Master Blog List - A Suggestion by Yoshino (26)

1 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-15 13:30 ID:jZgAzkZz

I've been having a discussion with Yoshino in the Moonlight (who originally contacted me, and I presume some of the rest of us) about blogging.

More specifically, keeping in contact and sharing work via blogs.

I've volunteered to create a "Master Blog List" on my Livejournal page.

Is anyone interested in this idea? - It would simply be a list of blogs from all blogging websites, maybe a short summary all kept in one place for easy access to all.

2 Name: tiger002 : 2009-12-16 09:35 ID:jal2LEzL

That could be an interesting idea, and yea Yosh was the one that contacted me too.

3 Name: Eve : 2009-12-16 09:41 ID:kiwcP9W9

Yeah Yoshino aswell. Erm, I'm not very familiar with the whole livjournal thing tbh.. but hell I could give it a go!

4 Name: Junki : 2009-12-16 09:47 ID:wi11tseR

I was shocked when Yoshino contacted me but I have to say the ideas are brilliant! I have a livejournal and I have seen many other fiction and artists have them too so a master blog list is a good way to keep in contact or indeed make new contacts. Good idea :)

5 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 10:02 ID:m9Ef7qIo

Hey guys.
Glad to know you're all interested.

If you want - contact me via my page and we can get started on this whole concept?

6 Name: RayRay : 2009-12-16 10:10 ID:7iAiZ7o1

If I understood anything that was just said I would say yes???

7 Name: RayRay : 2009-12-16 12:26 ID:7iAiZ7o1

Aaah cool.

I have a LJ - don't know if I remember my username or password though, and it's got nothing on it :P

8 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 12:39 ID:m9Ef7qIo


Ahaha. Never mind!
Maybe I should make links to peoples profiles?

9 Name: DragonFriend95 : 2009-12-16 12:54 ID:b7z63H70

I don't have livejournal :( But the idea sounds good!

I was also one of 'Yoshino's chosen' :P

10 Name: JoJo : 2009-12-16 13:07 ID:wzQk98jm

Hey people, when yoshino contacted me I was quite surprised but alot like the rest of you I too think it is a great idea. I am going to go LJ and set up an account. ooo this is going to be fun hehe. Look forward to speaking to everyone :):P

11 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 13:09 ID:5dWDVu0d


Once you've set up a livejournal account, give me the link, and I can start work on this massive collection of blogs.

I wanted to know, how do we think it should be organised? By fandom? By Country? Etc..

12 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-12-16 13:12 ID:P+0nBxNe

Yeah, I too was contacted by Yoshiro. I love the idea but although I have a live journal account - and I'm ashamed to say this - I still haven't got the hang of it and I've been on it for months. Links to profiles sounds good though, since I actually know how to work that hehe...I'm hopeless.

13 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 13:18 ID:5dWDVu0d


If you're interested in linking either your Livejournal/Blogspot/Tumblr etc or your profile on a "Master List".

Send me some details at

So send me a link, and maybe a brief summary/main pairings and fandom.

How shall we organise this though?

14 Name: Lorze the Brookes : 2009-12-16 14:07 ID:WoW6v9oh

Lol, sounds like everyone here was contacted by Yoshiro :P

It would be best if we did it via links lol, I reckon you should have similar categories to - books, games, movies etc. and then another section for just authors :)

15 Name: Junki : 2009-12-16 14:20 ID:wi11tseR

I think a good way to organise it would be by fandom, but then I guess it would be a lot like FF.Net that way but then again if it's linked to LJ/Blogspot/etc then it would be more than just fiction, it would be fiction/art/everyday posts. Links to FF.Net profiles/DA pages/etc again would be a good idea, since this is fanculture and not just fanfiction.

16 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 14:26 ID:5dWDVu0d

How about we organise it by fandom:
So we can have a Harry Potter section, Twilight section, Yu-Gi-Oh section, so on, so forth?

That way we can just keep adding fandoms, we can separate each fandom into main pairings. Also it allows us to separate each fandom into "Fiction" "Art" etc.

I'm also willing to do a list by Location, so each city can have a list too?

Whatcha reckon?

17 Name: Eve : 2009-12-16 14:46 ID:kiwcP9W9

>>17 That's exactly what I think should happen! In fact, when Yoshino told me about this site, I assumed that was what it's layout was going to be like tbh... after all, right now it's just early days, in a few years time this site will be IMPOSSIBLE to find your way around!

18 Name: theonlyliverpoolninja : 2009-12-16 15:03 ID:NrKcFuj/

that may be but it'll be fun on the way

19 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 15:04 ID:5dWDVu0d

Thanks to Junki we have a slow but hopefully steady start!

I've created it's own little page, so comment on it, make suggestions, send me e-mails.


Well feel free to get in on the action.
I've to link anything; multiple links for one person as well.

Easy navigation, and lets make some friends at the same time right?

20 Name: ... : 2009-12-16 15:49 ID:K7SlV6+8

Yoshino sent a circular to pimp out his website. Nothing wrong with that, but people are acting like it's an honour.

And let's not have a 'Twilight' section, please?

This site has a very ominous vibe.

21 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-16 15:57 ID:5dWDVu0d


There will be a Twilight section if things are organised in such a way.
I dislike it, in all forms, but others don't.
Im sure we all have fandoms we like and others don't.

And I get the ominous thing...

22 Name: tiger002 : 2009-12-17 12:24 ID:jal2LEzL

Yea, Yosh put in a lot of work to get all these people here. Does he even come to this site now? Anyway, you can add mine their too. My main fandoms are Tales of Symphonia and Suite Life Seris

23 Name: pixie freak : 2009-12-17 12:37 ID:Z3qljmaN

hiya i was contacted by yoshino in the moonlight and im really impressed by the idea and how the site works !!! theres a lot of work thats gone into it

24 Name: B(o)lah : 2009-12-17 12:38 ID:24r0byR/

Alright, to which profiles exactly do you need links... I have a lot, maybe a tiny bit too much. LOL

25 Name: HoldenCaulfield : 2009-12-17 12:46 ID:4REgAOuK


Hey - send me an email at I'll start linking.


If you want me to link you let me know!


Send me an email with any links you feel are appropirate and I'll put them all on - the more the merrier!

26 Name: KyuubiNineTailedFox : 2009-12-22 09:28 ID:Wzq1y2Vv

Yeah, Yoshino asked me too... Oh, and I think it's a good idea!

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