xD I never really got over it.

121 Name: Gin : 2010-08-23 02:03 ID:YXNSxuAx

Angel statues. It's a recent fear, too -- one brought on by Doctor Who and an overactive imagination. They just freak me out, with the way they're all calm and peaceful (and stone) one moment... then a snarling monster intent on killing you the next.

122 Name: warper : 2010-08-23 13:19 ID:pklPtcg4

Fear of the dark,
Fear of spiders
Fear of Daleks
Fear of Zombies
Fear of being buried alive
Fear of Cybermen
Fear of the Slitheen
Fear of Evil giant robots.

123 Name: YumeStar : 2010-08-29 14:33 ID:t6kw1bP7

fear of spiders
fear of being followed/stalked
Very strong fear of pain but not of death itself

124 Name: Akito Rebellion : 2010-08-31 15:01 ID:t6kw1bP7

Irrational fear of fish (don't laugh)

125 Name: Idrill : 2010-11-10 00:54 ID:xRA9n2E+

  2. Clowns (yeaaaah...)
  3. vast open waters, just like >>1 even in games, whenever there's a water level '/shivers/
  4. any kind of insects, except butterfly's maybe
  5. well we have chickens at home and when the seasons are changing and the lose their feathers.. the time between the new and the old, those pins. I refuse to touch them:(

well and some other things I can't think of

126 Name: Magickless Sorceress : 2010-11-10 22:01 ID:vd3Y+Nb7

...I would say a fire. Not small ones- I actually like candles and such- but the thought of large fires that destroy houses and all...I'm scared to death of them.

127 Name: Gothic-Neko-Writer : 2010-11-13 10:00 ID:oh6Xe0tw

1: Being stalked
2: Dolls (they FREAK me out)
5: Big Fire like 126
6: Tight Spaces
7: Thunderstorms
and some other phobias that would take up this whole page XD

128 Name: Gothic-Neko-Writer : 2010-11-13 10:00 ID:oh6Xe0tw

1: Being stalked like 123
2: Dolls (they FREAK me out)
5: Big Fire like 126
6: Tight Spaces
7: Thunderstorms
and some other phobias that would take up this whole page XD

129 Name: buggirl101 : 2010-12-05 15:43 ID:d3YBDX3R

I have a few fears too.

  1. Thunder/ Ballons/ Fireworks. Anything that can make a loud noise. Guns are fine though, don't ask me why. I HATE loud noises and I scream everything I hear them. So, I have to sleep with earplugs in my ears durings nights where storms are predicted.
  2. Yelling. Sorta goes with the loud noises thing, take a phobia of loud noises and a family that loves arguing = Terror
  3. Boxers. I have a bad experiance with a couple as a little girl and lost my baby doggie Harry at the same time. I had to get like...20 stitches from dog bites and tested false positive for rabies. (They tested me again and cleared me.) Now THAT is a reason to be afraid of dogs.

4: Being in putch black dark. I like the dark really, it's calming and relaxing. But being in dark to the point of not being able to see your own hand when you can feel it pressed up againest your! It's freaky not being able to see.

5: Drowning. But not in a way that you would think...I had a St. Bernard for a pet when I was little. She wouldn't hurt a thing, but she would tackle you to the ground and lick your face off. She did that and just wouldn't get up one time, I swear I was going to drown from slobber...and yeah. Now-a-days I can't go under any water at all.

And that's it...I think.

130 Name: Sixth Limb : 2010-12-06 14:14 ID:b22E+B2E

Most everything I fear is pretty standard fare, e.g., falling, impalement, death, small enclosed spaces, but then, there is...

My irrational fear of soggy, discarded things. Trash, hair, food worst of all, whatever. My skin will crawl and my stomach will flip. And I swear if somebody threatens me with that crap, I will blow my damn top~

131 Name: Corona 1 : 2010-12-06 16:02 ID:Wucg0WJb

1,Spiders are an obvious one.
2,Heights, though strangely I can go up to the top of a tall building and look down quite easily, which is weird because I can't even step onto the second rung of a ladder without freezing. Strange.
3,I don't like balloons if I think they're going to pop.
4,I detest that manufactured cotton wool. I hate the feel, I hate the sound, I hate the texture. I don't know why, but that stuff makes my skin crawl. Shudder

132 Name: KazeYami : 2010-12-08 07:41 ID:lmlbU83+

I am a man. i have no irrational fears. if i ever did, i punched them down with my epic testosterone and was like, "No! Stupid fear of stupid things! i shall be having none of your shiznit!"

But, yeah. Seriously. You can be afraid of anything, even ridiculous things like manufacture cotton wool. However, actually allowing those fears to cripple you is ridiculous. We have higher thinking brain systems so that we can overcome things like that.

133 Name: AkitaFallow : 2011-03-14 23:40 ID:EW8Ld8Tw

Balloons. I am scared to death of balloons. Doesn't matter if they're a popping risk; if they're nearby, I'm not. Just looking at them makes me tremble.

The unknown. Not in the sense of the unknown future or death, but in the sense of emptiness and blackness in which anything could be lurking. I can't look down into deep, dark lakes for fear something will rise up out of it, and it's especially bad if there IS something sticking out of it. One time I went canoeing on a huge lake, and by a cliff face you could see the rock continuing down... down... down... into nothingness. Scared the living crap out of me and I can't even think about it without trembling. Another variant of this is looking at emptiness in space through a telescope. I instantly freak if there's not something to focus on that's NOT staring into empty blackness for billions of light years.

Needles. Just the thought makes me cringe and shiver and generally want to puke. And not because they're pointy; no, it's the feeling of them sliding into my flesh. I think it stems from when my entire arm swelled up after a shot and it still hurts when people punch me in the shoulder even years later...

The sudden turning on of lights. I do not fear the dark; in fact, I love it. But I cannot open my eyes IN the pitch dark; I far prefer the dark behind my own eyes, because there is no chance of the lights coming on and something suddenly being THERE. (Like a zombie. Which I'm also afraid of.)

Velvet. Less of a fear than a morbid dislike. I can't touch it without full-body shivers and tasting something weird on my tongue.

134 Name: Piccylo : 2011-03-15 08:08 ID:ZOr/iFcf

I'm scared of being overtaken by benevolence (because SCREW YOU good alignment!) and of driving through intersections in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Something about the intersections in that town make me feel like I'm going to be T-boned going across them. Eugh.

135 Name: J.E.McCormickGal : 2011-03-22 13:30 ID:BlRhJQVi

1: Meteors. I'm perfectly aware it's an irrational fear, but one incident where someone (whether jokingly or not) mistook a flare for a meteor I had a panic attack, and now my friends tease me for it.
2: Dying in a fire while sleeping. You know how adverts say 'if you're asleep you'll breathe in fumes and eventually die'? Well, the idea of burning alive and being aware of it doesn't bother me, but being asleep and not knowing seems a lot worse to me. Confuses me too.
3: Dark corners. I guess it's actually normal, but friends/family (read: my brother) like to jump out at me because of this, and they don't really help the fear.

136 Name: Noc and NC : 2011-03-24 15:00 ID:IOP9wLJ+

I have a fear of slipping in the shower and impaling my skull on the water tap. Since our bathroom has a joint bath and shower,the tap for the bath has a narrow knob of sorts that forces the water to come out of the shower head when pulled up on. Its the perfect thing to punch a hole in my head if I accidentally fell T.T

Just thinking about it makes me nauseous.

137 Name: Miki : 2011-03-30 02:19 ID:ba51QmfT

Due to horrible experiences in my childhood, I'm terrible with being with guys intamatly. :| I didn't have a boyfriend till I was 17 because of it and it only lasted 12 days before I freaked out and the two of us split up (although we did go back to being friends). I realised from that brief relationship how terrible I was with guys and although I'm fine with hugging guy friends, I can't go any further than that or else I'll panic. Heck, even when I'm sat next to a guy who I know likes me, I start flinching... (=.=) Awkward...

138 Name: Miki : 2011-03-30 02:20 ID:ba51QmfT

Due to horrible experiences in my childhood, I'm terrible with being with guys intamatly. :| I didn't have a boyfriend till I was 17 because of it and it only lasted 12 days before I freaked out and the two of us split up (although we did go back to being friends). I realised from that brief relationship how terrible I was with guys and although I'm fine with hugging guy friends, I can't go any further than that or else I'll panic. Heck, even when I'm sat next to a guy who I know likes me, I start flinching... (=.=) Awkward...

139 Name: Melissa : 2011-04-02 08:49 ID:bTflgcMQ

Fireworks. They seems as if they're gonna fall on your head and they make this big BANG and it doesn't help that the muppets down the road set off a firework and it almost hit my house. I once had a panic attack on bonfire night :(

140 Name: Haru Shikamotoroshi : 2011-04-03 23:08 ID:fcewo5ce

My top 5 fears:

  1. [Skin Contact] I do not like the warm or cold skin contact, it feels weird and I just want to be far away from everyone, one thing I really cannot stand is Skin Contact, I always seem to freeze up and feel my skin turn zero below cold.
  2. [Hugs] I WILL do WHATEVER to run away from hugs, and trust me, I have done that multiple times. Hugging makes me feel so weak, like everything I've built up is shattered just like a branch snap.
  3. [People] I have always been afraid of getting too close to someone, so I usually put on an act showing that I'm not really afraid. When I'm near someone, I feel cold shivers crawl up my spine and arms...
  4. [Voices] Why? Why do I get scared of people talking? I do not know why, but I just do. It's either loud or soft and it gives me the shivers.
  5. [Balloons] I have a balloon right this second in my room since a year ago and I'm terribly afraid that it's going to pop. The sound scares me and I do not like that, so balloons scare me.


And there you go, my top 5 fears.

141 Name: Anonymous : 2011-04-04 00:39 ID:eRddL1CA

wow, you really are some anti-social kid, aren'tcha?

142 Name: ChezzaBoo : 2011-04-04 03:20 ID:LqnljUwE

i'm scared of the dark. i no i was surpossed to grow out of it but i haven't. if i can't see where i'm going i freak. i don't shut my eyes around people, don't wear anything like a blindfold and always cheak my room out before turning off the light. i'm really parnoid in everyday life so when i lights go out i'm convinced that people are there watching, waiting.

i'm also scaried of letting my guard down. why such i? they will only hurt me in the end.

143 Name: Noc and NC : 2011-04-04 05:57 ID:GofPi14+

>>138 I'm the same way, Miki. I'm no good with things beyond hugging...and I absolutely hate hanging around guys that like me. I'm always afraid their going to start talking to me and force me into a corner, emotionally or otherwise.

144 Name: NakedPie : 2011-04-05 09:33 ID:ce2nxIP+

  1. Zombies (its a fascination/fear, and they do/will exist)

2.When a Praying Mantis looks at me. THEIR HEADS ARE CREEPY!!!
3. Open water, I think those weird water dinos still exist.

145 Name: Yamato the Crazy : 2011-04-07 17:18 ID:y3zvb8sr

I hate hugs! They scare me. Also people dressed as cartoon characters (particularly the Disney ones like in Disney World/Land) scare the crap out of me. At Disney World (marching band trip) I wouldn't get within a 40 ft radius of a single character because I was terrified of them. One of my friends even teased me about it. Luckily, he's not one of my closer friends and I punched him and yelled at him for it.

146 Name: Elkkun : 2011-04-08 14:54 ID:IHinj+6C

I'm still scared of the dark, and I have a fear of practically everything that's either too loud or too quiet. ._.

I love hugs though, but I understand why people don't like them. I don't tend to give soft hugs, because I enjoy to squeeze. My friends just kinda, put their arms around you loosely, there's just no LOVE there DX

147 Name: Waterlille : 2011-06-12 19:01 ID:8Fr5grjr

My fear is not being able to remember. Waking up one day and not knowing where you are, seeing your daughter and not knowing who she is. I am terrified that not even my memories are safe. It's the only thing that truly terrifies me. I've woken up in a cold sweat, or burst out crying in class from this thought.

148 Name: Tantei S : 2011-06-12 21:20 ID:DFhzNsZy

  1. losing my vision. Eyes are very vulnerable, and to lose something precious like the ability to see, especially when it's taken for granted, is torture to me. I'd rather die than go blind.

>>145 I have the same fear. Clowns, mascots, anything that looks at you and says "Hi there!" as if they've known you for your whole life just plain scare me.

149 Name: Neil Dunsmore : 2011-06-13 17:59 ID:iGMwR1hE

1) Losing either my hearing, eyesight or both. I just couldn't imagine life without either one. My favorite things in life involve me being able to see/hear. If I lose either one of those things, I'm screwed.

2) Asking out a girl who may be nothing like me: Yeah, although I have dealt with a break-up before, I keep searching for who I would consider my soulmate in the hopes that we'll remain a couple forever.

3) Raggedy Ann Dolls... GAH, THOSE SOUL-PIERCING EYES!!!!!!! (Though I actually like the Richard Williams film starring Ann and Andy... odd...)

150 Name: Anon : 2011-06-17 12:06 ID:9f3LSpQf

I'm scared of sex

151 Name: GirlInTheShadows : 2011-06-17 16:50 ID:KIwqliAe

I have a horrible fear of seagulls. I can't even go to the beach without having a panic attack.

And I'm scared of oranges :/

Tall people also scare me, for some reason.

152 Name: Regas : 2011-06-22 16:45 ID:j69KbDOj

...bathroom windows.

I hate it, and absolutely refuse to go pee if it isn't shut locked and covered in some way shape or form. I don't know why though...


for some reason the thought of someone being to into my life and shit bothers me...alot.

the dark outside.

only outside though...

153 Name: KaidaChan414 : 2011-06-26 22:32 ID:F6P0h8Vd

Even though I hate hugs for year several of my best friend just don't get that so I've gotten some what used to hugs. I fear open water like oceans and lakes but pools don't bother me. I fear small spaces and people being really close too.

154 Name: thecrimson : 2011-07-09 18:38 ID:DW7pxfpK

1.) Zombies
2.) the dark. I sleep with my tv on and muted. Though that is connected with the zombie thing because of The Walking Dead.
3.) Showers. I just freak out when it hits my face. I've been getting over it recently, thank goodness. I still don't let it hit my face, though >.<

4.) My bathroom window. that's connected to zombies and shaun of the living dead.

155 Name: Anake14 : 2011-07-27 13:43 ID:Fh9s/CEE

One of my best friends was afraid of girls. He would totally spaz out if it was any other girl aside from hime-sama or me, but it was really funny, especially at school. Another weird fear discovered through my friends, Flowers. How the hell that one worked out when none of them are allergic I don't know.

156 Name: Elkkun : 2011-12-15 04:38 ID:88/a7+PH

This is going to sound incredibly obvious but
I'm scared of scary things |D.

Okay, to be more specific, I'm scared of anything that I can see close up- for example I watched an episode of Ao Oni...
I couldn't sleep for two-three nights straight. I kept seeing that face and I heard breathing in my ear whenever I turned my back to the door... I have a bad overactive imagination of a night time.
I had to get a lamp because I didn't want to walk across my room to turn the light off //sob.

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158 Post deleted by moderator.

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