Greatest CSI Authors. Ever. (3)

1 Name: CherryBerryB : 2011-06-08 19:02 ID:oSxKPxgc

I would have to say that 3 of my favourites are Kristin999, Wintertime and Goody

2 Name: MaryMagdalen : 2011-08-06 04:47 ID:RHoUkcTp

Hi CherryBerryB

I was just reading through all the thread titles on here to see if there were any CSI threads on here. I write CSI Miami, but I haven't come across anything to do with any of the CSIs on here until now.

Do you mean CSI Vegas, or all the CSIs? Two of the best writers I've come across on are FrostDeejn and LostLadyKnight - they both write mainly CSI Vegas. For Miami (apart from me of course, she said modestly, whilst laughing hysterically!!) there's tarheelveteran

They both write good stories well (and they are some of the very few people whose reviews I trust too!)

3 Name: Bola : 2011-08-23 07:28 ID:QGl5rJV0

I totally agree with you there, MaryMagdalen. I love tarheelveteran's pieces.

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