Harry Potter Next-Gen fanfic challenge. (2)

1 Name: Grace : 2011-01-09 07:44 ID:SIM9ahGI


Somehow Grindlewald is the Potter's ancestor, I don't know how, but I was thinking that as he visited Godrics Hollow around 1918 he could have had an affair with James Potter's grandmother or something like that (yes I know it's a little far fetched.)

This is found out somehow. If you can't really think of anything do a heritage potion, but if you can think of anything more original that would be :awesome: (I know smileys don't work on here.)

It's about the Next Gen, and how they deal with it. Or it could be about James Potter but he kept it a secret and there are parallels of how he and his namesake deal with the fact that their ancestor was a mass murderer...

Albus has to be in Slytherin, and there should be a line that goes something like, 'Albus was quite pleased by the fact, of course. It had given him some extra rep in Slytherin.'

It doesn't have to be about all of the children, or just one of them. Also, Harry should have a part in it, even if it is tiny.

AND MAINLY. DON'T TAKE IT TOO SERIOUSLY. The story will be better if it is darkly humourous.

If you do do it post it here, please. And anyone else, feel free to point out some of the plot holes or problems with it (I know it's a little leaky XD)

2 Name: Grace : 2011-01-09 07:46 ID:SIM9ahGI

To clarify, it should have something to do with one of the children, but it doesn't matter which one.

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