Writing Style (38)

1 Name: Bitch Goddess : 2010-09-30 14:09 ID:7f2L0Vm3

Now, before someone jumps down my throat telling me there is a thread with this name in 'Pleasant Chat' let me just say that I'm not asking the same question(s) posed in the other thread.

So, I'm curious as to what some other people write? Are you more of a romance writer? SciFi? Poetry? Do you stick strictly to canon characters or branch out and throw some of your own in there? Do you write short, sweet chapters that get right to the point with no fillers or drabble? Or long, drawn ones with silly nothingness and meaningless, yet fun information? Are you more of a one-shot person? Short stories? Long, novel length stories?

I personally, am mostly a romance writer, but there's always some adventure and drama mixed it. I usually keep all the canon characters in my stories, but I'm also very much an OC lover. Every one of my stories has an OC character in it.
Most of my chapters are several pages long, and I love throwing in some mindless fillers that just make my readers smile. My stories are never short, I think it's hard to make everything believable and get everything I want across in short stories.

Ok ,sharing time!

2 Name: Sophia : 2010-09-30 14:34 ID:BIAMgXjw

I like writing mostly harry potter fanfic and I love using OCs. I do some romance with adventure and romance. I prefer novel legnth stories and have never posted a single one of my one-shots, and I like to do atleast 6000 words per chapter.

3 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-09-30 14:52 ID:LmjH/kaw

I write for a Yuri(femme slash) canon pairing and my stories are mostly romantic, I do write AU though and I like drama a lot :)
One shots work for me pretty well, but I like to write multy chapter stories. I do write kind of short chapters from 1000 words to 4000 max per chapter. I do use minor OCs, like parents or friends, kids that might have a key moment in the plot but nothing major.

4 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-09-30 17:08 ID:kUpGZEOM

I'm actually all over the place. I don't write slash, unless it is one sided. I avoid bashing people.

>>2 & 3 - Well, 4,000 isn't really a short chapter is it? However, 6,000 plus for each chapter? I have to ask if that is really needed and I have to point out that 6,000 pushes it length wise for some readers, not to mention, it can be a major turn off.

5 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-09-30 23:43 ID:FVzA4BbM

>>4 well it depends my stories in my fandom are quite small, I always try to write above 1000 words but i never manage more than 4000, and even if I do sometimes I separate the chapter in II parts just to update sooner. as for bigger stories, well it depends totally on the abilities of the writer.
my fandom hold one of the greatest at the moment and she writes BIG stories, never too much info, never too much description, everything in the right place the right time and she is also the queen of drama :D but others in the fandom with long stories as hers are not that good, too much useless details that bored you and in the end just a very long CRAP.

what is important for me though is not the length is how much you know the characters you work with! I'm fed up really with how my fandom turns, grab the first stereotype they find and throw it on my fav characters...

on topic I forgot to say that I'm maybe the only one in my fandom who is not following the stereotypes, I'm able to say that I have a great knowledge on my fav characters because I have research endlessly and I never stop researching, have seen/read all the media about the character, manga/anime/musical/character profiles all managed by the creator, even interviews of the creator talking about her characters. So with all that i bring the character out of the box, I have even experienced live what the creator had in her mind when she made my fav character!! [actresses of a particular theater]. That of course is not appreciated much, because ppl prefer to read the same recipe T_T

6 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-01 00:45 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>5 - Exactly what you said. I'd like to note though, I've seen a few fanfics that were good with a good deal of length to the chapters, but would have been a lot better if the chapters were broken up. Basically, there were plot holes due to length and how much an author put into each chapter.

I think the longest I've done is about 4,000 to 5,000, and that was only one chapter. I typically don't pass the 4,000 mark and most are about 1,000 to 3,000.

7 Name: Jen : 2010-10-01 12:54 ID:0yKeX9qY

Most of my stuff is 1000 to 3000 length wise, including oneshots and just regular chapters. But I have written a few drabbles here and there that are shorter, and for prolouges I generally write less than 2000. Lately, my chapters have all been 2000 to 4000.

I stick mostly to canon characters, because I feel most comfortable with them and I'm not a big fan of OC's. Not all OC's are bad, but most of them in general just give OCs a bad name. I'll probably never write a story with an OC as the main character- I might have one as a minor add in, but that's all.

I'm a romance writer, mostly. But I don't go any higher than rated T, or else it gets too uncomfortable for me. I like to put in supernatural elements most of the time too, and it would be unlike me to not add in drama or a bit of humor. But I'm not a major humor writer, it's not my best point. AU is always a pleasure to write, but I mostly like to stay within canon.

Mostly I write about the (deep) character relationships. I also want to get started on turning cliche ideas into actual good stories- which is why I'm writing a vampire story that I hope to give a plot unlike any other. So far that's it, but I also want to write a High School AU that actually is original and ties in with the actual plot of the anime. Most AU's I write will not just be Cookie Cutter fics. I try to put it a plot that has to do with the actual plot of the anime/manga/book/whatever.

In my fandom, the most popular pairing is Yusei/Aki. I ship it too, but in all my fics I try to make it as different as possible. And I actually attempt to make them IC T.T

It's not that I don't like slash, I love to read good ones with it- but I won't try to incorporate it into my stories. I will not intentionally not put it in or intentionally not put it in. If it happens, it happens. But I'm not a big fan of Girl/Girl, but I do enjoy it is the relationship is canon (ex. Haruka/Michiru, SM)

I really like oneshots- they can be in-depth and long and can usually get a lot of feedback from readers. And there are no readers nagging at you to update. >.< That's what annoys me, when people don't review and only say 'please update'. But that's off topic.

I do have a few multichaps, but I tend to get very slow in updating (my most updated story is updated every 3 weeks) and my others can take months. I can't really concentrate on more than one story at a time and I'm one heck of a procrastinator. So right now I'm updating my main story and writing out a oneshot every few months, while my other multichaps are on hiatus. In the actual multichap, my chapter go from 1000 to 4000 for length but 500-2000 for a prologue.

I try to stay on track for most chapters, but you'll find a few filler ones that might focus ont he pairings of the story. As for length, I don't know how far I'll go- I'm still currenly writing my first "real" multichap (the one before was an anime episode remake), it'll probably come out to be a little bit more than 50 chapters. I have the general plot outline, but nothing more than that- I like to write and post as I go.

...woah, long post.

8 Name: DarkSacredJewelXoX : 2010-10-01 13:03 ID:cUvAfYj9

>>7 I had that idea too to take the cliche ideas and make thing original. I started doing that with the rule breaking fics too. I've got a list fic which technically isn't a list fic to show people that it's possible to write an actual story with the list idea. Since I'm leaving for the military Sunday though, all my writing will be on standstill and I don't know how I'm going to get through without writing lol.

9 Name: Sophia : 2010-10-01 14:05 ID:ovPJLlrp

@4 A lot of things happen in my chapters and I could split them, but so far my story has about 45,000 words and only nine chapters (although one is the prologue which is only about 500 words) if I s=make my chapters shorter there will have to be more chapters and I'm not sure that people want too many chapters.

My story is for Harry Potter and I've done nine chapters and i'm not even at the first half term. If I keep going at this rate and make my chapters shorter I will have well over 100 chapters by the end and I'd find that more of a turn off than long chapters.

10 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-01 18:41 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>8 - I've seen thos list fics which technically aren't list fics.

>>9 - I wouldn't change your story from what it is now, but I can tell you that people will read a 100 chapter story if it is good. It might just be me, but if a story is very long, I think most would rather have shorter chapters and more of them, then longer chapters and less of them.

11 Name: Gin : 2010-10-10 13:23 ID:yIeBJf17

My writing style... it's difficult to pin down. In terms of length, I'm usually comfortable with c1000-3500 words for oneshots, and 3000-4500 words for each chapter in a chaptered story (that said, currently I have one at 8000 words - it just doesn't work if cut up.) This can change, however, depending on the story. One of my stories has only 500 words (not including disclaimer/author’s notes/etc.) because it’s simply five drabbles.

In terms of genre, I have a comfort zone in the region of friendship, family, and character introspection. Usually this throws in a complicating feature, such as drama, angst, supernatural, /rarely/ romance (I’ll through in subtext, and occasionally hints towards a relationship, but I’m predominantly a gen!writer). Once I added humour but I'm not very good at this. My second attempt is currently failing. Miserably. Another oneshot I'm working on includes hurt/comfort, which is the first time I've tried this as an influence. This one is working a little better, in part because of the narrator.

Ratings? I hover between K+ and T. I don't believe in pulling my punches, but also don't use swearing for the sake of it - I might drop in a "hell" or a "damn", or occasionally the odd f-word if the situation demands, but only if it's within the character. The Hurt/Comfort-esque fic I mentioned above is the first one I've written that might hover on the boundary of M, thanks to the dark tone and the subject matter (a form of cancer, which I'm researching as much as possible to get my facts straight; and also a murder, which is “witnessed” by the narrator, aged 7).

My best-received stories seem to be the ones which deal with darker subjects, like "Fade" (possession, death, manipulation) and "Deconstruction" (a collapsing friendship, resentment, etc.), and in a way "Opposition" as well (obsession, with sadistic undertones). I've a very particular writing style, however, in that I don't aim to turn the pathos up to eleven. I tend to write in a very restrained manner, understating the emotion in my stories in an attempt not to slide into melodrama. In terms of stylistic choices, I love delving into artistic metaphors (one recent line is about "painting a blank canvas with the colours of family"; another betrays somebody's fears through her doodles, which form ghosts of the past), using repetition (typically three sentences with similar themes or structures, although I’ll occasionally use a single word multiple times (like “lonely” at the end of Deconstruction) to really hammer the nail home), and restricted perspective. Once a character has been established as controlling a scene, I don’t shift from their head until the story moves to an entirely /different/ scene, which allows me to indulge in character introspection (my favourite drug of all) and occasionally internal dialogue.

This will go on forever if I’m not careful, so I think I’ll stop here.

12 Name: AnneCupcake : 2010-10-13 13:42 ID:oYRkgo1a

Hmm.. I don't think I really have a very different or distuingished writing-style, but I'll try to explain it somehow. My fics do differ a lot lengthwise: from one-shots which don't even have 1000 words to ones with 5000 or more words. With my multiple-chapters fics, the chapters are usually between 2000 and 4000. It really depends.

The main genre I write is romance or hurt/friendship. I try the occasional humor, but I'm not neccesarily good at it. But as far as romance, it's yuri/femmeslash, and mostly fluffy, happy ending fics. I never do one-sided though, I can't bring myself to do that: my fics usually, like I said, end happily. Though I have written some drama/angst fics, they were merely just some form of experiment. I have recently started an AU fic, and I really like writing it, so I might do more.

I am, and even though it sounds a bit selfish, pretty good at describing feelings and thoughts in fics, so that's mostly where they revolve around. Dialogue is not really my kind of thing, though I can pull it off if I try. I do notice that I always put lots and lots of descriptions in my fics. Sometimes, I think it's okay or just good enough, but I know that somehow it is too much at times.. I just can't help it (:

My favourite perspective to write is first person. I adore writing in first person. Makes me able to describe a lot. Also, I always am very wary of OOC-ness, so I really check for those things. That's why I just hate OOC-fics. I do research too, when I'm writing about some subject matter that I don't know about.

'S about it I guess xD

13 Name: KatonRyu : 2010-10-13 14:45 ID:neEqkeNU

Contrary to AnneCupcake, I focus mostly on dialogue and very little on description. I just feel that dialogue drives the story, and my descriptions tend to be short and just detailed enough to explain what's happening.

My main thing is romance coupled with action/adventure, because...well, just because I love series involving those elements, and so I try to write them as well. I write plotless fluff too, when I feel like it, but mostly my multi-chap stories and original stories all involve a lot of action, often in the form of swordfighting.

The usual length of my chapters and oneshots is around 3000 words, although some are noticably shorter or longer.

14 Name: Nicolette May Summers : 2010-10-13 14:57 ID:yhkaVtmq

Well ... I don't really have a way to describe my writing-style. But I'll give it a shot.

Let's see...

My favorite perspective is first person. I love it because it's almost as if I'M the character. It gives me the illusion that I'M that person. So, as well as loving to WRITE in it, I also love to READ it. It gets me really into the books or fics or whatever they really are.

I write pretty lengthy stories, depending on the storyline/plot. For some chaps, I range from 1,000 words to 3,000. The lengthier fics usually take me longer to update, though. I get caught up in some of my newer stuff, too. I'm in love with writing, so ... you might end up seeing my chaps longer than I normally would have them.

My favorite genres are romance. I LOVE to read romance, as well as WRITE romance. Every fic of mine has TONS of romance in it. I can't help it. I'm in LOVE with writing like that. I guess Twilight must've had a bigger influence on me than I'd thought. Ha-ha. I LOVE fluff to death. Fluff is my favorite. I HATE unhappy endings. They just don't sit right with me. I DO like drama fics, too. I have written some before. Sometimes, I purposely write OOC fics, to make it suit my style. It's not good to do that, however, I still do. It's a HORRENDOUS habbit of mine. It's mainly in Percy Jackson fics. But I don't write those anymore. I'd like to experiment with some parodies and AU fics. I might soon. One making fun of Twilight, perhaps. I LOVE to make fun of that book.

I love to write dialogue, thoughts, the whole thing. I may excell at certain things, rather than others, though. Dialogue may be a bit of a weak point. The things going in inside the characters' heads are much easier to describe. I dislike lots of detail greatly, something I blame reading Twilight for. Although, I still TRY to write in detail, I miss it at times and it screws me up. Can't help it. It's a bad, bad, BAD habbit of mine and I intend to shake it. I am determined to shake it! ;)

Lastly on my list, ratings!! I mainly write in T. NEVER M. I only write in K or K+ occasionally. I like romance, and some of the things IN my romance aren't really appropriate for children.

Aaaaand that's about it! One more thing, I MAY seem a bit ditsy, so that WILL be included in my fics so ... beware. Ha-ha. I love to make my readers smile! ESPECIALLY with my crazy ditsiness!

15 Name: Anonymous : 2010-10-14 13:30 ID:+spvC96Q

>>14 I saw all the capitals and assumed it was a rather obvious subliminal message.
I'm somewhat dissapointed now.

16 Name: AnneCupcake : 2010-10-14 14:10 ID:oYRkgo1a

>>15 I feel your pain -nods-

17 Name: TFfan : 2010-10-14 17:43 ID:mE+ZEuTw

Well, I haven't updated one of my stories for over a year now (I know, I'm ashamed) so my 'style' has probably rusted by now. But I am taking part in this writing game between me and several friends on ffnet, and it's very helpful in keeping my creative juices flowing at least. From observing my writing from theirs, I can say that I mix in a fairly equal amount of description and dialogue, depending on where the story is going at the moment. I'm better with dialogue if there's a dramatic or emotionally intense scene, and in general.

For description there's are differences between all of our writing: I'm more formal, direct, practical and objective. I sometimes throw in characters' thoughts and feelings, but not often.

Personally I like to write stories rather than one-shots. But lately my interest has been lacking over the past months.

18 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-14 22:46 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>13 - There are a few writers that can handle a focus on dialog. However, I've also come across some fanfic writers who over use dialog. I like having a balance between the two personally.

19 Name: AnneCupcake : 2010-10-15 08:22 ID:oYRkgo1a

>>18 Yeh, too much dialogue isn't fun anymore. But KatonRyu's fics are very well balanced n_n

20 Name: Gin : 2010-10-15 11:41 ID:MSEDt8Pa

>>18, >>19 -- I have no idea where I'd be classed on a dialogue/description algorithm. Usually I think I under-describe the scenes, which is something I'm trying to counteract at the moment. I don't like using description for description's sake, though...

Actually, I often think this is a problem in even the best of stories. Too much information is sometimes given in one go.

21 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-16 00:27 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>20 - So true. Or at times it isn't enough. There are so many different things one can do with writing, so many ways one can do things, word things.

22 Name: WindAlias : 2010-10-17 09:37 ID:CimVl4sb

Well, as for me, I guess I tend to focus on description and imagery. I have no idea why. Probably because I feel that, yeah, sure, if there's a lot of dialogue you know what's going on, but if the reader (or the writer, for that matter) can't connect with the character in their situation, or really, really feel their feelings in a particular moment, then there's no point to a story. Not to say I'm against dialogue- it's fabulous and extremely informative, not to mention exceedingly fun to write.

As for the kind of things I write...oneshots, mainly. It's weird, because I really want to write a full-length fic some day, but I always feel like in the effort to push the plot forward I'm loosing the characters bit by bit each chapter. And I hate that.

Hopefully one day my writing style will progress to the point that I can write a huge, eye-ball blasting story, but I guess I have lots of work and practice to do before I ever get there.

23 Name: Mr. Ree : 2010-10-17 14:41 ID:at1wPeye

It actually took me a while before I discovered my style. I like to balance out my imagery and conversations, though I want it to be necessary conversations. I do not like it when people put random items in there that aren't going to make any sense in the plot later on. Thoughts are another big one, too. I like using inner thoughts of characters.

I used to have a tendency of writing romance until I realized I was only doing it because everyone else was, so I broke off of the mainstream and focused on drug-abusing characters and post-apocalyptic settings. Once in a while I do humorous one-shots, but that's because I can't write long amounts of humor, unlike some other writers... I really want to make a good, funny, light-hearted series instead of just killing all the characters off for my fun.

God, I hope I get better at that... ^^;

24 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-17 21:33 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>22 - "[You] always feel like in the effort to push the plot forward [you're] loosing the characters bit by bit each chapter." Do you mean that, as you go through your chapters, you end up questioning whether the canon character would really do something? As one progresses in a fanfic, particularly one that is heavy plot wise, you need to not just measure the actual canon character, but also character development that the characters go through. I have a few fanfics where the character starts out the way they are in canon, but end up changing slowly, but it was due to what was happening to them. There is nothing wrong with that.

>>23 - Lol - It takes everyone a lot of time to discover their own style. I shake my head every time a newbie writer tries to pass off their writing flaws as part of their writing style. Yes... I've had people say that.

25 Name: WindAlias : 2010-10-18 07:51 ID:CimVl4sb

>>24 More like the more I write a character in a story, the more and more their personality seems to fade into the distance, or ends up watery and trickles through the lines of text. It's like they're not even THERE anymore. It's a problem I'm going to have to fix, especially since I want to write a full-length novel one day.

Yeah, there's no problem in a character changing over the course of a story, because it's realistic. Everyone changes. It's what separates the difference between dynamic and static characters.

You sound like a really good writer(:

26 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-18 10:38 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>25 - That will take practice. Sometimes, think about changing to another character, so that others get some spotlight. That might help too.

I've simply had a lot of experience and a few classes. I'm still learning.

27 Name: WindAlias : 2010-10-18 15:07 ID:CimVl4sb

>>26 When you say switch to another character, do you mean as in change the point of view?

28 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-19 00:24 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>27 - Something like that. Here is an example from one of my fanfics.

These two use limited point of view, third person.

And here is a chapter where I switch to another character, to give information that the other characters can't.

Not sure if these will really be of any help, but I hope they are.

29 Name: Gin : 2010-10-19 09:32 ID:yIeBJf17

>>28 - I've actually been doing the opposite recently: switching between equally limited viewpoints to try and hold back information for as long as possible. (Or to throw a spanner in the works.)

The third chapter of my current WIP, though starting off as considerably more light-hearted than the two preceding, serves as a crucible to bring together certain key figures who hold fragments of the bigger picture -- but none of them has all of it.

Trying to keep track of who knows what, who's figured out what, who might know something but isn't there to share it... it's such a great challenge.

30 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-19 17:11 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>29 - I've done that too, on some of my works. I don't think I have a true writing style, as I adapt myself and change depending on what story I am writing.

I suggest using a webchart and timelines for that... that might help.

31 Name: Wisdom Thumbs : 2010-10-19 20:15 ID:qtUxEC+c

LOVING this thread. Just read everybody's posts and had a lot of fun doing it.

As for myself, I have multiple styles. I can switch between them at will, and often do this in stories (for example, I can write in my native Redneck language for one character, and then in a slow-paced and detail-intensive style for another character, and finally a fast-paced emotion and style based style for another character). Mostly I try to blend styles and just work with whatever comes to me, then go back and do a few small edits later.

Unlike some people, I use almost nothing BUT OCs. I find that they are great windows into the personalities of the main characters and elements of the canon that otherwise wouldn't get explored. I mostly stick to canon, almost fanatically, but I have a few stories that deal with "how it should have ended" or "what would have happened if...".

One fandom that I've been writing a lot in lately is Gears of War. I just love the universe and everything about it. Like most Gears fanfic writers (at least on Epic Forums), I use almost nothing but OCs. Since I hate Mary-Sue characters, I try to make every character as new, original and interesting as possible, which has led to some pretty interesting scenarios (that, unfortunately, didn't work out).

However, I do like to use main characters, or canon supporting characters. For example, in my latest story I'm writing about a strike team that is led by Lieutenant Minh Young Kim, one of the characters from the first Gears of War who leads Delta Squad and is killed by General RAAM, the leader of the Locust. I always liked Kim and felt he had a story that needed telling, so I've even included Kim as a POV character and wrote up a backstory based off observations I've made about him.

Mostly, though, I just use the OCs to tell stories that follow canon events or add to them, and I like to slip in little 'easter eggs' for fellow Gears fans, such as cameos by minor characters from canon (for example; I mentioned Sam Byrne, a female Gear, as having once belonged to the EOD squad in my OC strike team).

(sorry, getting off-topic)

I write third person. I can write first person, but I just don't like having to use the word "I" so often. But it's very useful for small, concise oneshots, or maybe a prologue or epilogue.

I only wish I could actually finish a full-length story for once. I think I might do it this time, since I've gotten so far...

32 Name: Gin : 2010-10-23 04:10 ID:yIeBJf17

>>31 - I've actually written most of the final chapter for my story in advance, in an attempt to give myself focus and make sure the plotlines end up where they're supposed to be. (In fact, only one scene stands unwritten - because it stands mostly independant and I just need to figure out which part of the timeline to use). Maybe something like that - if you know your ending - will help you with the motivation.

I've been... experimenting in different styles for the last few days. Part of this final chapter I just mentioned is written in first-person, present tense, semi-"stream of consciousness" (it's a rather surreal experience for the narrator), and there's a passage of dialogue which isn't presented in a conventional manner -- like the narrator is having to "translate" for us the words that this other character is sharing with them. I've been reading Woolf's "Mrs Dalloway" recently - I think that's partly to blame!

Another story, a oneshot of less than 500 words, is pretty much based off the symbolism found in certain alchemic tracts (particularly those of the enochians and thelemists). Because it relies so heavily on this symbolism, I tried to adopt a 'lyrical' style - almost-poetry in prosaic form. (It also contains the first death I've written, and subsequently /not/ felt like a horrible person over, in quite some time.)

33 Name: Aver : 2010-10-24 00:45 ID:IJOCaLFv

I'm mostly a romance-writer, but I can write some decent Angst if I'm trying. However, even then, there's always a tad of romance when I'm writing fanfiction - pity I don't write that much fanfiction anymore. When I'm writing non-fanfiction, fictionpress-stories, it's almost always romance but with a lot of difficulties. For example, one of my stories has a guy who falls in love with his childhood friend - instead of asking her immediately and living happily ever after, he's first troubled by what he feels for her and hates himself for it.

I've been told that I've got a very pleasant writing style and that people read my stories easily. Mostly, that's because English is not my mother tongue, so I have to use simple words to get there. I'm not really biased towards perspective; I use both first and third person for my story, depending on whatever I think suits the story best. I also like creating OC's who retell the story(for His Dark Materials, I've told about the romance after the end which I won't spoil for you, through the eyes of an OC. Was quite fun to write). One of my weaknesses is that I'm very afraid that people don't get the point I'm trying to get across, so I tend to kind of over-emphasise it. I'm trying to stop doing that, but that's hard.

You'll probably rarely find jokes in my stories, though. That's not because I don't know how to tell them, but because I've got an awful sense of humour and I want to keep my stories in good quality. A joke thrown in would probably lower the quality severely.

And I agree with 31, I LOVE this thread :3 Very interesting to know about other people's writing styles.

34 Name: Peter (Miz-KTakase) : 2010-10-24 03:44 ID:HdjHrWbM

I'm mostly Sci-Fi and Angst. Action, Romance, and Adventure are 2nd most.

In Sci-Fi catergory, I have written many stories, including my "Maiden for Hire" Azu-fics.

35 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-10-24 16:04 ID:kUpGZEOM

>>34 - Lol - I struggle with Sci-Fi...

36 Name: Gin : 2010-10-24 16:13 ID:yIeBJf17

>>34, >>35 - I can't get Sci-fi right (I'm with you on that, Yemi), but I'd rather be straying into the Supernatural anyway~

Peter, do you find it easy to write angst, or does it sometimes cause you difficulty? I'm intrigued to know how other people fare with it.

37 Name: Mungetsu : 2010-12-04 18:42 ID:ZQzQ8ACO

I just love writing tragedies, but my longest fic is a humor/drama fic. My chapters (for the long fic, the more recent chapters) tend to be at least around three thousand words. My description sucks, and I tend to leave out detail, writing a blunt sentence, pressing the enter key, writing another sentence, and repeat. With OCs, I've only had...four (out of fifty...) OCs making cameo appearances in my humor/drama fic, without a word to describe their appearances. If I wrote a story featuring an OC, of course there'd be more description, but I would put more of a focus on the canon characters. The OC would simply be another "friend" in the protagonist's eyes: helping out when necessary, and staying out of drama as much as possible. Or at least, I hope it'll turn out that way. (One OC in particular has a huge and sucky past that has much to do with the plot, so I hope she won't turn out to be a Mary Sue.)

38 Name: KazeYami : 2010-12-06 13:31 ID:RrfqMMt+

I tend to write novella length stories. Somewhere between five and ten chapters. I feel like that length is really good for my attention span. Not to mention that, at that length, it's not as intensive as reading a real novel, yet not as forgettable as a oneshot or a drabble.

Um, even though I like reading fluff, I actually have a hard time writing it. I's much rather write angst and drama than anything fluffy and happy. I like there to be conflict and fights between characters, because that's what I enjoy writing the most. ;D

Using OCs actually make me really nervous, because there is a very fine line between a good OC and a bad OC (and that line is very subjective and tends to change from person to person). I also don't like using a lot of OCs. Especially as main characters. If you have the main cast of your fanfiction mostly OCs, I always being to ask the question, "Why even use the canon characters? Why not just write a fiction, instead of a fanfiction?" Well, at least, that's my opinion. But, I know everyone has very different opinions about that. >o>

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