Pokemon plot bunnies (2)

1 Name: warper : 2010-06-17 09:21 ID:q5y5gBbM

Ok in all honesty it's been a while since I've seen the anime, but I do play the games and I would like to see good fanfics based on the anime. However there are so few of them for me. I like most Ash/girl pairings. However I've wanted to read an (and I know this makes me somewhat of a perv, but as a guy, most of us are to some extent) Ash/Harem fic.

This first plot bunny is actually a crossover fic though. More speciifically Pokemon/Katekyo Hitman Reborn (look it up, it's a good manga).

Plot: After Ash's latest major vicotry, Ash returns to Pallet Town to relax. However, he comes under attack from someone calling themselves a 'mafia'. Ash Barely escapes but on his arrival at home when he mentions it, his mother is forced to reveal that Ash's father was actually the previous head of the Vongola mafia. His father went missing just before Ash was born. Now Ash must assemble a family to find the secrets of his father and why mafias are suddenly after him.

Also, several children have come from out of nowhere to help Ash. What he doesn't know is that these children are actually from alternate futures and are Ash's potentail children that are trying to help him while trying to get Ash together with their mothers. (It can be harem(preferable) or single pairing. It can be any of the girls also but at least the three major girls must be represented (Misty, May and Dawn).

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