Knowing Canon (39)

1 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-07-30 20:37 ID:DPSkTaGx

I've come across many a time, when fanfic writers don't know canon, and simply brush it off. So, here is the questions?

What canon errors have you come across? Do you think these canon errors, and those that others have listed, are such a bad thing, or not?

2 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-07-30 20:57 ID:DPSkTaGx

In Bleach, I've seen quite a few OC's be able to learn the name of their zampaktuo before they enter the academy or soul academy. The only character I know of who could have possibly done that, was Hitsugaya Toshiro, and it is made clear, he was special. To me, this is something that turns an OC, into an MS/GS (mary sue/gary stu).

Also, it is made very clear, that Hitsugaya Toshiro happens to have problems with making friends. I see so many fanfics with the so called, childhood friend of his, beyong just Momo and granny. However, the reason his personality is the way it is, goes back to that he finds it hard to make friends.

Another is, I see people creating romantic interests for Toshiro who happen to be in the academy with him. If they are the same age, the OC is a MS/GS, because it makes it clear in canon, child genius only come around, every couple of generations.

Some make the OC also just as shy as Hitsugaya Toshiro is, except with the personality most usually associated with shyness. Which is odd, because the only friend Toshiro made, had to approach him. Yet a few times, I've seen Toshiro approaching the person.

If they aren't the same age, the relationship comes across pedo. Some might defend this, saying that people should still be free to write what they want, however, I personally think pedo pairings are different then slash pairings. Also... a few of the writers I am writing, don't realize it is pedo.

Some even stick child genius, who by growth charts, is at most twelve equivenlently, with a fifteen to sixteen year old classmate at Ichigo's school. I know people age differently in soul society, but aging differently, also means maturing differently too.

3 Name: KatonRyu : 2010-07-30 23:03 ID:e+1e7V1B

Well, I personally try to adhere to the canon whenever I can, but sometimes I want to write things that aren't canonically possible, for example in my Pokemon fic May traveling with Ash, Dawn and Brock. In fanfiction, canon is really just a guideline, not at all written in stone. So, even if someone knows the canon they may choose to abandon it in favor of their own vision.

For the Bleach thing, I think it's mainly that lots of people think Toshiro is an awesome character (myself included, though I've never written any Bleach fanfiction)

As far as an OC doing something canonically impossible...well, it doesn't always turn them into a Mary Sue. Sometimes OCs are very well designed and their ability to negate the canon to some extent is explained within the story, or at least made reasonable. I'll agree, however, that often the explanations given are just too shaky and the OC descends into Mary Sue levels.

4 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-07-30 23:18 ID:rnQ0wyiP

I'm reading/writing for certain characters ONLY
the Canon Yuri couple of Sailor Moon: Haruka and Michiru.

I have watched the anime[countess of times],read the manga both in Eng butchering and original Japanese, seen the muscials[all of the 75 available of them] read every possible source about the characters, from the creator's character profiles to wikipedia pages[eng and jpn] and fansites dedicated to the characters. Observing japanese culture for further understanding of the characters and also observing the Theatrical troupe the creator is favoring and bases these two characters on. technically I know everything that exists about the characters so I spot the errors at once!

Errors i come across:

  1. stereotyping the lesbianism of the characters based only on the anime or even the eng dub of it. meaning that they make Haruka a person who hides the fact that she is a woman[which she NEVER did] and most of the times have her dominant to the point of a man would be. Michiru since she is the epitome of beauty and femininity they have her as a very straight boy crazed who turned gay in a night when she met Haruka and though she was a man. :facepalm: major OOCness
  2. PPL most of the times they forget that the characters ARE Japanese, who grew up in Japan.
  3. When they place the characters in Japan, almost always there is no sense of common knowledge about Japan, the fact that Japanese DO NOT touch each other [meaning kissing cheek as a greeting, or hug] they DO NOT say "Oh please call me ..[insert given name here]...", They DO NOT show affection in public, and they remove their shoes EVERYWHERE!! So because of that lack of common knowledge, that you can even get it from watching Anime[which is the wrong way to get be still it is a way]. They write about Japanese people being so awkwardly effusive that they even make their OCs totally OOCs LOL
  4. The choice of names of OCs who are Japanese are being made with sounds that do not exist in the language so they can't be pronounced by Japanese. Or choosing a female name for a male and vice versa. OR the most annoying one, the fact that they DO NOT KNOW that Haruka is a common female name, and if you are Japanese it is kind of impossible to mistake someone with that name being a man. Though because in cannon Usagi and Minako DIDN'T make that connection because at that moment the were love struck by the blonde's charm, doesn't mean that it is not obvious.
  5. The most recent one that I saw and it was the reason I clicked that "X" on the corner of my browser was "Japanese think of sex as a taboo, if I was in west that wouldn't have happened..." first of westerns and mostly religious ppl are the prudes NOT the Japanese!!! Sex in japan is seen as a common need and not as impureness for crying out loud, at least do a research before you put up bullshit!
  6. Complete ignorance of the fact that Michiru is an outlesbian character, the one who hits on Haruka, who seems more in the closet than anything else.
  7. making both characters coldhearted bitches, and utterly snobs, which is an OOCness that the eng Dub pass it as canon.

I can't remember of other stuff right now but most of the things I see is OOC and ignorance of simple common things.

5 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-07-31 16:53 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>3 - I am not saying people have to strictly adhere to canon. I myself like writing AUs. However, I feel that good writing, when it breaks canon, fixes it so it still works. So, I am not so much talking about stories where those characters are actually traveling with each other. That, is believable.

I am more of talking about fanfics that, for example, have a starter trainer, go out on a new route in Jhoto, to catch a new Pokemon. That part, is believable. However, it becomes unbelievable, when the person goes and has them catch an Umbreon/Espeon as their first pokemon. Can't remember which it was. But the thing is, they evolve using friendship, so if those Pokemon were in the wild, it would be more likely high level, and released by a trainer. The likelyhood is slim, and the writer is participating in wishful thinking... and can do much better, like catching a wild Eevee instead.

For the Harry Potter fandom, I've read a fanfic, where a Howler was sent to Harry Potter's house, by Hermione Granger, because she was mad at Harry, and it went off, while the Dursely's were there, but they didn't even react to it going off.

I don't think it is just that they think Toshiro is an awsume character. Some of the authors I've met, think more about his looks, then about his actual personality. I can't tell you the number of fanfics that turns one of the least perverted male shingami, into a pervert. Actually, I've seen a lot of fanfics that think more about wishfullfillment, then actual character development. I read an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic, where the person paired someone her age, thirteen or younger, with Jet, who is sixteen, without thinking things through.

And true, it doesn't always turn them into Mary Sues. Sometimes that actually serves as a plot line. However, most of the time I see these fanfics, it is done to make the character more special, then anything else, and the one I first listed was such a case. (Unless some author can find a way to pull it off...) Oh, and there is the classic, make the OC a martyer that also runs the risk of turning it into a Mary Sue character, if one isn't careful.

>>4 - I've actually heard about them being the biggest... I don't know what the word is to describe what people do with them. But I've seen that storyline also used as a rather... clique storyline for other fandoms, which tend to be OoC for the characters...

I recently read a Bleach fanfic, where Toshiro makes a comment about Obama. Not only does it take place in Japan, I personally dobut that the shingami would know about that one... it actually goes beyond using inccorect slang, or even wrong product placing. I would figure that the joke, which was making fun of something only an American would know much about, read like it was out of context.

4.) I've seen that. I think though, giving Japanese characters English names is worse.

5.) While sex isn't taboo over in Japan, and they are more open about it in their media, there are still things that are taboo to talk about, and there are still things that certain people frown upon. And, some of what the West thinks is taboo, is begining to seep into their culture. I think, it is more of, Japan is more accepting and forgiving, then anything else. That, and they use means other then sex, to fullfill their desires. But, I could be wrong. It's hard to find good material about it.

6 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-08-01 00:39 ID:rnQ0wyiP

>>5 I'll say just one thing ;D
back in 1913 an all female theatrical troupe was created, the reason such a theater was accepted was because: it was forbidden for a man and a woman to kiss eachother in public!! so for two women "fake kiss" it was okay :D

little they knew that This wonderful theater would inspire a hella lot mangaka to write Yuri.

man I just LOVE JAPAN :D

7 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-01 00:46 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>6 Reminds me of Shakesphere, except reverced... if you know what I mean. One question though, is that really the reason why a lot of mangaka writer Yuri? I ask, because that is the first time I've heard of it.

8 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-08-01 01:07 ID:rnQ0wyiP

>>7 Oh yes
look at the "Thematic history"
somewhere Class S and Takarazuka Revue are mentioned .

here about Class S that is linked to Takarazuka :D
a clip of a dance just to give you a sneak peek of what they are doing ;)

9 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-08-01 01:25 ID:rnQ0wyiP

that's a better dance and more intimate :)

10 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2010-08-01 09:46 ID:M2sClqlF

People seem to forget that Romeo and Juliet DIE at the end.

"Ohh, our forbidden love is just like Romeo and Juliet, so forbidden, so pure, sigh~"

Yeah. And then they killed themselves.

11 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-01 09:50 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>8 & >>9 - Cool!

>>10 - Umm? Are you refering to Shakespherean fanfics? I don't read many of those?

My comparison earlier was because during Shakespheres time, the cast was only male, the opposite of what the other person mentioned in Japan.

12 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2010-08-01 09:57 ID:M2sClqlF

No, I mean any romance fanfic. Actually, anything romance in general that refers to Romeo and Juliet.
The author/couple/people just love to gush at how their love is like Romeo and Juliet somehow, because it is so pure and fobidden and they are JUST LIKE Romeo and Juliet, but they seem to forget the fact that the couple killed themselves in the end.

13 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-01 10:50 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>12 - Thanks! I know that problem. I think Twilight upped the problem possibly...

14 Name: Jen : 2010-08-01 11:10 ID:vUAfuW6F

I haven't seen the Romeo/Juliet comparison much, but that's probably because I don't really read fanfics for mainly romance manga/animes/books.

What annoys me is when people have unrealistic crossovers. The three YGO series all have years in between them, especially in between the second and third, and it's unrealistic when people make characters from Yu Gi Oh DM date 5D's charries because there'd be a huge age difference. (At least 10 years, I'd say. Not to say it can't happen, but they don't even meet each other except in a movie! And there was time travel in that movie...)

When people who don't even mark AU fics as AU fics is somewhat annoying too. But good AU fics can be a good read.

15 Name: Gin : 2010-08-01 13:30 ID:mtpnsXW8

>>14 Although an in-universe example is Ushio/Mikage, as according to the 10th Anniversary Movie handbook, the Ushio of 5D's is the same as the Ushio from DM. (Also, the youngest DM character -- Rebecca -- would be in her early forties at least.) But generally: yes, it doesn't work unless time travel is somehow involved.

16 Name: Moonphase : 2010-08-01 15:02 ID:MBnOrdYO

I'm very, very strict about obeying canon, and I try to do as much research as possible.

17 Name: warper : 2010-08-01 18:08 ID:p8CaRLW9

I don't think canon is actually important too much in fanfiction. When you think about it, as fanfic writers, we occasionally completely ignore canon to create AU worlds or just to adjust for our own tastes. If we adhered strictly to canon, then fanfiction loses its purpose.

18 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-01 23:46 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>14 - I would make a time warp or something, but they don't even bother with that, and I know that even though I haven't read YGO fanfics.

I get more annoyed with the idea that AU means free to do whatever, then anything else, particularly since I LOVE a good AU.

>>17 - I am going to have to disagree with what you said.

1.) When you break canon, good writing still fixes it, so it is logical.
2.) Toss out too much canon, and what you have, isn't fanfiction any more, it is original fiction, desquised as fanfiction.
3.) The fandoms don't belong to us, they belong to those who originally created them. Fanfiction is formost, a form of flattery towards the original creator, NOT a tool for blatant wishfull fillment. Respect is needed, and people have to remeber, they don't own it.


This might be just me, but I am REALLY tiered of people who use AU as an ecuse to make canon characters OoC. It is STILL bad writing. To quote wikipedia on this...

"A common mistake made by inexperienced fan fiction writers is to believe that writing an AU fan fiction means that the writer can acceptably and drastically alter the personalities of major characters; in fact, the point of AU fan fiction is that the characters' personalities remain as much the same as possible, and the only changes are those which would rationally be caused by the differences from canon."

19 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-01 23:47 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>14 - I would make a time warp or something, but they don't even bother with that, and I know that even though I haven't read YGO fanfics.

I get more annoyed with the idea that AU means free to do whatever, then anything else, particularly since I LOVE a good AU.

>>17 - I am going to have to disagree with what you said.

1.) When you break canon, good writing still fixes it, so it is logical.
2.) Toss out too much canon, and what you have, isn't fanfiction any more, it is original fiction, desquised as fanfiction.
3.) The fandoms don't belong to us, they belong to those who originally created them. Fanfiction is formost, a form of flattery towards the original creator, NOT a tool for blatant wishfull fillment. Respect is needed, and people have to remeber, they don't own it.


This might be just me, but I am REALLY tiered of people who use AU as an ecuse to make canon characters OoC. It is STILL bad writing. To quote wikipedia on this...

"A common mistake made by inexperienced fan fiction writers is to believe that writing an AU fan fiction means that the writer can acceptably and drastically alter the personalities of major characters; in fact, the point of AU fan fiction is that the characters' personalities remain as much the same as possible, and the only changes are those which would rationally be caused by the differences from canon."

20 Name: Jen : 2010-08-02 10:01 ID:tQlGoQiF

>>15 Darn, I forgot about that. I usually do because their personalities are so different.

I do think one way to change a character's personality slightly in AU is to make the situation where a traumatized character never had that traumatizing incident in the first place, making them less paraoid or whatever. But even then the character's personality as a whole would still be reasonably the same. Only parts of it would be different.

21 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-02 19:06 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>20 - Most people don't even try to think that far. It can also be the exact opposite too. And the fact that if certain events change, there will also be slight changes too.

I've had some people write into their summary, possibly OoC because they are in love. I have problems buying this one... it seems just like a new found excuse.

One of the worst fandoms for canon rape, I think is Chronicles of Narnia. It's gone so far, I've seen Aslan/White Witch as a pairing. Talk about OoC, and the fact that they represent the good and evil in Narnia. Or the time that a new human is thrown into the picture for the first one, and the prophesy becomes all about them, and there is no point in having Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. Caspian/Susan sprung up from the second recent live action movie too.

22 Name: Jen : 2010-08-03 07:36 ID:LicQhhuJ

>>21 Ugh, that's a horrible excuse. Being in love may change some parts of them, but it doesn't make everybody a gushy mess of romance.

I could get a Aslan/White witch fic where it's not love, but slight curiosity, but nothing more. Aslan wouldn't feel love for the white witch or anything, and same for the other way around. Personally, I feel like the world of Narnia is just fine on it's own. I don't really read fanfics for it.

(There's also the fact that I didn't really like the last two books, but whatever.)

23 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-03 20:06 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>22 - And so I've told people I've reviewed. I think one of the ways I choose to word it, is if someone changes who they are, then the relationship is superficial, not real.

Believe me... it wasn't that. A lot of people actually agree with you. There isn't much room to breath in the world of Narnia. I've written two fanfics. One was in responce to all the OC's fall into Narnia, when the White Witch is supposed to hate humans, and she has her wolves hunt the humans across the border. The second one, was Susan's life after the books, which is pretty much the only place I really see anything going on, unless parody.

24 Name: Jen : 2010-08-04 05:45 ID:hcVgYxxV

>>23 Ah, Susan. It made me sad when it turned out that she wasn't coming back to Narnia... she was a brave girl. But she chose to move on, and that was that. Still, it must've been really tramautizing for her. I pity her.

25 Name: murderofonerose : 2010-08-04 19:32 ID:o//YSitS

>>17 - Canon plot, setting, and character backstory are okay to shift around for AUs, but canon characterization mostly shouldn't change. Even if the idea of the AU is to recast characters from one fandom into another story/fairytale/whatever, the casting depends on those characters. If they're unrecognizable, what's the point?

26 Name: EvilFuzzy9 : 2010-08-04 19:41 ID:BrZOwsvB

On the one hand, it's good to know canon, but on the other hand, unless you memorize everything in the original work, you'll probably need to use a wiki to get your facts straight. Also, I can forgive someone for not knowing about something that is either obscure (such as the fact that the father of Hayate Ayasaki from 'Hayate no Gotoku' is named Shun -- a fact that is only mentioned once, fairly early in the story, and is never mentioned again, EVEN when his father appears in flashbacks) or only mentioned in supplementary materials (like the fact that Kakuzu from 'Naruto' decided to become a missing ninja after his village punished him for failing to assassinate the First Hokage -- a man so badass that he was able to soundly thrash the Big Bad of the series, back when the guy was in his prime).

27 Name: LonelyAura : 2010-08-05 12:04 ID:icAnU0h3

I prefer to do as much research as possible before I write a story, but I don't completely go by the canon rules. It all depends on where you start the story, and if Event A and B have already happened, or if they should change. I also TRY to keep characters in-character, but someimes their personality is just too hard to keep completely. Cross-overs are fun, if made correctly, and with good reasons.

I don't know if you guys would count this as 'plausible', but I have a story where Itachi(from Naruto) goes to Hogwarts, and my reasoning of HOW it happens hasn't been explained yet, but how place to do it, or have a burst of energy strong enough to send it works is that there's a place called the 'summoning world', where most animals that are summoned come from. To get to the hidden countries from our world, one must find the correct them to the summoning world, and vice-versa with the hidde countries. It's possible to use this to get from one place to another in either world(wizards use apparaition, and ninjas the summoning technique or the yondiame's hirashin), and people can be transferred on accident if a great ammount of energy is used(featured in two stories so far...).

AUs are fun to make ideas like this, but the annoying thing is when they butcher EVERYTHING, and add extra characters. That explanaition above wouldn't affect total canon if it were real, and it's not botching the way the authors wrote the characters and setting/plotline... just adding to it. And I'm not trying to screw up the character's personalitys. For your OWN stories, there's always Fictionpress.

28 Name: Jen : 2010-08-05 12:52 ID:2c4TNEKM

>>27 I haven't seen much of Naruto, but I've read about the Summoning technique, and what you described sounds fairly plausible. It's a better explanation than many I've read.

29 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-05 19:50 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>25 - sigh I agree... what IS the point if it isn
t recognizable.

>>26 - Even I think I've made a few canon errors in my fanfics. And I agree... the more obscure things are, the less likely it is that someone will know about them. I tend to use supplementary material, as additional support of things that are in canon, or to say, hey... in case you didn't know.

>>27 - When one thinks that a person's personality is too hard to keep completly, one should always ask, is it because the character really hard to write, or is it because I am trying to make them do something they normally wouldn't do.

Ahh... I believe you are talking about one of the good old dimentional traveling theories. Sounds plausible to me.

And you're right, butchering everything is bad. To many people forget about that.


Some canon problems are forgivable because of when they were written. For example, in Earlier Harry Potter fanfics, some people thought Blaize was a girl, so you can find old fanfics with Blaize like that. And if someone says they're going back to old theory of Blaize being a girl, that is all right too. Though... I think the only reason I thought Blaize was a girl, before the big reveal, was because the few times I read the character in fanfiction, had been cases where Blaize was a girl. I thought it was more a boy name, then a girl one.

30 Name: Gin : 2010-08-06 02:17 ID:mtpnsXW8

I have to admit, I'm rather wary about writing fanfics about Jack Atlus of YGO 5D's. It isn't because I don't know his character -- rather I know him too well: I've been analysing his personality, his actions, the things he does say and more importantly the things he doesn't for months now. Particularly when the dub!verse comes a'calling, I guess I'm just paranoid that somebody will accuse me of having Jack OOC because I'm drawing on character traits they don't know about (like his tendency to attach sentimental value to items of those close to him, introspective nature, insecurities, etc.)

31 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-06 13:21 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>30 - From what I am getting, you are talking about the fact that you watch the Japanese version, and worry that some of the people who only watch the dub version, will come down on you for things that aren't dubbed yet? You do realize, they don't have a standing, particularly if you can reference where in canon the character acts that way?

32 Name: Gin : 2010-08-06 13:40 ID:mtpnsXW8

>>31 Since I don't watch the dub, I can't really comment (although his character was twisted quite a bit). Yes, I do watch Japanese-only, but there are things I /know/ about the character that even other sub-fans don't sometimes get. I've seen it in episode discussion threads, where people are griping about "character derailment" and the only thought going through my head is "no, that's still Jack, it's just a side he doesn't show often."

I guess he's just too complex, in a way. You can start scratching the surface and it takes ages to actually break through...

Although I can reference the canon, should I need to. It's just a slight worry that I'm trying to overcome in a current oneshot.

33 Name: Jen : 2010-08-06 16:31 ID:ZgeIFApA

>>32 Jack Atlus, huh? I would so rather see a very analyzed Jack rather than a too less characterized. I admit that some fics are fun to read where it's just the Jack who you see mainly on the shows, egotistical and everything, but it's really nice to see a fic where you see the real depth of his personality. I've read only one really solid fic that really went into Jack's personality, and still had him be arrogant, but rightly so, and with quirks that aren't usually explored.

I've seen the dub, and they do twist his personality a bit. He gets a bit unbearable, and his voice is just OK. I love Japanese Jack's voice a lot better. (I like all of the Japanese voice actors/actresses better than the dubs usually.)

And what you said about him being a bit too complex is so true to no ends. Which is why I love Jack/Carly fics that truly give justice to his personality, all sides of it. (Not all, but nearly so.)

34 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-06 21:03 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>33 Looks like there is a second one on this character that says he isn't an easy one.

I'd rather see the characters very analyzed, that then flat ones. Of course, there are some authors who fear making the mistake, of analyzing wrong. But, sometimes when you cut down a character to the basic sterotype, you lose something too.

35 Name: Gin : 2010-08-09 07:24 ID:mtpnsXW8

>>34 Well, I got my fingers in gear and finished it; published the story just five minutes ago. And Jack was giving me grief the whole time.

Stubborn idiot.

And I know what you mean about seeing the characters analysed! It's rather depressing when so much stuff is based on the surface characteristics, or reduces the characters to walking stereotypes. Fortunately the characters I like all have their complexities -- the dethroned King with his insecurities, the clumsy sweet reporter who gets corrupted by darkness, the Emperors who will gladly sacrifice an entire city to save the future -- but people still go about them wrong, and reduce them to ... well, pieces of cardboard.

Part of the issue with writing in an ongoing fandom is that later material will contradict what you've written before; it's just a risk we have to take, though.

36 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-09 20:49 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>35 - People fearing that the canon will contradict what they will eventually write, makes it so that some really good fanfics won't be written.

I write for the Bleach Fandom. Part of my material is actually now canon. I still remeber the review though, when I was writing theoretical for the Untold Tales Arc, and someone tried correcting me for something that was obviously written before a later episode. My response was, it was written before hand, and was theoretical, it's not that big of a deal.

Also, you can write some of the stuff, as AU of future stuff. The two things I write, that might eventually be contradicted by canon.

  • Isshin being the former tenth division captain, and Toshiro's former captain.
  • Gin+Ran=Toshiro

37 Name: Gin : 2010-08-10 02:36 ID:mtpnsXW8

I used to write in the Bleach fandom. There was a particular fic of mine that I thought was just gonna be an interesting idea -- Gin betraying Aizen to save Ran. Published August 06.
July '10? Gin betrays Aizen. Right down to the sword-through-chest.

My new fandom - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - has an online forum much like the Bleach ones. I lurk there and speculate heavily on potential plot points (mostly focussing around that sweet clumsy reporter). After episode 119, where we see her again safe-and-sound, half the speculation was thrown off kilter, though the threat of the darkness is still lurking nearby -- but I'm still writing it into a fic, just because of what it explores. Simply gonna mark it as an AU/AR (alternate reality) after 110.

Although I agree wholeheartedly about the two things you've mentioned. 10th seems to fit Isshin, for some reason; and the Toshiro parentage issue also works (also would probably be in synch with the canon timeline.) Plus my inner Ichimatsu/GinRan/whatever-they're-calling-it-these-days 'shipper approves!

38 Name: Jen : 2010-08-10 06:44 ID:1Wi6rKnh

One of my fics for a contest was a post-ending fic for 5D's, so I made up a few details that hadn't happened in the show yet. I might redo it once the show finishes, might not.

Exploration is not done enough.

39 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-10 09:58 ID:DPSkTaGx

>>37 - That was what I wrote a lot about. I was kind of trying not to give it away for people who are stuck with the English version, or Anime, and don't know yet.

Some people say, Toshiro and Gin have nothing in common besides silver hair and their oclor of eyes, and being a child genius. However, the latest chapter shows that both Toshiro and Gin went after Aizen, because he hurt someone that they cared about. The difference I think between the two, is temperment. Gin is able to keep his cool, while Toshiro gets his from Rangiku, meaning that when either one loses it, they really lose it. Ran can control hers more, because she's older. Plus, other small things.

>>38 - Yup. Exploration isn't done enough of.

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