Your favourite fanfic of all time (23)

1 Name: Darksword512 : 2009-12-06 06:01 ID:eDRRy09D

Out of all the fanfiction you (may) have read so far, which one has been your most favourite?

Mine is "Lethal Mutation", a Tails fanfic by Taisisreal. I love it because not only is it so filled with emotion and has an AMAZING storyline, but it's also the reason I'm on in the first place after I found it by accident on Google :P

2 Name: Darksword512 : 2009-12-06 06:01 ID:eDRRy09D


3 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-12-06 06:24 ID:BD271fvt

4 Name: inulover90 : 2009-12-06 08:38 ID:gkCQF5v1

i don't think i can pick a favorite, but i might be able to narrow it down....

The Inuyasha and Kagome Wedding series by CJ Lady Gryffindor

Keiki de Niyati : Children of Fate by SorrowfulAyame

Return of Namikaze by wilkens75
there is a sequel to it also that was really good

In My Father's Shoes by tosakuai

Children Of Past Parents by Black And Bloody Rose

that's all i'll put up. like i said i can narrow it down, but even these aren't all of the narrowed down ones. i found a lot of good ones, well i thought they were good, but yeah. i don't know how to post the actual link but if it would make it easier you can go to my favorites and click on them.

5 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-12-06 10:22 ID:x3WowN7x

My complete ultimate favourite is 'Almost Sucks' by Mashiro. The link is below. I love it mostly because it's just sp well written and so believable, also the characters and never ooc in any part of the fic. It's amazing. A NaruSasu by the way;

'Almost Sucks' by Mashiro;

These are my other favourites, in order of preference. They are all Naruto fanfics.

'All the Small Things' by Michelerene;

'Fate's Garden' by Rational Lunacy;

'Nameless Desires' by Jelp;

'Wiggle Those Hips; You're a Schoolgirl Now' by Bevino;

'To be or not to be in Love' by Ciiah;

Those are my favourites, all Multi-chapter fics. I recommend them to anyone who likes Naruto or likes the pairing NaruSasuNaru.

These are a bunch of my favourite one-shots. All are rated 'M' so be warned.

'Misinterperated' by bed of nails and sandpaper;

'The Perfect Boyfriend' by Ivvy Moon;

'Ferris Wheel' by Navy Blue Wings;

'The Ride' by Master of the Rebels;

And 'Enough' by Ivvy Moon;
for pure smut.

And that's my list...extensive huh?


6 Name: Marth : 2009-12-06 11:00 ID:iLjeoFx1

WARNING: I've never tried to use this board's HTML before, and the post preview isn't working for me (which means I can't use it to make sure I closed all my tags), so there are chances on multiple levels that this post will be a jumbled mess.

My absolute favorite is Freak Like Me by Santanico, a comicverse Spider-Man fic. When I'm reading comicfic--or anything else where the characters have long, complicated histories--I like to have some acknowledgment of that, rather than just treating the characters as free-floating. FLM does a brilliant job of that, and the two voices it's primarily told in are distinct an organic.

Other than that, in an insane hodgepodge of fandoms (and in alphabetical order rather than by preference):

" Devil's Diary" by Dark Mark (X-Men comics)

"The Epilogue" by azurelacroix (Sweeney Todd)

"Heart's Desire" by Alara Rogers (X-Men comics)

Isn't it Grand What I've Managed to Do? by SilvorMoon (Yu-gi-oh)

"Justice and Tempation" by RagingFires27 (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)

"Red Royal Flush" by didyouknowanon (Axis Powers Hetalia)

The Shocker: Legit by Max Landis (Marvel Comics)

"Slouching towards Patch City" by KosagiNoLegion (Shaman King)

"What You Wish For" by cerebel (Heroes)

7 Name: bioldrawings : 2009-12-06 17:53 ID:t27nP/T/

Song Without A Name by Lady Yate-xel

And it's sequel; I'm Still Here

Brilliantly original plot, character development and interaction that is incredibly believable and memorable, and the most amazing soundtrack in anything ever. The very beginning is a little rocky, and then it just gets better and better and better.

8 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-12-06 21:42 ID:10IJvnIF

<em>Hot Sand</em>: (GaaNaruGaa) the definitive Gaara x Naruto fic.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-07 11:09 ID:j8XrjwAK

definetly my immortal

10 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-07 11:12 ID:kSebqwKA

no it has got to be tigersrus on the run story it is amazing

11 Name: Magnes : 2009-12-07 16:45 ID:N6DK7/wl

12 Name: TearThePetals : 2009-12-08 02:21 ID:EYSE0r+O

Stalking Lily Evans
And anything by RankEgg (RLSB is nice)

13 Name: TearThePetals : 2009-12-08 02:21 ID:EYSE0r+O

Stalking Lily Evans
And anything by RankEgg (RLSB is nice)

14 Name: TearThePetals : 2009-12-08 02:35 ID:EYSE0r+O

Sorry for the double post

15 Name: teknomancer2008 : 2009-12-12 03:29 ID:ytvX4ciM

i have to say mine lol!

16 Name: Alabaster Princess : 2010-01-13 16:25 ID:uO2LZH7y

I agree teknomancer. even though there may be many focs you love to read to death, sometimes your own fics are your favourite just because of the work you have put in.

17 Name: Lilly_McKay : 2010-01-13 18:17 ID:9s8Y9cLX

Anything by MMADFan on Her fics are amazing. They are very involved, the main plots are always fantastic, obcessively planned but in the best possible way if the incredible standard of her fics is anything to go by. Also her OCs are some of the best I've come across.

18 Name: Espanglish : 2010-01-13 18:37 ID:VvOqzBsJ

I'd have to say The Heart's Filthy Lesson by Scarlet Fever. Its a Resident Evil erotica (not just erotica!) but the way she's written it is brilliant. She had two other RE fics which are equally as brilliant but THFL is definitely my all time favourite fanfiction.


19 Name: Edward-Cullens-Little-Whore◆WBRXcNtpf. : 2010-01-14 07:10 ID:g+9xaSLK

20 Name: Edward-Cullens-Little-Whore◆WBRXcNtpf. : 2010-01-14 07:10 ID:g+9xaSLK

21 Name: Edward-Cullens-Little-Whore◆WBRXcNtpf. : 2010-01-14 07:10 ID:g+9xaSLK

22 Name: Edward-Cullens-Little-Whore◆WBRXcNtpf. : 2010-01-14 07:10 ID:g+9xaSLK

23 Name: Anonymous : 2010-01-22 09:57 ID:VNYv7Vy5

nathan-p's Reality Check is the most epic thing I've ever read. <3

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