What does boredom do to you? (24)

1 Name: Imperfection : 2010-02-20 13:20 ID:fcQHGZrA

Anyone get really bored lately and have nothing to do? Or even just want to share their fanfic ideas... My imagination is dried out so anyone know how I could get it back?

2 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 13:46 ID:NinO48V6


3 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 13:47 ID:NinO48V6

I...missed the 'e'...no one say anything...

4 Name: ... : 2010-02-20 13:51 ID:I5N4nsqh

You also missed the 'à', and 'déjà' is one word.

5 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 13:54 ID:NinO48V6

quiet you!!

6 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 13:55 ID:NinO48V6

OR I'll set my cat on you! Then you'll be sorry... *obnoxious smug facial expression*...

7 Name: ... : 2010-02-20 13:58 ID:I5N4nsqh

That should be 'Quiet, you!'. If you don't have the comma after 'quiet', it means that you are describing me as 'quiet', which I doubt was the intention. Capitalisation also always goes down well.


8 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 14:03 ID:NinO48V6

well...maybe I was calling you quiet because...erm...ellipsis by definition aren't loud...so there. Heh, I got you good.

9 Name: ... : 2010-02-20 14:08 ID:I5N4nsqh

'Ellipses' is the plural of 'ellipsis', and there is a definite lack of a capital 'W' at the start of that post.

10 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 14:14 ID:NinO48V6

yeah, I know, I did it all on purpose.

11 Name: ... : 2010-02-20 14:28 ID:I5N4nsqh

You type like an imbecile on purpose? Well, if you insist...

12 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 14:32 ID:NinO48V6

thats right! i'm slowly morphing into jedward4eva...

13 Name: KiteRunner : 2010-02-20 14:40 ID:zidZOO8U

Please don't. I'm sure we don't need ANOTHER moron, that job vacancy is filled.

14 Name: RayRay : 2010-02-20 14:44 ID:XqrcN9GT

No more, please, no more.

I beg of you, Ellipsis, stop correcting, and moonphase will stop trying to make mistakes.

I can't purposely make mistakes whilst typing, it bothers me, I have to go back and add letters if I miss them, or change things about 5 times as I write, changing it for things I think sound better.

I want toast with butter and marmalade.

15 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 14:46 ID:NinO48V6

You know RayRay, I don't even own a cat. I'm allergic to them.

16 Name: KiteRunner : 2010-02-20 15:03 ID:zidZOO8U

Yay, punctuation and capital letters have made their appearance! Thank you.

But now that you've said that you feel like toast, RayRay, I kind of want some too. But with peanut butter instead.


17 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 15:07 ID:NinO48V6

Lol, you're welcome. Honestly I hadn't even noticed that I was using them again...

I'll just go back to my typical erors, such as spelling words incorrectly...

18 Name: RayRay : 2010-02-20 15:09 ID:XqrcN9GT

Haha, I own four cats, but I can safely say that none of them are my best friends.
In fact, I don't have a best friend. Just four friends who I considor to be closer to me than anyone else.

I'm going to get my toast.

19 Name: KiteRunner : 2010-02-20 15:15 ID:zidZOO8U

Please don't go back moonphase, it makes my eyes burn!

I really can't be bothered to get myself toast, even though it does sound rather good right now. Well, my toaster is broken at the moment, so we're using the grill instead. So really I should say I can't be bothered to get myself some grilled bread, but whatever.

20 Name: RayRay : 2010-02-20 15:20 ID:XqrcN9GT

I have a crappy toaster, since I'm in student accomodation and everything is crappy.

21 Name: KiteRunner : 2010-02-20 15:22 ID:zidZOO8U

Ah yes. The joys of student accomodation...

It's full of what I would call 'Crapola'.

22 Name: moonphase9 : 2010-02-20 15:29 ID:NinO48V6

@19, no I won't. I just meant the ordinary mistakes I always make. :)

23 Name: KiteRunner : 2010-02-20 15:37 ID:zidZOO8U

>>22 Phew. I thought you meant you were going to purposely make mistakes. You had me scared for a moment there. The occasional one is fine, but it's just when something is riddled with errors purely because they're being lazy... that's when it annoys me. So you're safe ^^

24 Name: RayRay : 2010-02-20 18:25 ID:XqrcN9GT


Why, oh why, when you said 'Crapola' did 'Nutella' come to mind...

I actually like Nutella. But for some reason, just...

Urgh I've lost it. Officially.

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