Joint Fanfics (9)

1 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-09-19 17:09 ID:nOI9PTSh

What do you guys think of joint fanfics, as in fanfics that happen to have more then one person working on them?

I have a joint fanfic, that my co-author is bummed about, because when the reviewers refer to the authorship, they only refer to myself, not both of us, except for one time. It upsets him, because he doesn't get the credit he diserves, and it upsets me, because we wouldn't have anywhere near as great of a fanfic, if it was just me writing this.

As for what I exactly think of joint fanfics, I think they are awsume ideas, and can lead to be some of the best. However, the two authors need to be able to work well with each other. You also have to choose one person to do the writing, or have both writers pay close attention to what the other wrote. I've actually seen plenty of the second fail, because there is not enough colaboration.

So... again, what do you guys think.

2 Name: Oreramar : 2010-09-19 20:13 ID:ITY0v5Md

I once wrote jointly with my sister. The fic was uploaded to her account, since I didn't have one at the time, and people were actually very good about acknowledging the both of us in reviews. I guess we were lucky in that regard.

I realize this might be coming a little late now, but if you plan on writing a number of joint fics with someone, perhaps you could create a joint account on FF.N. Come up with a name that reflects the both of you, share the password and profile space, and go from there. It's something I've seen a couple of other writers do...perhaps it's a useful idea for you as well.

3 Name: Bola : 2010-09-20 00:57 ID:WhmXAHhs

I'm quite a bit in Harry Potter fan-fiction as of late. I came across joint fan-fictions written by Hogwarts Duo and their stories are the best I have read.

4 Name: Naomi Hansen : 2010-11-06 14:01 ID:91Cp+xaF

I've been doing something like this with my friend, Senaki Mira, on this Hetalia/Wizard101 crossover we're doing. We live in the same area, so we don't have as many issues with communication and such. But I guess I could see how one author would get the glory from the reviewers while the other one bites the dust. I guess one way you could remedy that - especially if you guys collaborate enough - is by creating a joint account on whatever site you post one. (Probably FFN since this is a fanfic website.)

As for these things being good ideas, yeah, I think they are too. In fact, I would love to do that more often with other people on the web sometime in the future. :D

5 Name: Niori : 2010-11-06 14:22 ID:6bPKszz2

I kinda love joint fics most of the time. It can be fun to work off each other. Someone to bounce ideas off is always good, and having a story where you aren't responsible for everything is a beautiful thing when you have a busy life.

There are some down sides, like the reviewers only acknowledging one author. It kinda irks, but whatever. They usually catch on if the fic is long enough. Also, it can get annoying when you're done your part and your partner(s) are taking forever for there's it's super frustrating.

6 Name: Bitch Goddess : 2010-11-06 17:45 ID:j3JPlc8N

Joint fics are ok as long as the two authors are on the same page. I once read a HP fic that was joint authored and it almost seemed as though they were writing two different stories that accidently got put together.
If the authors can work well together, collaborate their ideas into one main idea it can be really awesome.

7 Name: THEKyuubi27 : 2010-11-06 19:04 ID:H2LyrVds

I have one joint fic...the downside is terrible...he never helps, which sucks

8 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-11-07 16:15 ID:nOI9PTSh

I actually hadn't thought about doing a joint account, but that would mean one more password for the two of us to remember. We actually post to the account of who ever is doing the main writing. For example, ST is on mine, KT, the prequel, is on his.

We also are very lucky to work well together. He can be stubborn at times, a bit in a rush and very excitable, but I think that is part of the fun for me in working with him, because even though he does at times get off tangent discussion wise, they aren't mondo bad ones, and sometimes it gets us some good stuff.

>>6 - I've seen one like that. Mine was an AtLA fanfic where each writer took turns writing chapters. But, the thing is, neither one bothered to look at the other persons chaters well enough.

>>7 - I had one I almost did like that. But, part of that had to do with the fact that the person was not a native speaker, and it was more of a request, then anything. Never really got underway, due to the fact they're almost never on the net.

9 Name: Hige : 2010-11-09 14:51 ID:pt0PcpMz

Joint fanfics - not a bad idea I say. Working together on one thing can enrich a story if ideas from both sides mix well, and thus receive a lot of praising (which is the greatest reward EVER). And if a collab fic goes very well, future fics will instantly be read by the ones who really liked the first fic, and perhaps the writers individually will also have their fics read more because they are recognised, which to me can't seem to get better than that.
But the cons, as others had pointed out, are 1) Incompatible partnerships; 2) Not enough collaboration; 3)Bad communication; and 4) One of you might not receive equal or little credit for the story.

For a solution to no. 4 I suggest creating an account for both writers to share so that everyone knows that two writers are involved, and not one. It would help to combine your pen name with your partner's so it's easier to pick up and know who you two are.

Personally, I don't think I can do well with a joint fanfic because I usually like to do things my way, with my ideas. And I work at my own pace, which can be slow. So it's a no-no for me. I think it depends on how well you know your partner too so you know how they work, what they like and do. If you decide to collab with a random profile, chances are you are not going to work well with the person. So it's worthwhile getting to know who you're working with and building a good relationship with them.

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