Anyone else annoyed with... (8)

1 Name: Eva : 2011-06-16 15:40 ID:OWSQt+h5

the fact that FF screws with your use of punctuation? What specifically gets me off is that you can't use the question mark and exclamation point together. For example...

"What happened?!"

...which FF automatically changes to

"What happened?"

There's a huge difference between how those two sentences are perceived by the readers. The first one suggests some urgency in the speaker's tone while the second one sounds like a normal question, like there's nothing wrong.

And another thing that bothers me, though not as much, is that you're limited to only using one exclamation point. Once again...


... and


They convey two different tones to the reader (or maybe it's just me on this one...). I feel like I can't emphasize certain parts of the dialog as well because I can't punctuate my sentences the way I want to.

Does anyone else feel the same way?

2 Name: Noc and NC : 2011-06-17 06:23 ID:Q1WK42C+

Yeeees! Yes, yes, I dislike it so very much. While I don't usually put more than one exclamation mark, I am a big fan of ?! as it adds so much more to the tone of things. Sometimes a question can't just be a question- they have to be emphasized sometimes, right?!

It didn't used to be like this...I actually sent the admins a request to enable it again, and did my best to explain why it was important. Plenty of famous writers ignore grammar rules for the sake of artistic integrity after all, why can't us fanfiction authors do the same? Naturally, they didn't listen to me at all.

Maybe if enough people complain about it, they'll change it back? I don't know >.<

3 Name: Eva : 2011-06-22 05:47 ID:OWSQt+h5

Glad I'm not the only person going crazy over this.

I was on FF before this happened too, so imagine how confusing my stories looked when they decided to remove one of my punctuation marks. Back then, they removed the first punctuation (ex: ?! --> !), so one of my lines went from "Water?!" (shouting in horror) to "Water!" (sounding... idk different...) Seriously, I get annoyed out of my mind when I go back and re-read scenes that now sound completely different.

4 Name: Elkkun : 2011-06-22 07:20 ID:hOQNjowM

>>3 the example of "Water?!" shouting in horror, to "Water!" kinda makes it sound more joyful compared to the first one. When it happens, normally you could put "shouted in questioning" or something afterwards, but... It doesn't have the same feel. That or just think of the question mark being there.

I don't know whether it's happened to me, but should allow punctuation as it stands and let us do it ourselves, the newbies will never learn otherwise. It's kind of like "Oh, it corrects on it's own, I don't really need to learn where I put things anymore!"


5 Name: Noc and NC : 2011-06-22 07:53 ID:Q1WK42C+

Its not as if having 'proper' punctuation magically makes a good story anyways. There are plenty of ways to make a bad story, and incorrect punctuation is rarely ever the cause (at least that's what I find when reading things).

Its seems like a wasted effort on's part when all the auto correct really does is make our stories less expressive.

6 Name: Francys Pai : 2011-06-23 03:55 ID:q6MunDyA

And this is why, aside the huge amount of flames (that have also resulted in my fics being removed), I now use Livejournal XD

7 Name: Anonymous : 2011-06-23 09:38 ID:SgvFl5D8

>>6 Do you mind if I ask how LiveJournal is better? (So what are the pros compared to I've come across so many writers with livejournal pages linked to on their profiles. Is there something I'm missing? =p

8 Name: Francys Pai : 2011-06-23 11:37 ID:q6MunDyA

Livejournal doesn't remove posts when people mindlessly bitch about them without completely valid reason.
There's also an adult content filter, so if you have that enabled, people then have ABSOLUTELY no reason to have their fics taken down.
There's a lot more freedom. I find it insanely more user-friendly than

Plus if you get flamed on your comments (Like you can on your reviews) You can remove them, anonymous or not (Since afaik, It's only anon reviews that can be removed on FF.)

LJ also doesn't completely balls up your formatting when you paste something there, so you don't have to spend hours crawling through it all just to lay it back out how you wanted it.

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