Why ... Disapproves of Self-Publishing... (26)

1 Name: ... : 2010-05-25 16:31 ID:c6viPlAZ

... And other webcomics. (btw, I do not seek to make fun of individuals here, but rather the concept as a whole. If you should feel insulted, I don't give a damn, but it wasn't the intention.)


2 Name: ... : 2010-05-25 17:44 ID:c6viPlAZ

Comic no. 2:


(The quality is slightly worse; one biro and MS Paint are not the best tools. They shall have to suffice, though, as I am too lazy to wait for photoshop to load, or to spend forever trying to align typed text in speech bubbles.)

3 Name: ... : 2010-05-25 17:45 ID:c6viPlAZ

(Comic no. 2 is moderately NSFW, btw)

4 Name: RayRay : 2010-05-25 18:36 ID:duh3H4aN

So Ellipsis - that's what you look like!

The first one made me laugh. The second not so much, but both are still funny, and unfortunately true.

5 Name: Marth : 2010-05-25 19:50 ID:l/WXb9i6

..., why do your eyes look like Spider-Man's mask? XD

6 Name: ... : 2010-05-25 20:10 ID:c6viPlAZ

Because I am Spider-Man, naturally.

... Or Deadpool.

7 Name: Moonphase : 2010-05-26 00:20 ID:np7LXyeX

Hahaha!! Those were actually really funny! You've drawn yourself looking like one of those ghosts on Pac-man!

(Going slightly off topic here.) The topic of e-publishing usually silences me as one of my...friends (sorta? More like an acquaintance.) keeps going on about being a published author, doing all these readings, having fans and e-books being 'The Future'... It's annoying, but I'm not close enough to her to just tell her the truth, so I just sorta go 'oh right...hm...yeah...cool'.I wish she would get a grip though. But I suppose I don't straight talk as much as you, especially in matters I'm uncertain about...

8 Name: BlackMage16 : 2010-05-26 01:47 ID:koqNIAaV

Those comics were quite funny, the first moreso then the second. And it's nice that we can put a picture to the name Ellipsis = Pac-man ghost.

9 Name: ... : 2010-05-26 06:01 ID:c6viPlAZ

@7- Well, e-books from already-published authors are a different matter entirely (although I doubt they'll catch on, but you never know), but if your acquaintance is published via the internet, then... oh dear. The fact that your friend keeps going on about it suggests that she's hinting to you to BUY A COPY BECAUSE OH CRAP SHE'S LOST £500. That, or she's just blind to reality. Either way, don't tell her 'fans' about fictionpress...

10 Name: Moonphase : 2010-05-26 07:17 ID:np7LXyeX

>>9, no it was via the internet.I began reading the first chapter of one of her stories that she showed me (it was up for a competition I think)...but she only writes erotica, which I'm not that into... Oh dear. Ah well...

11 Name: Elle : 2010-05-26 07:21 ID:FX3fGxfU

I really don't like self-publishing. And the first comic got it bang on the mark; there's usually a valid reason why agents/publishers won't take your book on.
Loved the last panel; "it's you're." Genius!

12 Name: abvamp : 2010-06-05 10:22 ID:G/0gG7G6

I'm working on my first original I want to submit to an epublisher. I'm also working on a short story I want to submit to a site for a 'Gay Quickies series' but that would be actually a book. My friend pointed me to this site SavvyAuthors, it's full of workshops and right now I joined the June Boot Camp and it's mainly to get you to write and finish your manuscript. The group who comes in first can pitch their book to an publisher.

My friend had submitted a book to an epublisher before she discovered SavvyAuthors, it was declined. She now submitted two manuscripts and they actually going to publish one of the two. Most publishers ask for a synopsis or a query, had no idea what those where until I joined SA.

It's a lot of work but worth it. I'm telling everyone don't start with self-publishing it's getting you no where, you only will be disapointed.

13 Name: Chris000 : 2010-06-07 08:33 ID:JGy6SZTx

Elypsis, you certainly have a way with words, and brutal imagery skills. I nearly wet myself with the Your thing!

14 Name: Elkkun : 2010-06-07 13:22 ID:Tp+qKWwM


"It's You're." you also forgot to correct her 'Just' XDD

15 Name: ... : 2010-06-07 15:00 ID:c6viPlAZ

Hmm, I did wonder if the 'jsut' would detract from the 'punchline'... Ah well. On a different note, I intend to scan in a few more (hopefully funnier) strips eventually.

16 Name: Elkkun : 2010-06-08 03:30 ID:pRcy5pKZ

Also James (my uhm friend)
loves Deadpool. So. If you were Deadpool Elipsis, then you'd have yet another fan on your back.

17 Name: Marth : 2010-06-08 11:35 ID:1FDqlKBG

Ugh, ... is in like ten fucking books a month. I'm trying not to hate based solely on oversaturation, but it's hard.

18 Name: ... : 2010-06-09 05:53 ID:c6viPlAZ

@Marth- That's funny, he/I used to be relatively unknown (on these shores, at least). On the other hand, I stopped reading tales of... my own... exploits some years ago, so my growing popularity may have altered the market since then. Anyway, I saw some newer issues in my library a few months ago, and I was put off rather when somebody let a Hulk writer rape my character ("throwin' down on Nate [Cable], it just don't feel right"- WTF NO). I used to have such good lines ('pardon me, but your face is in my elbow') and dry humour rather than just pop-culture references, sap and horrible OOC. *sigh*

19 Name: moonphase : 2010-06-13 03:24 ID:Oq3FuSe3

So, there is a series published through Vanity Press called the Maradonia saga...
this, erm, 'advert' (?) is possibly the most embarrasing thing I've ever seen. What has happened to the publishing world?

20 Name: swiftswallow : 2010-06-13 05:42 ID:GvXvFKKi

It is embarrasing but you've got to give it to her some credit for it. I mean it may be useless but she has clearly put a lot of effort into promoting it herself, which seems to be paying off.

21 Name: slashfilled-mind : 2010-06-23 06:15 ID:70aBXQpE

How DO you go about publishing your own story anyway? and I mean serious publishing, not ''OMG it like totaly got posted online!!!1!!'' the r5eason i'm asking is cause I need it for school. I'm writing an essay, but turning it into a story. because it still needs to be an essay, I'm doing a bit about how you would get a story published.
If anyone knows a good way, please tell me, I could use the help...

22 Name: tiger002 : 2010-06-23 11:05 ID:p/q9Yl2G

I'd check out the website absolutewrite.com , they have a lot of information on publishing and writing in general.

23 Name: slashfilled-mind : 2010-06-24 06:39 ID:EHscnqlH

Thanks, I'll do that!

24 Name: ... : 2010-06-24 11:29 ID:c6viPlAZ

@22- I've skimmed through that site, and I have some reservations. Ignoring the fact that the person who has published twenty six books uses commas horribly and has a writing style that sets my teeth on edge, the website 'debunks' an article about the 'death of the slush pile'. This is despite the fact that almost every publisher these days no longer accepts unsolicited MS. Hmm.

@21- If you're genuinely serious about this, get the Writers' Yearbook. It contains advice from people who definitely know what they're talking about (authors, artists, agents lawyers and publishers), as well as example cover letters and contact details for agents/publishers. The most commonly effective process is as follows:

*Write MS
*Send query letter to agent
*If agent displays interest, send agent first three chapters and synopsis of MS

And the agent will then deal with publishers. You can send unsolicited MS straight to publishers, but most won't read or accept them these days (they will state this along with their contact details) as there's no guarantee of quality. In general, sending work to an agent is more likely to get results.

25 Name: abvamp : 2010-06-25 08:32 ID:AHyDK4Tj

>>21 I'm a member of SavvyAuthors.com who has workshops about things you need to know when you want to get published. They have also groups you can join, there are blogs from published authors who give you useful information about subjects for you stories. It's worth checking out and they are very helpful. They say there aren't any stupid questions. I love the site.

26 Name: slashfilled-mind : 2010-06-25 23:40 ID:EHscnqlH

@24 and 25 Thank you both! I'll check it out. They do seem to have good info. There's a lot I'll be able to use. Thanks again! :3

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