Fullmetal alchemist-how will it end? (4)

1 Name: TheNightShadow4 : 2010-05-21 13:01 ID:4POY7lFo

Seeing how the manga's almost done, I wanna know how you guys think it's gonna go down.

As of now I’ve got two:
(1)Edward's going to use what's left of Fathers stone to bring Alphonse back, or (2) Hoho (Ed & Al's dad) may do a heroic sacrifice. He's stated more than once that he doesn't want to live forever; and this is a way for him to redeem himself in the eyes of his sons.

2 Name: KakeruTamaki : 2010-05-27 13:39 ID:EO+Oko7n

Yeah, thats kinda what I think'll happen too!
I dont really want it to end tho :'(

I'd be surprised if hoho's stone isn't used to bring back al. But maybe they'll just sacrifice father instead? He's got quite a bit of philoshophers stone left, right?

But FMA is good in the respect that it's kept a lot of people going along with it. Its fast pace and engaging, unlike bleach which LOADS of people seem to be complaining about because it wasn't going anywhere (Which is now no longer the case). I'd be surprised if the author ends FMA and the majority of the readers arent satisfied with the conclusion.

Im just keeping my fingers crossed that Ed doesn't die. Hiromu Arakawa isn't exactly afraid of killing off her characters...

3 Name: CS2 : 2010-05-27 14:09 ID:0D8hbRBI

Gah!!! Spoilers!!! XO Shouldn't have let my eyes scroll over this thread dang it.

4 Name: TheNightShadow4 : 2010-08-31 19:37 ID:4POY7lFo

Just so everyone knows: it ended. . . AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
Sorry, just had to say that.

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