Animenext 2010 (7)

1 Name: inulover90 : 2010-03-19 20:11 ID:lYPyQ2I4

it's an anime convention being held in New Jersey, USA June 18th to the 20th. several of my friends and i are going i was wondering if there is anyone in the area who is planning on going also.

Or am i the only one form the area? ^_^

2 Name: tilldeathdouspart789 : 2010-03-21 00:06 ID:A2PsqlHZ

I would go, but sadly I live in the UK, so I guess I'm out of luck.....sigh. I would have really liked to go, too. Oh well.

3 Name: inulover90 : 2010-03-21 16:59 ID:lYPyQ2I4

it seems like i'm the only one in my area. LOL! oh well guess i'll go it alone, well alone as in none of the people from here!

it would have been great if you could go!! would have been cool to see ya there!! ^_^

4 Name: tilldeathdouspart789 : 2010-03-21 17:15 ID:A2PsqlHZ

Thanks! I hope I am able to go to one in the future! :P

5 Name: inulover90 : 2010-03-21 18:18 ID:lYPyQ2I4

definitely!!! that would be awesome... hope to be able to see ya there!!! ^_^

6 Name: Nintendogirl50 : 2010-03-21 18:24 ID:J7aDB6pn

OMG!!! I didn't know it was so close, I live in New York so that's all good! But i can't go due to me having to go to school.......-___-'.

7 Name: inulover90 : 2010-03-21 22:32 ID:lYPyQ2I4

awww! i was reading your post adn was excited.... then.... awwww. maybe next time though ^_^

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