Lemons, Limes, Fluffs, OOC, OC, Mary Sue, blah blah blah (9)

1 Name: XxObsessivexX : 2010-08-10 22:01 ID:IhCNcXWO

What are your opinions on these things? i happen to like all of them, but they have to be written well. Like i would read a Lemon story and their sex scene is... idk what the right word for it is, but its... lacking. When you read a story and you see any of these listed in the "warnings" section, what do you tend to avoid?

2 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-08-11 08:41 ID:S3WfDnWh

OOCness is what I dislike!!

do whatever you want with the story but keep the character ON character dammit!!!

3 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-11 10:18 ID:g80smfOI

Lemon/Lime - I am not turned off by people putting that into their plots, I am more of turned off by people who only have that in their fanfics. Particularly, when it is a childrens fandom. I know they are marked M, but that just seems to me, to completly defy the spirit of the fandom.

Fluff - I don't mind a fluffy story. However, I don't like it when the story takes an overly happy feeling that is not at all realistic. I also don't like it when writers take a character who it would be OoC for them to act fluffy, and suddenly have them act that way.

OoC - I concider true OoC to be bad writing. There is no justification at all, for taking a well known character, that someone else created, and ... the word I want to say is a bad one. I read, so I can get more of the characters I love, not to read some OC desquised as a canon character.

OC - I like OC fanfics. However, I like them to have a purpose.

Mary Sue - Some Mary Sues are fun to read. Some show the growing strides a writer makes. There is always going to be traits that sterotype as a Sue to, that aren't necisary. The ones I don't like, are blatant wish fullfillment.

Canon Defilement - I can understand, something that is an intentional crack fanfic. However, I HATE canon defilement, because it makes me feel, a.) the author doesn't pay attention to canon or b.) they don't care. The first is ignorance, and when they don't know, it is forgivable. But people who push canon defilement as something that is all right, I don't concider a true fan. Not to mention, to get your story labeled as this... takes a LOT.

4 Name: 1superkawaii : 2010-08-11 14:04 ID:HOQ1tlcF

Lemons either belong in a story or they dont. Sometimes its what I want to read and other times I dont. If theres an M rating I expect to see one. I like a lot of fluff, if its what I'm looking for at the moment. The best is if it can all be woven together and still seem realistic to the character. Theres nothing wrong with a little ooc because its impossible to really know the inner working of the character especially if you arent the original creator. But there are times when the personality dosent fit at all and the story dosent work.
For another character I'm ok if its just an extra like a new villen but as a main charcter I dont care to read about them. I just looked up what a mary sue is and thats what I mean by oc as main characters. I dont like to read about someones wish fulfillment.

5 Name: Jen : 2010-08-11 18:12 ID:IhgtAACB

I'll only read a story that has a lemon/lime in it if it isn't the main part of the story.

Fluffiness... eh, I'll deal with it, but I enjoy stories that are a bit less romance-based and with more action.

OOC- hate it, hate it. Unless it's in a parody or done intentionally.

OC's are OK, I have nothing against them, but I truly prefer to have the fic be about the characters that are in the actual anime/manga/book/whatever.

Mary Sues- since I don't really read many OC fics, the only ones I've read are parodies (which can get quite amusing). And even though they're parodies, they're still Mary Sues, and they're... scary. So are Gary Stus.

6 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-11 18:24 ID:g80smfOI

>>4 - "Theres nothing wrong with a little ooc because its impossible to really know the inner workings of the character especially if you aren't the original creator."

I have never understood why people say this. While it is true, that it is impossible to know the 'true' inner workings of a character, or a real life person, it is possible to make educated guesses into the way someone thinks, and also educated guesses into ways someone might not think.

As for making OC's the main character. I hate that, unless it is one that has cropped up as a minor character before in someones fanfic, and the fans liked the character so much, they want to read more. I have one of those for Bleach, that I might have him be one of the main characters for a chapter fic. He already is for one of my one-shots. But as I've said, he was a minor character first. He's also not set in as much stone as canon characters. But he is as much, for people who want to borrow him.

7 Name: XxObsessivexX : 2010-08-11 19:23 ID:IhCNcXWO

ohh i never actually see much Gary Stu fictions. if anyone has an example, do tell!

8 Name: Jaelyn : 2010-08-14 12:53 ID:jiJYGM4y

Lemons/Limes are okay if they are well written and fit into the story. Sometimes I read a PWP, but I like long novel-length fanfictions.

I dont have much of a problem with a character being OoC, unless the character isn't even themself anymore. In my opinion thinking you know how someone else thinks or feels like inside is wrong. You dont know what the creator of the fandom had in mind for the character, especially if the character's personality wasn't detailed in the first place. Also, certain things can change someones personality (though only a little). People DO change, especially as they grow up. So why cant story characters too?

Fluff is okay with me too unless its fluffy to the point of being unrealistic.

OC's are perfectly fine. I dont read many where they are the main character. I like when the OC fits into the story well, instead of really srtanding out. I love OC villians.

Mary-sues and Gary-stu's I dont encounter much, so...I have no real opinion on that.

In my opinion, to get worked-up by a story not following the original story is unnecassary. This is fanfiction, not brain surgery. When I write, I write because I like to write and if you don't like it because it doesn't follow everything that happened in the original fandom then that's your problem not mine. I only draw the line at writing something that pretty much has nothing to do with the fandom at all, just with the name of the characters. That is borderline original fiction, just with the names of non-original characters.

9 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-14 14:43 ID:g80smfOI

>>7 - I have come across a Gary Stu... who is also a Villian Sue. Out of the four fanfics that are written for this guy, one is actually good. I know the person too, so I know that they're writin has improved, but because I know him, I'm a little leary of pointing people his way. I want him to get critiqued, not flamed. Plus... I think he knows now what he was doing wrong in the first place, once I pointed him out a bunch of Twilight articles, including one detailing how Bella was a Mary Sue. He still enjoys Twilight, but he understands now, why it isn't the best written thing ever.

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