Annoying things ff writers sometimes do... (42)

32 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2011-09-18 10:41 ID:R8abWl/d

Well yes. I guess you can say I'm from the Twilight generation, but I don't really think you can generalize the writers. Yes, some new writers have been hit by the Twilight stuff and such with all the Mary Sue characters.

But there are also writers who don't go in that direction and choose the left instead of the right. And then there are those that use a bit of both roads. So it really all depends. What annoys me the most is when writers change gender just because they don't want to write het or yaoi.

Also when they follow the complete plot of the series/books/film without injecting new things or introspectives over the matter. It's just a retelling, and if it's really bad and they do want to make it more 'original' they inject lots of sex and such in it without anything else.

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