The league of funky things fan club (62)

1 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-11 11:10 ID:7NJBhZM0

A place where you can discuss your very own favorite 'funky thing' and explain why you love it.

Everybody welcome!

2 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-11 11:17 ID:7NJBhZM0

I will begin.....
My funky thing is my fabulous array of stripy colorful socks....they feel so rebellious with my normal school uniform..

3 Name: Nadine : 2009-12-11 11:17 ID:XYLY1/vB

Oh i luvs my funky penguin ^^ he is cute awesome and sits above my tv. And as a plus hes really distracting so when playing games and stuff people cant look away from him; such an advantage in tekkan

4 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-11 11:36 ID:7NJBhZM0

There we go everybody, a funky penguin and socks...who's next to share?

5 Name: Lorze the Brookes : 2009-12-11 12:16 ID:gEjQTHaU

Possibly my lava lamp :P It's got wax in it, and as I sit here it's frozen in a weird tower shape :D The shapes it goes into before it's fully molten are awesome :D And it warms my hands when I'm cold/bored :3

6 Name: Charlie300895 : 2009-12-11 12:55 ID:YIw1rbPX

I love my long white and purple stripy socks and i love them with my boring uniform!!! =]

7 Name: NewMagicWeaver : 2009-12-11 13:02 ID:r8hbU4wg

well, i love my voodoo doll and my lucky bug. i'm obsessed about good luck. I'm surpried i'm not a leprichaun myself.
my voodoo doll is so cool coz he helps me stress less and enjoy my free time. he's called MR FRANKEN. i dont kill anyone using it, so dont worry. and i'm not a witch!!!
my lucky bug is called Sam, after the werewolf in NEW MOON! I didn't think he suited the name Jacob!!!

8 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-11 13:05 ID:7NJBhZM0

Sweet are you a white witch- you know the good kind? Cool name too for a bag too, lol x

9 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-11 20:31 ID:2JsfM3d6

I have these multicoloured laces I wear with my black converses. :] I love them because they make the plain black more interesting.

10 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-11 21:22 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>9 Sweet

11 Name: Takato Lover16 : 2009-12-12 08:44 ID:abxZxmJZ

My funky thing is my multi-coloured scarf thing.

I fold it really small and then tie it around my neck. (Duh)

People say that it looks so tight, it's like a cross between a
cowboy and a hair Stewardess.

Which is also strange, becuase I'm a guy, lol. :P


12 Name: NewMagicWeaver : 2009-12-12 09:18 ID:RasDXyZN

I'm not a witch. Ok, i could be a white witch. I'd prefer to be a vampire...

13 Name: Rivala : 2009-12-12 13:05 ID:tjh+Hh78

Mah funky thing is my hat with cat ears on them. I wear it at home all the time. and I mean ALL THE TIME.

14 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 13:06 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>13 I want one! -pouts-

15 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 13:09 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>13 me too!

16 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 13:15 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>13 I will steal it! >:::D

17 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 13:31 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>16 I thought you were the chocolate Grinch? The hat's mine...:)

18 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 13:32 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>17 I like to vary my crimes. Maybe I should add murder to the list... -looks directly at you creepily-

19 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 13:33 ID:7NJBhZM0

I'll be the cat in the hat, you be the Grinch....
Thanks Dr Seus!

20 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 13:42 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>19 Do you like green eggs and ham? xD

21 Name: Rivala : 2009-12-12 13:49 ID:tjh+Hh78

I am willing to give up my hat... over a fight to the death. >:)

22 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 13:54 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>18 (hides under he bed)
>>20 Totally...who doesn't?

Sam,I am
Sam,I am
Sam,I am

Hey Me, myself and I, >>19 said the winner in a fight to the death gets the hat...are you game?

23 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 14:02 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>21 and >>22 Prepare to die. >::::D

24 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:05 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>23 You're bluffing....(is this gonna turn into a Wild West show down? Coz I'm not allowed to play with guns......anymore)

25 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 14:06 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>24 Oh really? -suddenly whips out knife and holds to throat-

26 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:10 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>25....Oh dear....This isn't gonna end well....

27 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:11 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>25 All I have is a plastic spork...

28 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 14:15 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>27 Oh no! How did you know that sporks are my weakness!D:

29 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:17 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>28 Ahha! I sporked you >;)

30 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 14:25 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>29 Now you've just got to defeat >>21 and the hat is yours-if she's still here. Good luck, and may the force be with you.

31 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:28 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>21 Hello? Can I have your hat please (hides spork behind back)

32 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-12 14:40 ID:oFZdZexT

Hahaha, Lmao!!
Steals spork and runs off into the distance

33 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 14:45 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>32 -gives JustAchild a lightsaber-

34 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:51 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>33- Oh yeah....Oh and Luke...I am your father....

35 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 14:52 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>34 I should have seen that cliché coming...

36 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2009-12-12 14:55 ID:U6l7HG3Z

I has a shiny beanie dragon...its name is brip...

37 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 14:58 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>35- I'm a fan of the classics....
And thank you >>36 for putting us back on topic x

>>35 we're terrible

38 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 15:01 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>37 I know. xD

>>36 Brip is a cool name for a dragon. :]

39 Name: Lorze the Brookes : 2009-12-12 15:06 ID:gEjQTHaU

That was an awesome side-track from this topic :D And the hat really does sound awesome. All I have is constant cat fur and scars on my shoulder from where she clings on. Lol.

40 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 15:08 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>36 If I was a dragon, I'd be called Teddy (:

>>38 haha you're a bad influence on me..(:

41 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 15:12 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>40 Hey! You started it! :P

42 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 15:16 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>41 Yeah, lets all point the finger at JustAchild....:(

43 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-12 15:35 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>42 Well, if you're OK with it... :P

44 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-12 15:38 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>43- I just blame the guy standing next to me, like when my school went to the Natural History Museum, i accidentally knocked over the T-rex skeleton.....I said it was him....and I haven't seen him since...

45 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-13 05:07 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>44 You actually knocked it over! xD I usually blame society/Gordon Brown/evil/Hart Hanson/David Shore/Jamie Oliver.

46 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-13 05:15 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>45 It's always Jamie Oliver's fault! Him and his damn cook books!

47 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-13 05:27 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>46 Definitely. -mutters angrily under breath-

And now, by blaming each other for who made this thread go off-topic, we've gone off topic-again. xD

48 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-13 05:37 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>47 Buggeration! How did that happen?

49 Name: Me, Myself and I : 2009-12-13 05:39 ID:2JsfM3d6

>>48 OK, let's just blame Jamie Oliver and then stop chatting in this thread. Agreed?

50 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-13 05:57 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>49 Agreed! Bye Everybody (jogs over to the Lair)

Come to the Lair, we're having a party!

51 Name: Dave2380 : 2009-12-18 20:54 ID:lCma1RQ2

My favourite funky thing would be my japanese geta ( wooden sandals ) i like to totter about the house in them, plus they drive the cats mad!

52 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2009-12-19 03:45 ID:yFxshEBu

Aww, poor cats! Wish I had ninja shoes.

53 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-19 06:14 ID:7NJBhZM0

Ah, they sound excellent......

54 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2009-12-19 12:41 ID:yFxshEBu

Unlike the ninja shoes in Naruto. They're just plain weird.

55 Name: Dave2380 : 2009-12-19 14:36 ID:yNIwgVkE

>>52 Oh dont worry about the cats, theyre fine, they boss everyone about and think theyre secretly in charge. Some days i think theyre right!

56 Name: DarthRevanShepard : 2009-12-19 16:28 ID:NiKPlF8z

My favourite funky thing is the three-legged fox that hangs around my house and even though he has to hop every where he is fluffy and we feed him scraps.

57 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-19 16:35 ID:7NJBhZM0

>>56 Aw...we have the same thing, but with a cat and he's missing his tail....we try to take him to a shelter, but he just runs away....

58 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2009-12-20 08:56 ID:bg1TZNAT

We have deer sometimes, they're cute but not that funky

59 Name: James Self : 2009-12-20 18:32 ID:2zkUG1m+

Little badge on the lapel of my overcoat. Not much, but i'm not really a wearer of flair.

60 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-22 07:08 ID:7NJBhZM0

My funky light up socks are awesome.....if only I could find them....

61 Name: Rivala : 2009-12-22 08:00 ID:nfN20cAU

I'm back, and the hat ran away...

Have some cookies instead. Violence is good.

62 Name: Lupa Dracolis : 2009-12-22 08:01 ID:X72Qr6ix

I like cookies. We just decorated our Christmas tree, so that's my new funky thing!

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