Your OCs (68)

1 Name: ToxicRainfall : 2009-12-20 16:04 ID:XGDZvphw

Hey, I just created this thread because I am interested in any OC's you have created and loved, and why. Perhaps include a small description of how they relate to the particular story they were created for.

2 Name: Slavka13748 : 2009-12-20 17:02 ID:XZBBHGxx

I have one. And I'm a bit ashamed of her, because I really hate OCs in fan fiction. Now, she was the first character I created, and a raging Mary Sue at one time, but I've since refined the character.

Anyway, her name is Slavka (cue embarassment as people make the connection), and I originally wrote her as part of a completely shite - and completely scrapped - gods-awful crossover. I was not a proper writer then.

The new Slavka, so to speak, is the same character only in name, because I just couldn't be bothered to think of another one. This one is used in a FFXII fan fiction that will most likely go unpublished due to my aforementioned hatred of OCs. I couldn't be a hypocrite now, could I? Either way, she plays the role of a Landissian woman, rescued from Nalbina Dungeons during Larsa's decommissioning of the place, who, through a number of coincidences, ends up being the puppet ruler of Landis. She doesn't have any real power over the country, mind - she's really just a figurehead for the Empire to use to make peace with the rebels in Landis.

3 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2009-12-20 17:07 ID:8Zm3Xnch

Kestrel (no surname) added to Twilight for Seth (werewolf) to imprint on, and her brother Jay, added to Twilight for Leah (werewolf) to imprint on. Don't really like the story much though, and am thinking of getting rid of it.

4 Name: KyuubiNineTailedFox : 2009-12-22 09:09 ID:hKT60bXV

I really love OC's.
I have Sora; Final Fantasy XII, Faye; Zelda, Dark; Digimon, and Vixel; Blue Dragon.
My fave has to be Sora, because she was my first ever OC. She was a Mary-Sue, but no more! People seem to like Dark, and Faye nearly turned into a Mary-Sue, until someone gave me a really good review, telling me what I could do to stop this disasterous event. Oh, and Vixel; I haven't really gone far with this story yet, as I've written it all down on paper.

5 Name: Elkkun : 2009-12-22 12:55 ID:BkHSyxGv

I have too many OC's to name...So I'll just name my main ones.

L4D= Jay and Jase(Twin brothers), Smokey, Simon, Fleur. Max and Fido.

TF2= Red, Blu, and Red's friend Spy.

I don't really know if they're turning into a 'Mary-Sue' so...if you wanna check for me...The link to my FF profile's in mah name ^^'

6 Name: DuxAtrum : 2009-12-22 13:35 ID:yJZpE9fy

Ah, OCs. Such a double-edged blade.

I like to think that I was pretty much on the ball on not turning my OCs into Sues even in the beginning, when I was a young, callow writer who didn't punctuate her dialogue tags properly. The first OCs I ever created—a male and a female, for the Devil May Cry fandom—well. The guy was going to die, and the girl wasn't going to get together with anyone.

Anyway. OCs are infinitely useful as tools to advance the plot—as an acquaintance of mine liked to remark, "the main characters don't live in a bubble." Of course they're going to meet people we haven't seen in canon. I even like OCs as main characters, though the likelihood of them being Sues seems to increase exponentially the more vital they are to the plot. It's not that being central to the plot makes them Sues, though—it's that good writers know to use OCs with discretion, so they're less likely to make them the absolute center of the story.

My most recent OC creations are two girls with the same face—separated by about a thousand years—in the Castlevania fandom. One is slated to die horribly, and the other not so much. I quite like them both, actually, though one more than other. She just seemed to gain a life of her own, so to speak: she ended up having characteristics that I hadn't planned, but just seemed to... fit, somehow. I'm quite pleased at this. <3

7 Name: SilicaPen : 2009-12-22 13:44 ID:M0IDBiNb

my current fanfic is one that crosses over anything I can think of but still has a pair of OC's

Viel Sakuraba: A girl with cat like abilities (good night vision and balance etc) and the daughter of Neku from the world ends with you (He doesn't appear much)

Reed: A girl with rabbit/hare abilities (fast runner and high jumper)

8 Name: ... : 2009-12-22 13:46 ID:SeGBUKxH

Hmmm... Might this be 'S', by any chance? It's me. ;) Ignore if you have no idea to what I refer...

(I believe I am correct because of the use of punctuation and sense.)

9 Name: ... : 2009-12-22 13:48 ID:SeGBUKxH

(Was referring to no. 6)

10 Name: DuxAtrum : 2009-12-22 14:00 ID:yJZpE9fy

Ahahah. Yes, this is indeed 'S'.


11 Name: ... : 2009-12-22 14:27 ID:SeGBUKxH

Most excellent, 'DuxAtrum'!

I use OCs for peripheral characters (a target of the Turks, say, or a barman) but never as main characters, as I don't see the point. If an original character interests me so much, I use them for original fiction instead. I don't use OCs frequently, though, as I prefer to use minor characters from the canon. If there's any opportunity to use a canon character instead of an OC, I will do it. For example, if the Turks' target is a single murderer, I would cast Shinra Manager as the murderer ('Whaddya know?' exclaimed Reno, eyebrows raised. 'The guy finally snapped!'). If it was a gang, I would use a few minor OCs, with one or two canon characters in charge.

12 Name: Slavka13748 : 2009-12-22 16:53 ID:XZBBHGxx

>>11 Exactly - I only described one OC, because she was the only one I could potentially use as a main character, but I have tons of minor OCs. Even then, they're usually just background canon characters (like the members of the Resistance in FFXII) given a name and a couple of basic character traits.

13 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-22 17:41 ID:LF0cygiW

My OC are strictly filler characters. They are my subconscious representations of other cultures in my fanfiction.

14 Name: Scourgeofthegalaxy : 2009-12-22 20:53 ID:TECiLGaq

My OC's tend to be enemies. Can't really alter stuff from the other side of the fence. 'nuff said.

15 Name: Scourgeofthegalaxy : 2009-12-22 20:54 ID:TECiLGaq

My OC's tend to be enemies. Can't really alter stuff from the other side of the fence. 'nuff said.

16 Name: The Shadow : 2009-12-23 00:44 ID:3kvkTq07

For the stories, I write, I tend to use a lot of OC's. In cases, its to perfect them for an original story, others are just there because they fit into whatever world I happen to be writing for. For Pokemon though, I'll use OC's over cannon cause I liek to throw some unique twists into the story. For other series though, it depends on the kind of story I'm trying to write. In any event, for every OC I write that I intend to really use, I have an extensive bio for each character to make sure that I keep track of them and don't go overboard without good reason.

17 Name: DuxAtrum : 2009-12-23 04:14 ID:yJZpE9fy

I used to scoff at the idea of a bio, because most of the time when you see them, the character's a Sue. As in: "My OC has long straight black hair and blue eyes that change to green when she's mad and a beauty mark on her cheek and OH GOD STOP IT NOBODY CARES."

A bio like that is a terrible thing to be subjected to. =P

However, I've recently realized that constructing bios can be quite useful—not for physical attributes, but for characterization. So I put down notes like "a bit of a worrier" or "prone to bouts of thoughtlessness", or even "allergic to peanuts". Little titbits that help me keep track of just who my characters are. But I'd never share those bios with (potential) readers because, let's face it, anything important about your OC should be communicated in the fic. You shouldn't HAVE to stick a bio in your author's not or whatever, and most of the time the readers just don't care about your OC's exact height and weight (and really, why should they be asked to care?).

18 Name: Elkkun : 2009-12-23 04:23 ID:BkHSyxGv

@17, ahh. I usually use a bio of my characters so I can draw them to get a better picture... That sounded like a REAAAALLLY bad pun... "Draw them to get a better PICTURE". Anyway.

I don't put too much description, but I like the develop my characters a little during the story. This is also what makes me a bad writer, as I can usually change a character but then realise that I have to stick with the old design :D...

Unless Jase wants a haircut. [insert giggle here]

19 Name: CottonSocks : 2009-12-27 13:56 ID:V6MU77Fe

I love OCs, as long as they have been well thought out. Mary-OCs are hilarious to read about, but so so very annoying.
My OC used to be quite Mary-sue, but I think like 70% of them start of like that anyway.
Annnyway, my OC is for Bleach... seems no one here reads Bleach? But still, she's an Espada (well. Starts of as a Fraccion but becomes Quinta through er, unforseen occurances. And yes, I bet I spelt that wrong). I guess that sounds Mary-sue but if you knew her you'd know it isn't.

I LOVE OCS. Love love love them, it's like getting to know new canon characters when they're good. :D

20 Name: Drac : 2009-12-29 10:16 ID:pIu77J1v

A good OC is a brilliant thing, a bad one is probably the most irritating thing on the planet.

I've only really written a few, but all in one fic, because I was trying to illustrate a time when there were only about 3 canon characters around, from a point of view that was outside of them. And I still haven't finished it, but at some point I will, because I've got a good idea of where it's going.

21 Name: Stapels : 2009-12-29 11:48 ID:UNbnQdSb

I have a bunch of OCs for my Scorpio Malfoy fanfic, the main reason being I needed a larger cast than the given characters, James Potter needed some friends for example. As well as new villains and such. But even the canon characters JK gave us can be...filled in to a certain extent as we don't know munch about the next generation of Harry Potter characters.
I think their good characters, partly because I have the habit of taking 'special powers' and turn them into 'running gags'
Saying that I'm going to have to go back and re-write the first chapter, it's fucking awful. XD

22 Name: TomorrowsArchon : 2010-05-24 01:31 ID:ajO0Rydq

Errm, I have some OCs, and I have an original series, but I'm unsure if anyone here has ever heard of Type-Moon. Ok, so maybe it ain't ORIGINAL-original, but my story came first before my friend convinced me to "combine" and create a crossover of my story and all of Type-Moon's stories. So far, the male-protagonist in my story behaves differently from Tohno Shiko and Shiro Emiya. Just to prove he ain't a Gary-Stu, here comes the first few bits about him:
-He's genophobic (and he ain't a perverted derptard)
-He's picky when it comes to girls, and this story takes place in the year 2100, so him having a "speshul romantic" relation with someone like Tohno Akiha is out of the question.
-Even though he has a semi-harem, a few guys have those too in this so there's some equality.
-^ If there is any pairing of my OC with another character, it's another OC only. I'm sticking to canon plots and creative yet made-up plots without going too OOC.

Those are only tiny bits. I'm going for a robust storyline here, so if anyone who knows about Type-Moon wants to have a look at my gallery at deviantart, let me know. Otherwise, for the alternate, NON-Type-Moon pseudo-crossover, refer to my original story. Yes, I'm working on two different stories, experimenting...

23 Name: BlackMage16 : 2010-05-24 02:42 ID:9dwYCirB

I must admit I tend to avoid any OC-oriented stories as they tend to be Mary-Sue-ish. I haven't got a problem with OCs as bit players in stories as long as they are well-written and not stealing the limelight from the main canon characters.

That being said I have written some OCS myself. One for an AU Naruto fic, this OC is dead in the first chapter but everyone refers to her and know who she is-she's a rich socialite- and this so-called 'suicide' spurs the canon characters to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death and whether it was really suicide. Just a good ol' mystery story.

In another story, this time a crossover there are two OCs -one male other female. They play a larger role in the story and... well in future chapters it will be revealed that they are not OCs at all but the alter ego/disguise/et al, that some main characters use. (they're celebrities and use this 'OC persona' to live day to day without being harassed.

I hope these characters aren't Mary-Sue's and that my writing does the ideas justice...

24 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2010-05-24 03:28 ID:AbEpbM1T

One of the best things about my favourite fandom, X-men: evolution, is that they use hardly any of the X-men characters from the comics, so you're free to add them in to the universe, giving you an almost ready-made OC.

25 Name: RayRay : 2010-05-24 08:11 ID:V3OM3uEU

I'm currently writing a fic that centres around the life of one of the main characters, but before the books took place, when we know nothing of what his life was life. There's a love interest, a girl named Claire, who will eventually turn out to be a bit of a backstabbing little cow, and whatnot.

I know it's a hefty risk having an OC play such a big part, but as of yet I'm not entirely sure how much of the story she's going to be in. Probably half, then she'll be disappearing and perhaps coming back into his life again.

It's going to be fun trying to avoid her becoming a Mary-Sue, but I'm hoping the personality I'm giving her will be well-rounded enough that I can avoid it. If it doesn't work, then hell at least I tried.

26 Name: sharingansupergirl : 2010-05-24 10:24 ID:HMqVRcJo

>>23, Y'know, even if you are trying to avoid the Sue, don't be afraid to use OC's for large rolls. Besides, you might learn something from writing with OC's largely that you might otherwise not have known. =)

The first story I wrote was an OC (I'm convinced it's sue-ish somehow. I did turn her into a bitch with self inflicted social issues heh) story because I figured it was simple enough, create a character and adjust them to the plot. It's easy to get carried away, but I learnt a few things from trying out.

>>25, "... then hell at least I tried." <-- Love it. =P Hope it goes well, though.

27 Name: tiger002 : 2010-05-24 20:14 ID:lA4kHVvz

I actually use a lot of ocs in a lot of my stories because I deviate a lot from the cannon world so I need the new characters. Some have major roles in the story, other minor, but I normally have more ocs than cannon characters in my story.

28 Name: TomorrowsArchon : 2010-05-25 00:08 ID:ajO0Rydq

^ My profile page if anyone wants to see my OCs. I'm still working many kinks so the profiles are incomplete still. The featured OC is a main character, but not THE main character (just trying to promote her). I have a lot of main OCs.

29 Name: BlackMage16 : 2010-05-25 07:47 ID:gJxmb1Im

>>Thanks, I'll take that into account for my next story and try to write an OC character that is believable.

What would be cool is if people gave links to their stories with OCs. Then people could give advice on whether the OC is any good etc, and give warnings if OC starts to lean into Mary Sue-ish territory.

30 Name: BlackMage16 : 2010-05-25 07:55 ID:gJxmb1Im

>>28 Saw your profile, it's awesome. Your artwork is cool and I like the idea of the 2100. I wonder is there any way for us to get involved.

31 Name: TomorrowsArchon : 2010-05-25 13:53 ID:ajO0Rydq


Sure thing. If you want to get involved, you can message my profile there. If you don't have an account, let me know.

32 Name: TomorrowsArchon : 2010-05-31 07:42 ID:ajO0Rydq

Here's my site page if any one who has an account wants to drop a comment:

33 Name: Eszie : 2010-05-31 10:01 ID:Im4u4nIb

I made an OC (well, more than 1, but she's my main OC) for The Secret Show. Her name is Elizabeth - better known as Eliza - Fox.
I never let my OC's play the main part, except when the story is about the OC.
But I agree with the most of you, my OC's are mostly there to fill some empty spaces and are mostly friends of the characters.

34 Name: TomorrowsArchon : 2010-05-31 14:29 ID:ajO0Rydq

I hate it when people criticize an OC just because they're a friend, rival, or enemy of a canon-character. If the OC is well-written or done right, I don't see why an OC can't equal a canon-character, even in an intentional crossover between an original fiction and a canon story. Besides, eventually, anyone's original fiction will become canon, therefore, there shouldn't be any arguments about power-levels either.

35 Name: Crowbar_Gazoolies : 2010-05-31 16:23 ID:LXOX8KGY

Most of my OC's are in fics that use the 'open-world' universe, like in The Elder Scrolls games or Dragon Age.
I usually tie them in with actual characters from the games (I mainly do game-orientated fics)such as Chancellor Ocato in TES or use my Warden I created in game in the epic quest of DA. Or amybe just mini-side quests or realtionship crapola.
One of my favourite OCs is from a fic which I started to type up, then I had a tonne of revision to do (exam week-bluegh) so I stopped. Maybe I'll go back to it..
Anyway, he was called Arthul Na'saan, a Dunmer, and a washed-up pirate who was second-in-command, as such, to the new Sheogorath. It was really fun to write him!

36 Name: Kaimaler : 2010-07-03 08:20 ID:U2sJgnYX

I love OC's. I have a few, a team perhaps...

Mine agree with what Crowbar_Gazoolies said, the 'open-world' games/movies/books.

I usually create an atmosphere that requires readers to learn the area and the character equally.

37 Name: Echo : 2010-07-03 13:40 ID:AjwSgUgM

I like putting OC's in some of my stories when I feel like they should be in there. For example I did a series of short stories that took place within a family, but the main characters were two of the members. Eventually the stories got repetitive because the same characters always did the same things ((I like to stick to what's cannon as much as possible)). So I started a new story with OC's to move the story along.

I haven't created many but my favorite(s) would probably be the twins. Hymn, and Melodii. I created them to have two opinions. Haha like in politics, we wouldn't have two houses if it were not for Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.

38 Name: slashfilled-mind : 2010-07-06 11:51 ID:bmE4VPzD

One of my first fics had an OC, I forgot her name though, since I deleted the story. It was a godawefull Naruto/Harry Potter cross-over, about my ninja OC from the Konohamaru generation going to Hogwarts. I was totall crap, and I never made it past the 3th chapter. Awefull as the story was though, I'm proud to say she wasn't a Mary-Sue! :3 There's a silver lining to everything ne?

39 Name: Dreamcreator : 2010-07-13 15:14 ID:6ADdpxeT


Well, my OC's are Draco and Esperanza Colour from my Yugioh fanfic. They are a married couple from Spain that have secrets that are soon to be discovered from the Yugioh Gang.

Esperanza is a sorceress that is half Shapeshifter and half Vampire. She is kind but firm, and most tolerate her moody husband.

Draco is a pure Vampire that has three forms. His original monster form, human form, and little cute bat form (Think of Bartok from Anastasia.) He's very moody and very...sexual when it comes to his wife.

These were my first OC's and hopefully they dont become Mary Sues. Quick Question: If a girl is a Mary Sue, what do they call a boy? Just wondering.


40 Name: KatonRyu : 2010-07-15 12:05 ID:bG+ILQtP

I have a lot of OCs, so I'll just name the actual fanfic ones instead of the ones from my original stories.

I have two OCs called Damon and Helena in a Pokemon fic I'm writing, but that one's on hiatus for now so they're not interesting.

I have one called Matt, who is a Twilight-werewolf-vampire hybrid (yeah, that's not supposed to be possible. I don't care.) and Lily, a vampire girl Matt imprints on. (Again, shouldn't happen, but I don't care. The books themselves had their share of things that shouldn't exist either. coughRenesmeecough)

Finally, I have an OC who is a Gary Stu(@ Dreamcreator: That's what they call em;)) but who I refer to as a Mary Sue because more people are familiar with the term. Ryu is currently the star in a crack fic of mine, which is both an experiment to see how intersting a Mary Sue can actually be, and just some frustration I have to lose.

41 Name: Stefan-sama : 2010-07-17 08:26 ID:NtvYKHPC

No one seems to have played the Phoenix Wright games, but what the hell.

I got a couple, all in one story, which centers around Edgeworth's childhood and teen-age. We got Marlis, his sister, Adel, Marlis' boyfriend, and Elena, his best friend. I don't think they're Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu, but maybe I just haven't given them enough story spotlight time to develop their characters enough. Anyway, they got their own characterization, but I'm too lazy to explain in detail. So, the first is your regular overprotective sibling, the next is a care-free joker, and the last is completely hyperactive and outgoing.

42 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-07-17 20:29 ID:+VbIU0bM

I have, but I am not interested in fanfiction for that fandom. I've created WAY to many OC's to list really...

43 Name: Bella : 2010-07-18 23:09 ID:2bk57HSg

I have several OC's, and only one, I believe, kind of sort of maybe falls into the Mary Sue column.

These are in a Harry Potter story that is currentley on Hiatus.

Astoria Rodolphus Lestrange (the kind of sort of Mary Sue one) Pure blooded daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus. Dark Brown curly hair, black eyes, thin, tall for her age, and beautiful. Is exceedingly proud of her parents deeds, and loves her parents as much as Bella loves her. Seems to have taken on her mothers racist outlook, and yet is unknowingly best friends with a half blood who has a muggle born mother and a muggle father. Never met her father so isn't that upset about his death, but still loves hearing about him from Bella. Is currently eleven years old, and currently has a large crush on Thomas Saunders.

Fyro, Fy, O'Higgens: A poor Slytherin Half Blood who is more ambicious then cunning, and most feel he should have been placed in another house. His mother is a muggle born, and his father is a muggle, but he has yet to reveil this to anyone, including his best friend and crush, Astoria. Born and raised in Dublin Ireland and has neat red hair and light green eyes, thin, and a little gawky. Is currently eleven years old.

Larvio: A 3,427 year old elf who takes up residense in the forbidden forrest, with a wife named Jazuel and a son named Ruhman. Looks like he's in his mid thirties with long copper hair and light, leafy green eyes that glisten when he's dazzling people. He is the first elf to dazzle Bella, and she is now his property in a sense and is now his job to look out for her and protect her.

Thomas Saunders: An eleven year old Pure Blood supremecist. Black hair and black eyes, and pale skin. Very good looking, and looks like what a muggle punk would look like, from the spiked hair, to the frayed bag, to the dirty boots. Is a jerk to Fy and constintley makes fun of him, but likes and is nice to Astoria. Is ashamed that his parents were too much of cowards to join Voldemort, but they did support his actions.

And then these are from an SVU saga I'm working on, and I truly love Lila with all my heart, and am thinking about making a real book involving her because she's like... I don't know, but I love her.

Lilian, Lila, Verona Cabot nee-Rockwell. 67 year old mother of Alex Cabot (a CC) Rich, home maker, involved in politics and law, and is sort of a refrigerator mother. Hard core republican, very into the fashion world, and looks down at anyone who is lower class than her. Proud Prodistent, but she's not a religious fanatic, and never ever believe's she's at fault for anything. Doesn't exactly dislike homosexuals, and accepts her daughter is one, but she hates when Alex shows any loving affection to her fiencee in public and is trying to change Alex, althought she knows in her mind it's a waste of time.

Max Agustus Cabot the third. 68 year old father of Alex. Rich, was a lawyer before becoming a judge before going to the House of Represenitives before going back to law when Alex was born. Republican, but has some Democratic tendencies when it comes to Homosexuals. Was in love and engaged to a poor elementary teacher before his parents forced him to break up with her, and the next day they introduced him to Lila, who he loves dearly and with all his heart, but still occasinally wonders what would have happened if he ad stood up to his parents. Very kind, sweet, and usually takes charge if things get too out of hand. Hate's biggotry and homophobia, and loves that his daughter found someone to make her so happy and will defend Olivia (a CC) to the end.

44 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2010-07-19 02:04 ID:3aiafKCz

>>39 There are several different terms for a male Mary Sue, but the two most popular are probably Gary Stu and Edward Cullen.

45 Name: TheInvisibleGhost : 2010-07-19 04:22 ID:o393WkH1

Marty Stu is also acceptable, for those who prefer alliteration to rhyme.
@44 - You would be correct about Edward Cullen :)

46 Name: SierraKathleen : 2010-07-19 15:05 ID:yMkAa3N8

I like to include OCs in my stories, but I really don't like to make them the center of attention usually. Most of the time, I just include them having some kind of link or attachment to one of the main characters.

My two favorite OCs though would have to be firstly Lauren Vagrant from my Recidivus Atrox fanfiction cause I find her to be very dynamic and fun to write for both "good" and "bad" roles. And secondly, Balthial from my Eccentric Odium fanfic just because I think Sam Winchester could use some angel loving himself ^_^

47 Name: WhiteLadyDragon : 2010-07-19 21:24 ID:XYYW9+U3

I like OCs, too! Good ones, anyway. I like to use them to explore aspects of canon characters not clearly seen in their series without derailing what makes the canon character the way they are. You know, look at a character from a different perspective than what most fans in the fandom in question are used to.

My most recent OC fan fic, "Story of the Century", is for Death Note, and is now totally completed. It may be told in OC Erin Blogger's perspective, but the story focuses on the Kira case. Erin is an aspiring journalist from New York who studies abroad in Japan and has the misfortune of getting caught up in the case when she sees things she shouldn't have. It's labeled "L x OC," though (outwardly) their relationship never progressed beyond a platonic--if strained--friendship.

I was tired of seeing those L/ OC fanfics where the basic mentality is "L r god, Light (and Misa) r jerkface(s)." I don't think that's fair. The three of them all have a good/ evil duality to them, and that's what I set out to demonstrate. Particularly when it came to L. So I guess I made him look kind of like a villain sometimes (or at least an anti-hero), but remember: this is Erin telling the story, not me.

48 Name: VKiera : 2010-07-19 22:26 ID:zdfEbt6p

Ah, OCs I enjoy them when done well.

My current Rayearth fanfic, Ice and Snow, has several OCs, but I tend to pair OCs with OCs I rarely put them with cannon characters. The story isn't really a continuation of the original story so I had to create new villains.

Though my fav would be my dear Camry (not a villain), his daughter was Pillar in his time and he remained behind to help the main characters in the future he foresaw. He's pretty well liked, but I also write a lot of original fiction and I think that helps a lot when creating OCs and keeping them from becoming Mary-sues, ect.


49 Name: Femalefighthter56 : 2010-07-19 23:21 ID:HQGtApyX

Unless I listen to a song and see a story play out from it I don't have music to go with it. Now my newest fan-fictions actually had a full playlist of the main story and sequels. Each playlist had a wide varity to them. From skillet to kelly clarkson, daughtry, adam lambert. very mixed yet they all held about the same story with in.

50 Name: Femalefighthter56 : 2010-07-19 23:25 ID:HQGtApyX

oops wrong section my bad :)

As for oc I have tweo that I love just because they are so full of life. Angela and Hiroshi.
Angela had a rough childhood and used here experiences to help others not to make the same mistakes her family did. Hiroshi...well he was just fun because he was carefree yet hardworking. I don't write people like that every often so it was a nice change of pace. Both characters are in my OHSHC fic sequels to Seeing Me Smile.

51 Name: Bitch Goddess : 2010-07-24 17:24 ID:nHNexOjv

I am so an OC-aholic. All of my stories have OCs in them, but I attach them to unattached characters.

My favorite OC of my mine is Charlotte Hart,of my Covenant fan fiction, who I created for Pogue. She is a witch, but not like the male characters in the movie and also not like Sabrina. She does have powers, but she can't make things out of thin air, turn people into toads, or create hurricanes.

I don't believe she is a Mary-Sue, and I have never received a complaint about her. She's the kind of girl I'd want to be friends with - outspoken, honest, loyal, smart, and hilarious as hell!

But I do love all my other OC's as well. I must or I wouldn't have created them!

52 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-07-27 11:46 ID:+VbIU0bM

@44 - Actually, there are quite a few Mary Sues in Twilight, and unfortunatly, this has given some fanfic writers, the idea such characters are good writing. sigh

My most popular OC is Tomo Atsuo, an OC character for Bleach. He's the former leutenant for Kurosaki Isshin in my fanfics, before Hitsugaya Toshiro became his leutenant. He loses his memories, is rescued by Urahara, and is now a police officer in the living world. The Kurosaki kids call him Uncle Atsuo.

53 Name: Bob Rhynoplasty : 2010-07-31 19:39 ID:SmdiISDs

I use a lot of OCs, especially for longer stories. But I write stories for NCIS, which is a crime procedural, OCs are necessary.

But I would have to say my favorite OC was actually for a House story that I wrote. He was a popstar named Billy. He was a catalyst character and a total man whore that just made him all around fun to write.

54 Name: QueenSkellington : 2010-08-03 15:49 ID:0RVGKPty

For my most popular story "A Tale of Major Embarrassment" I had one person who was always the first to review my chapters as I put them up and religously read my stories. So as I was PMing her I thought I would thank her and decided to put her into my story as an OC. I still haven't heard the end of how happy she is and how she totally owes me five. And the reactions to my OC are mixed but I think I have slide her into my story rather well

55 Name: Zura : 2010-08-12 19:20 ID:rSS0c/hf

Generally I try to keep OCs and canon characters away from each other simply because I don't like rewriting the original work. I try to go more the extension/continuing route if I'm going to use canon types. Of course, if your story revolves around canon characters meeting new people, you're kind of boned.

Bios are a fantastic idea. I put down as much as can, little notes like Dux mentioned along with important days, birthdays, death of a parent, etc and little things like hates onions, prefers red to white wine, stuff like that.

My 'Dark Man' character is easily my favorite. While his history and motives aren't revealed yet I can say he's probably my deepest fanfic OC.

56 Name: StargazingDragon : 2011-06-17 12:41 ID:a1wQuTLG

My OC's are usualy used to balance out the plot or love lives in the way i invisioned they should have been. I mean everybody deserves their happy ending right?

57 Name: Elkkun : 2011-06-18 04:17 ID:ayGgJA1o

^^; I have like, 60 something OC's... I know because I listed them all in a file XD.

My favourites though have to be Jay and Jase and Hiko and Haiko.
Jayse are my twins, they were originally for L4D stories, but sooned moved to an original story. Hiko was just a character from my childhood, [he was an imaginary friend of mine... ^^;] he's a part-fish person, who controls water, he's a water elemental and quite powerful, but is terribly weak to hot temperatures, and needs to be around a source of water. Haiko is a fairy, he can grow into a ten-thirteen year old boy to fit in with humans, but he can only stay like that for as long as his energy holds him. He restores energy by being around trees and plants- because he's a forest fairy... He can also grow plants that don't harm.

8D chuchuchu. Hiko and Haiko aren't in my fanfictions, but the twins are/were c: those four are my favourite characters.
Elky is another one, but she's my perfursona.

58 Name: moonphase : 2011-06-19 03:04 ID:SoExlygW

I use as few OC's as possible. I write my own fiction, so do not feel the need to create new charaters for fanfiction. When I do use OC's it is out of necessity and usually I try to use them as little as possible. I prefer to use lesser known characters instead.

I find that using few OC's really makes fanfiction more of a challenge, and is ultimately worth it because it's easier to stay within that fandoms 'universe' instead of risking it spiraling into something else entirely.

59 Name: Karama9 : 2011-06-22 18:33 ID:jdHD5wxh

I tend to use OCs when I need characters that don't match any of the canon for a plot. I write for a fandom that includes an undetermined number of nameless characters (the greenshirts and the Cobra troops, I write for GI Joe) in canon, so naming some of them and giving them some individuality is not EXACTLY the same as introducing new characters out of nowhere. Or at least it doesn't feel quite the same to me, mostly because canon is not actually altered.

I have a conspiracy theorist commando who's also a Snake Eyes fanboy, a paranormal enthusiast sniper who suffers from OCD, a girl very gifted with all aspects of computers and programming but who wants to be in intelligence despite sucking at it, and a multi-trade girl (mechanic, electrician, carpenter) who believes everything she reads or is told. All four were needed for a story and are used again in other stories as needed. None of them hook up with any canon characters romantically or seriously alter canon events.

I also gave a name and a face to Storm Shadow's father and in collaboration with someone else, to his mother as well. They are not shown or defined at all in canon, except that they appear to be dead before the canon stories begin. They're dead by that point in my stories as well.

60 Name: Francys Pai : 2011-06-23 03:50 ID:lFV1/UVh

I presently have three that make appearances in my fanfiction, with a 4th that is my collaborator's.

My fics are based around the Street fighter Universe. Namely Shadaloo and namely M. Bison (Dictator) x Vega (claw) so with that cleared up, on with the show.

First and Foremost, he isn't exactly an OC, but there's "Fallen."
His appearance is adapted from Seeing "Fallen Vega" in the game Gunspike (Or,Cannon spike, to anyone outside of Japan.).
In my fiction, he inhabits the more insane side of Vega's personality. Briefly taking over and causing a bit of havoc, since he is Vega's sadism. He's all happy and nobleman until he flips his lid, then he has to struggle to keep Fallen in.
Vega IS capable of going nuts and sadistic on his own accord, but Fallen doesn't help. He is, effectively, Vega. Just due to him being dual personality (which is Canon, so no, I am not Mary sue-ing), it's pretty much his other side.

Next up, is Eijiko. Born the daughter of a Thai father and Japanese mother, she was a medic in the Thai military in which many of my fics, hints at Bison having served there (His fighting style, being Lerdrit, makes sense). She saved him when he ended up critically injured (Bodyhopping in the process) and was the first to see his power firsthand (He kept it quiet). They remained friends since, her part time job is managing her family's bar, which is oddly where she meets Vega. She has no idea he works for Bison (and is closer than a subordinate) until much later. She's quite assertive (You have to be when you're a medic in the military) but has a kind side to her that adores and admires Bison (As he's her superior at the time).

Last, but not least (as I'm not going into Nirin, as he's my collaborator's character) comes Daniel Eiriksson.
Bison's cloest and smartest scientist. He was already a human experimentor residing in Iceland (He's Icelandic, hence his last name). While he oversees the human engineering project, he also assisted in building the psycho drive and later, a medicine to slow the process of Bison's body breaking down.
He is rude, nonchalant,sardonic and quite frankly doesn't give a shit about humans, including himself as he quite bluntly states at one point "If I cared about my experiments, I wouldn't get a thing done. Humans are mere tools and the results are all that matter."
Him and Vega do NOT get along in the slightest, it always turns into a battle of wits.

So,I guess that's my OC's in relations to my fics haha!

61 Name: thecrimson : 2011-07-09 20:48 ID:qAgrkhGZ

Since I write Runescape fics, they all tend to be OC's...since that is the nature of Runescape.

My OC for Legend of Zelda is a time-traveler. You can read The Sands of Time to get to know him ;)

62 Name: OrochiG : 2011-07-17 03:14 ID:RyjZ2kHJ

My favorite OC, Patrick, from Last Shimmer of Light. Here is his bio:

Full Name: Patrick Givan
Age: 18
Personality Traits: Stubborn, Arrogant, intelligent, impatient, quiet
Physical Traits: -Short, unkempt, brown hair

             -Scrawny in appearance
-average strength
-140 lbs.
-5ft. 11.5in. tall
-good eyesight
-abnormally good sense of smell
-decent hearing

Side Notes:

  1. Patrick is my middle name, and it was originally just a placeholder name in the early version of the story. I decided to keep it, merely because I am not very good at picking creative names.

63 Name: Noc and NC : 2011-07-17 09:38 ID:0bjQPRt8

Hmm...currently my favorite OCs would have to be the cast I created for my Silverwing fanfic Whitewing:

Normally when people create a pile of OC characters in a fanfiction a lot of them end up being useless or one-dimensional, but all of my Whitewing OCs have a very distinct role to play in the story, so I'm quite happy with them (except for Callisto, but this and that are different matters). Overall, Ghost and Zorn are tied for first place in my heart, and Stella comes in second. I guess that's how it should be since their kind of like the lead characters.

Another OC I'm proud of is Kidono Akina from my Yu-Gi-Oh season zero fanfic Catch and Fall:

Akina has the rare honor of being the OC love interest in a story that isn't about her. The story always has been and always will be about Jonouchi, because even when we're looking through her eyes, she'll be looking at him. But what I really like most about Akina is that I have difficulty writing her POV. Why is this a likable thing? Because her personality clashes with mine in many ways. For an OC author, having a main heroine too similar to yourself is a dangerous thing. It leads to self-inserts and Mary Sues. Akina isn't like me, therefore she is my best work yet.

64 Name: Naomi Hansen : 2011-08-04 12:11 ID:IOIYnKRH

Because of the nature of Wizard101, basically EVERY story created for it has to involve OCs. My main one for that fandom is Victoria Darktalon, an Ice wizard with ninja skills that's a bit overprotective of her brothers and few friends.

But recently, after visiting a really old cemetery in Boston and seeing these two names on some of the tombstones in the back, Deliverance Durant is now becoming a fast favorite of mine. She was originally supposed to be a Necromancer of my own fantasy universe, but since I just submitted her to be a part of this Harry Potter fic (and Necromancy is kind of useless in that universe), she's now just a Dark witch that's a bit enigmatic to everyone else, mainly due to how her philosophies are a bit different compared to the stereotypical Dark wizards'.

(Her info - and that of her sisters - can be found in this forum: )

65 Name: LadiiPhoenixx : 2011-08-23 21:26 ID:+93iBd1R

I have general OCC's and specific ones meaning that they only stay in one Anime unless I do a cross over. My main OCC's are sisters that are quadruplets. Most of the time I avoid putting them in stories cause I see no need to or they wouldn't fit. That's not to say I won't make up other OCC's for my fanfiction's but the ones I already have are pre-set and wouldn't work unless I include them in there.

66 Name: Bobo-is-tha-bomb : 2011-10-14 04:47 ID:4aiZuiUd

I usually write reader insert fics but before that I mainly wrote fics with OC's in them. My favorite OC is Meca who I created for my Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics in the Claire-Obscure series. The series is set in an Alternative Universe in which the guys are in a band.

I've never really worked on a bio for her, so here it goes:

Name: Meca Tatsuki

Relatives: She is Jou's and Shizuka's cousin.

Looks: She looks almost identical to Shizuka, except her hair is shorter and she has blue eyes.

Personality: Most of the times she is cheerful, but she also has a darker side. She can be pretty sarcastic towards Yami and Bakura.

Biggest flaw: She is kinda selfish.

Meca wants to become a part of the band but she gets rejected. She really dislikes Yami in the beginning, but that slowly changes until they fall in love. Meca's biggest flaw is that she is selfish. In the first story in the series this flaw doesn't really come to the surface but in the second story it does. Due to something stupid Yami did they break up and she decides she wants to be better than Yami so she goes and finds a new band. Although she does become friends with the guys in the other band, her only thoughts are that she has to 'beat' Yami.

There'll be three stories in this series that focus on Yami's and Meca's relationship. In others she appears as a side character.

67 Name: Kimberley : 2011-10-14 04:57 ID:4aiZuiUd

I usually write reader insert fics but before that I mainly wrote fics with OC's in them. My favorite OC is Meca who I created for my Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics in the Claire-Obscure series. The series is set in an Alternative Universe in which the guys are in a band.

I've never really worked on a bio for her, so here it goes:

Name: Meca Tatsuki

Relatives: She is Jou's and Shizuka's cousin.

Looks: She looks almost identical to Shizuka, except her hair is shorter and she has blue eyes.

Personality: Most of the times she is cheerful, but she also has a darker side. She can be pretty sarcastic towards Yami and Bakura.

Biggest flaw: She is kinda selfish.

Meca wants to become a part of the band but she gets rejected. She really dislikes Yami in the beginning, but that slowly changes until they fall in love. Meca's biggest flaw is that she is selfish. In the first story in the series this flaw doesn't really come to the surface but in the second story it does. Due to something stupid Yami did they break up and she decides she wants to be better than Yami so she goes and finds a new band. Although she does become friends with the guys in the other band, her only thoughts are that she has to 'beat' Yami.

There'll be three stories in this series that focus on Yami's and Meca's relationship. In others she appears as a side character.

68 Name: Bobo-is-tha-bomb : 2011-10-19 09:53 ID:4aiZuiUd

Sorry for the double post! Something went wrong with my computer!

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