Rent The Musical Challenge (2)

1 Name: 14sweep (Lost Muse) : 2010-01-26 14:48 ID:ij9LDWUr

Is anyone up for a challenge?
Well here's one.....

Paring: End paring must be Maureen/Joanne Or if you want Maureen/Joanne/Mark (threesome)
Other Parings: You can chosse any other parings for any other character, but there must be Joanne/Oc, Maureen/Oc, there also can be Joanne/Mark

The summary is:
Joanne and Mureen get into a fight, where Joanne says some harsh words to Maureen, beacause Maureen has been cheating on her, Maureen then says some harsh words back. Joanne then runs away beacause of this. Maureen soon gets over it, but still has some guilt/feelings for Joanne, so she gets together with the Oc character. Joanne, during this becomes a drinking addict/a emotional rack, where she get's in a abusive relenshionship, with a oc character.
So 3 months later or so, she runs away only to bump into Mark..........You can decied what happens from there ^.^

Joanne though gose back to the apratment, where she suffers more abuse from Maureens new lover, and when she tells mark or maureen about it they don't bealieve her, so when they see Maureen's boyfriend, hitting Joanne over the head with a glass bottle...........The rest is up to you.

It must have angest in it.
Also later on it can also have fluff in it.

Also too make it more intersting.....You have to use Angle, who dosen't die, but has a extermly tragic accident, be it lost of memory, or a disable problem, which happens somewhere in the middle of the story.

Other then that, enjoy! ^.^

2 Name: 14sweep (Lost Muse) : 2010-01-26 14:53 ID:ij9LDWUr

Also if anyone takes up this challenge you will win a prize.
There will be three prizes, depending how many people do the challenge that is.
1st prize: I make an amv for you, you chosse the anime/games/tv (Naruto, Ouran high school host club, Doctor Who and kingdom hearts) you can have any song.

2nd prize: I make a amv for you but I chosse the anime, but you get to chosse the song.

3rd prize: I'll do a small one shot for you on fandoms that i know, with any paring you want. ^.^

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