The best NaruHina fanfic you have ever read? (4)

1 Name: Naruto's Overseer(Tairaa Satou) : 2010-11-07 20:24 ID:S9Qz5Hsq

I myself still like Dame Wren's "Two Halves" the most. Despite the fact she continually spelled names wrong, and it was apparent that she didn't know how a lot of the jutsus worked. It was still a really good fanfic.
Aside from that, I like fics that are spontaneous and funny, as well as heart-warming and exciting. I hate to toot my own horn but the only fic I know of that meets these expectations, is my own "My Heart's Lavender Eyes."
I'd love to know of another fic with similar qualities, but I haven't found any yet...

2 Name: Freya : 2010-11-08 12:08 ID:ULnUan7N

I wrote one that wasn't half bad but could certainly be improved if people actually critiqued it insead of just saying 'good job'.
It was called "Undiscovered Feelings Revealed" and was written some time ago. There was a part two in progress but it was abandoned after College started up again.
I think I'll give "My Heart's Lavendar Eyes" a read though...


3 Name: jyuuken114 : 2010-12-03 05:37 ID:WdUkHXHq

There are many exceptional NaruHina oneshots I have read and there are too many to name.

But i dont think there is are as many or a satisfactory number of equally good multishots.

That being said, DameWren's Two Halves would still be the best 'completed' NaruHina fanfic (I very rarely read incomplete/ongoing fics). Also Time and Again by: KyLewin has some of the best (including the best) Naruhina scenes even though the Naruhina aspect in it is only a side-plot. (See the thread 'fanfics that brought tears to my eyes)

I find it very difficult to believe that even though Naruhina is a canon pairing (atleast after the confession in manga 437), there are better SasukexHinata fanfics (eg. Ikigai by Lance) than DameWren's Two Halves, even though Sasuhina is 'canonwise impossible'! For the note, I am a fan of both Naruhina and Sasuhina.

I don't know about other popular pairings (like NaruSasu or SasuSaku, as I am not particularly a fan of them), but i have come to notice there are more number of good Sasuhina than Naruhina.

Or is it because i haven't thoroughly searched the Naruhina archive?? Maybe i find it that way because it like Sasuhina better than Naruhina?? I don't think these are the reasons though

4 Name: Narutochica : 2010-12-15 06:23 ID:uI1Dk5rv

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