What does boredom do to you? (15)

1 Name: Imperfection : 2010-02-20 13:21 ID:wFCvxwuv

Anyone get really bored lately and have nothing to do? Or even just want to share their fanfic ideas... My imagination is dried out so anyone know how I could get it back?

2 Name: ... : 2010-02-20 13:22 ID:40F0A5Rq

The only person who can bore one is oneself.

3 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 13:26 ID:zs8opoL/

Discuss ideas with someone else- on the net or 'real life'?
Take a bath and listen to music?
Read a book or watch a film?

4 Name: RayRay : 2010-02-20 13:27 ID:YIz2rrAX

I sleep when I'm bored. Means I don't have to think of something to do, and I get more sleep.

Everyone is happy.

5 Name: Tristana : 2010-02-20 13:29 ID:1WZ/ZUPd

Well, I am bored all the time - though it's more like laziness.

But with real boredom: go on youtube, listen to some music you like and start looking up random vids that goes with it. Or just draw, go out or something like that.

Boredom can be annoying but if you are patient enough, creativity would kick in and then, you're in for one hell of a ride. (Well, to me, boredom > crackfics... weird).

And read some stuff too - other fanfics, books... what I do is to watch again shows that I like so I can get new ideas.

6 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 14:18 ID:zs8opoL/

Or get involved in meaningless conversations on-line. I'm supposed to be writing an essay right now.

7 Name: Lizzieleaf : 2010-02-21 05:15 ID:gVyeZdXn

That's the best way to do it. I can't tell you how many essays I should have been doing, and spent my time on her, or Omegle...

8 Name: Francys Pai : 2010-02-21 06:09 ID:Tx+9Ic6N

Draw out scenes from my fanfics.
Have a cup of tea and read a book.
Or to really sort it out because it passes time. Play Street fighter 4 until my thumbs hurt.

9 Name: Joan Jett The Runaway : 2011-04-06 19:05 ID:0unTYvup

my mind rebels at stagnation i usually resort to overdosing on caffeine and sugar, sulking in my room, playing piano at 3:00 in the morning, dangerous chemical experiments.....oh and sleeping

10 Name: AkitaFallow : 2011-04-08 15:01 ID:sS6AcYjd

When I'm bored I... try to get un-bored by scouting around my dorm room for something I haven't looked at/done in awhile. Such as random drawings or poems I've left unfinished, or a book buried in the closet I have yet to read.

Otherwise, I read fanfiction and procrastinate.

11 Name: Bola : 2011-04-14 08:35 ID:0lSmSFDM

When I'm rather bored, I write! :D One has to admit, though... the most of my ideas come to me when I am very busy with univeristy and all... So I write them down for later, when I'm less busy. :)

12 Name: MaryMagdalen : 2011-04-21 14:36 ID:dDnCqsy3

Jeez, I wish I had TIME to be bored! ;o)

13 Name: Anonymous : 2011-04-28 00:47 ID:fTbGNGaR

I listen to music, more specifically prog epics..

14 Name: Turner Child : 2011-04-28 05:23 ID:Jdx0WU/e

Find inspiration! Watch a movie or read a book. Your imagination will come back.

15 Name: KaiHillover◆2BozL9qisE : 2011-05-21 17:30 ID:whHsdceZ

I wish I had time to get bored, fanfics, so many to read and write, movies, soaps, animes, cartoons(I still love cartoons), books, continuously nagging parents and shudders school, teachers, tests and exams! Who has time to get bored but when it happens that there is load shedding and everything thus no light and no way to carry out the above mentioned activities even the ones which are despised like school work, I sweat and fidget and I really fidget a lot! Last time it happened 4 months ago, no light for 3 hours due to a thunder storm. I almost died for boredom and even wished for math homework! O_o

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