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1 Name: moonphase : 2011-08-19 13:02 ID:4Qu8qfiB

Thought I'd post this:

What do people think? Agree, disagree? And does anyone have any helpful 'fanfiction skills' tips of their own?

2 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2011-08-19 22:52 ID:2B6MTcgj

I am only going to comment on the stuff I disagree.


  • I am not so sure someone needs to get a beta who knows the canon backwards and fowards, particularly if one is doing the first tip of actually watching the show. It depends on how good a person is at processing the canon. Most mistakes people make are going to be minor ones that most people don't notice, but could still be worked on. I'm someone betas canon and characterization and my goal is to get the writers not to have to use me anymore.
  • OoC warnings don't ever cut it. OoC, unless you are paroding or writing crack fic is simply bad writing. The job of the fanfic writer is to bend their story to the fandom, not vice versa.

Action Scenes

  • The acting it out thing, I am not disapring it, but that is really for someone who is tactile in the way they visualize things. Also, there are certain actions that acting won't cover. The taking courses in actual fighting is much better then this one.

Reviews (regular)

  • I honestly encourage writers to continue writing and posting their stories because you shouldn't expect fanfics if your story is getting burried. However, what they describe in their article about posting a lot and often, I actually say isn't a good idea, at least not until you get a feel of your writing. It is way too tempting for some people to write and write, and simply churn out a lot of crap. That's why I go through spurts in my writing. It's the third one that I agree with.
  • As for posting on multiple sites, I am going to have to say, don't post to multiple sites because you want more reviews. Do it because you want to reach a new audience for your writing. I double archive on DA because it is a different group of people. That said, I've gotten BETTER responce and more reviews on People on LJ and other sites complain about this, and sites like quizella, well, it has a rating system, but there is no review system.

Reviews (constructive) ... exactly what does this person mean by this? They don't seem to be talking about constructive reviews, those that give you advice on how to write better, but positive feedback that isn't simply gushing.

  • Finishing your story neither helps or hinders in getting reviews. I tend to see the reviews stop coming after I finish a story though.

Screenwriting Tips

  • The author is pretty much restating stuff they've said in the previous stuff, which doesn't add up, at least the first point. That said, a lot of the other stuff isn't exactly stuff specific to script writing.

Any advice I can add?

  • Bend your story to the fandom, don't bend the fandom to the story.
  • Remember that fanfiction is a form of derivitive work, not original work.
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