Weird and Embarrasing Fears (158)

1 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2009-12-12 15:09 ID:xcJagiWd

Anybody have any fears or phobias that are maybe really weird or either embarrasing and not easy to tell others?

I have about three off the top of my head:

3. Ravens - It seems that a lot of horror books and movies i saw when i was younger mentioned ravens. And so whenever i see a raven or hear one i get goosebumps and if i'm outside will run away. :| It's kind of embarrasing...

2. The Ocean - I don't mind swimming in the pool but i refuse to swim in the sea. I hate places i can't see the bottom and i'm always scared something will come out and get me from under the sand. :S

AND 1. Touching People - Yeah, it's a weird phobia that people know about. I'm fine with touching family members but when it comes to stranges or close friends, i always feel tense when in near proximity to them and if my friends try to hug me i'll quickly flinch and dart away.

Weirdly enough, i'm fine with just 'normal friends' touching me but when it comes to friends who are 'closer' than that then i go frantic. I think my friends are a bit upset that im fine with classmates hugging me but not them.

:S What can i say? I don't know how my weird phobia works... But it also means i'm not good with guys touching me. When i fell on some ice and a boy i know tried to help me up i flinched and pulled away frrm him resulting in me falling again...

Sorry for the long rant, i think i got to into it and was trying to figure that last one out. :| So... yeah... anybody wanna reply?

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