Why Do People Obsess So Much Over Twilight? (140)

133 Name: Anonymous : 2011-07-02 08:04 ID:ysYfeEQK

>>131 Perhaps, then, the appeal is that it's safe? It's like the whole boyfriend-watches-you-sleeping-is-so-romaaaaaantic thing, but just more thrilling and rebellious. Bella knows the eternal gorgeous teenage boy Edward from school and some pretty pointless chitchat, and so knows that he's responsible and well-trained and isn't gonna 'do anything' to her even if she begs him. On her knees. Wearing nothing. So even if she was completely as his mercy, she's still safe?
(DISCLAIMER: Do not believe any of the lessons you get from this book, for Smeyer is a twat. In real life if boy, even a gorgeous teenage one, breaks into your house it is sooo not to watch you sleep.)

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