Your First Crush (80)

1 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2009-11-23 18:38 ID:NhDCljLP

Gather round the campfire boys and girls, it's time to spill our guts about the first person who ever made us blush and gave us butterflies.

I had a "crush" in kindergarten. At first he just chased me around everywhere and gave me kisses on the cheeks whenever he caught me, but then after a while I said "Ok you're my husband!" It was so funny because we were still supposed to be in the stage where we abhored the opposite sex. And all my friends would complain to me whenever he kissed my cheek. My teacher also didn't like it. xDD
And it was sooo cute too, because we would always just hang out with each other, holding hands and cheek kissing. And he one time said "You know what? I want to kiss you on the lips!" And I would be like "OMG NO THAT'S TOO FAR!" xD like as if he asked me to do it with him or something! (of course we didn't know about that stuff yet, but it was so funny how seriously I took it). And then eventually I had to move away, so we promised to meet back up when we were grown ups and get married. A haha, good, innocent times.

And then my first actual crush was in 6th grade. Of course, this was to the big hot stuff most popular guy at school dude. It was nice though because we had assigned seats next to each other in class and he would be nice to me while I could feel the seething hatred of other girls glaring at me. :^D Oh ho ho ho.
And then I moved again and it took me a while to get over him because I rather liked him a lot. :/


2 Name: RayRay : 2009-11-23 19:28 ID:H8pt4Q33

Mines easy. It was in Primary 4, and I liked him until Primary 6, when he moved away. Now I look back, he was nothing special, but I really liked him.

I'll never forget the day we went to see him mum after his baby sister was born, and he walked into the room in Power Rangers pyjamas. That made my day at the time.

I also had someone that I used to be 'married to' I think we were like 7, and used to pretend we were married, but I never had a crush on him, thank god haha!

3 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-11-24 04:55 ID:Leo7vCZi

ok my first crush was with a pop star :P lol
when i was 14

my first real person crush was when i was 17 and it didnt turn out well.
he was a new guy at school the half school population was infatuated [me in it too]
he was hanging with me and gave me butterflies and all until he asked me for my best friends phone number and i helped him to be with her, and then he was badmouthing me to my friend and i ended up alone.

i guess my Amine crushes doesnt count, ne?

4 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-11-24 08:28 ID:S96FZ94G

My first crush was when I was in primary school around year 5 and I spent most of the last two years with a crush on her. I'd been friends with her since the start of school as well lol. It kinda fizzled out to "My, she's still quite pretty but nothing show stoppingly beautiful" at the start of high school lol.

Though I did spend the best part of three years convinced I was "in love" with a girl. Yeah you know that thing where you think you know what love is when you're 13? Think that lol, that one fazed out when I asked her out finally and got gently turned down. She was a nice girl lol.

I never got that "HA! No!" thing from anyone.

Though the only crush I've had on a famous person is Shakira, any woman who can move her hips like that, well daaaaamn, and maybe Hailey from Paramore but I'm not sure. Lol.

5 Name: dance with the devil : 2009-11-24 12:28 ID:UeNciSMQ

my first crush was on the guy who sat next to me in reception, i guess. but i was about 5 so that one doesn't count.
my first real one was the guy who sat opposite me in year 4/5. i got the " HA! NO!" thing that time.
my most recent crush was on one of my closest friends, and i believe i can say, hand on heart, that i was in love with this friend. but that didn't work out.
my first celebrity crush was, and still is, Taylor Launter, which is ironic, since i'm not all that in to twilight

6 Name: DragonFriend95 : 2009-11-24 12:41 ID:yFIP/yqy

I don't have any 'real life' crushes, but (Please don't laugh)my first and only celebrity crush was with Archie Kao, when I was seven and saw him in Power Rangers. Very embarrassing, but I still think he's very cute.

7 Name: DarthRevanShepard : 2009-11-24 13:00 ID:mY9Ntccq

My first crush was on a boy when I was in primary 7. Problem is my friend also had a crush on him and we were leading up to the end-of-year dance so I let her ask him to it. Unfortunatly he turned her down.
My current celeb crushes are Taylor Lautner, Chester Bennington and Jared Leto.

9 Name: Harbinger : 2009-11-24 13:24 ID:Azk7XdRb

My first crush was when i was like 6. She really annoyed me at first, kept on like giving me stickers and stuff and blushing and eventually we ended up like, almost going out but it wasnt going out cause we were 6 and just no lmao.
First what i call real crush was on a girl in year 9 when i was like 13 and i got nicely turned down. And the most recent/current one (Im 17) is one of my closest friends, who i've had incredibly strong feelings for for over a year now. Dont wanna say L because im not totally sure myself if i can warrent saying it, simply cause i dont know if feelings get stronger than this, despite this being the strongest i've ever felt for anybody xD. It was quite gutting really... bit of a tale, but iv started so off i go.

So we met through one of my friends she was going out with, and when they broke up i started getting feelings for her, and then she invited me to her bday party and i wasnt ready to say anything then, so we hung out a few times, and then i invited her over my house for a gettogether with some mates with the intention to tell her how i felt. But my asshole mate found out and turned up, ended up hitting on her for the whole night and she didnt honestly notice, she just took him staring at her as a challenge, lmao xD Then he had a crush on her, and i told him i did while i was drunk. I remember telling him, but he doesnt know i do, and he never told me. Eventually she told me that she hated how she could never have a relationship with sombody she wanted, cuz she always got turned down, and was now too afraid to say anything, and i told her that if the person was worth knowing, they would completely understand and be really nice about it, and may even like her back. Then a guy who used to be my best friend asked her out, and she went out with him. Then my asshole friend screwed me over and told her i liked her, and it all came out that she had liked me for the past year, and she still likes me, but she also likes the dude shes with and doesnt wanna break up with him. So now were just remaining good friends and im just trying to ignore feelings that dont seem to want to go away :P

Now can you say "That sucks donkey balls?" xD

10 Name: Bola : 2009-11-24 14:57 ID:7J/PLJT+

I had a crush in kindergarten, too. His name was Rick. We were a 'couple' in the very first year and stayed one until we were 8. :) that's 5 years. He drew a house for us in my poetry book, and he wanted to have babies with me. I'd love to see the books again, if only I knew where to search... I think he called it 'love house', but I'll have to look that one up. Unfortunately we 'broke up' because a 'friend', John, said I should be nicer to him and he said it could be true... LOL sighs Unfortunately, he recently killed himself. He was always bullied ever since we 'broke up' because his grandpa was part of Jehova, and his father had cheated on his mother, with the mom of one of his friends. sighs

11 Name: LASER : 2009-11-24 15:27 ID:B5rDJ1kA

My first crush wasn't until I was like 13 lol. I don't even know how it started, I think I just decdided one day that I needed to get a girlfriend. Then up until I was about 16 all the girls I knew were either just friends or total biitches, there was no one I liked enough to make a move on really. Then just by chance I met this girl that I really liked from the moment I met her and after a about a month or two we started going out, we've kind of been on and off for the last year and a bit. Oh and I remember Elizabeth Hurley in 'Bedazzled' that was my only ever 'TV crush'

12 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-11-25 17:41 ID:S96FZ94G


That dear sir, most definitely and completely and utterly sucks gigantic donkey balls!

Shame we don't live in movie land where everything turns out rosy hm? Oh and your asshole friend needs a kicking, my asshole friend is a little afraid of me so I don't have that issue, but damn man, that sucks.

Though I can tell you, strong feelings out in the end, you've got a 50-50 chance of things working out well those aren't good odds.

My advice to anyone who ever finds themselves with strong feelings for or, god forbid, in love with a close friend, fucking RUN!

That one will cause so much fucking pain and at such tender ages that we all are at, most of us aren't strong enough to handle that kind of pain.

I'm 19 and my love for my best friend nearly destroyed me, we went out and it ended badly and I can't look at her anymore, don't let that happen to you.

Sorry for the rant.

13 Name: Harbinger of Doom : 2009-11-26 11:40 ID:bHv0E5e4

Its cool i enjoyed reading it. And the asshole friend is afraid of me, he didnt say anything until he moved to Norwich, we live in Penzance.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2009-11-26 16:47 ID:VE5YflFS

I wasn't that young when I had my first crush- I was 14 or so, and liked boys with longish hair, so all the boys at school had really short hair, apart from one, and I fancied him for a while. It's extremely embarrassing, looking back now.

My first proper crush though (ie. not one that I like just because of his hair =P )still hasn't ended. I've liked one of my best friends for a couple of years. He's a total nerd, but I really like him for it. I'm nerdy too, so it doesn't matter lol He has absolutely no idea how much he means to me. He talks to other girls so easily, and I can tell that he likes a few of them, only they don't see him as anything more than a friend because he's so quiet and 'nerdy'. We text and talk a lot, but it's rarely about anything other than A-Levels or TV. I don't really have the guts to be open with him. We're not as close as we used to be, and it's kinda annoying. I've done some pretty stupid things for him in the past.It would be frustrating if we somehow stopped being friends, so I'll probably just stop trying to get him to notice that I like him, and that way our friendship won't be as awkward. He's awesome, and I really don't want to stop hanging around with him.

15 Name: RadicalReason : 2009-11-26 22:46 ID:8HDOo83K

My first "REAL" crush was in the 5th grade. It's pretty funny because I forced myself to hate him to hide my crush (it was strangely easy to hate him). I'm sure that he and his friends eventually noticed the glares I shot at him.

What's slightly ironic is that 3 years later I found out that he liked me when I was walking behind him in the hallway and overheard him and his friends talking. Obviously by that time I had ceased glaring at him and had settled with snide remarks. Anyways, he saw me and turned back to his friends saying, "She's right there pretending not to hear."

I pretended not to hear that either.

16 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-11-30 08:31 ID:desSuDT5

How can people have real crushes so friends are the same but I never fancied anyone till I was twelve. He was a complete arsehole and used me completely; I was naive and silly and thought he meant well. I was fooled.


17 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2009-11-30 11:59 ID:z0oZRfpF

The first guy i liked was when i was in primary, i first liked him when i was 6 and it continued till i was 9 and then for the final 2 years in primary school i was a bit iffy. He was the most popular guy in our class though and so most girls had a crush on him, when i was 7 i made a paper fan with us two drawn on it and for some stupid reason i put it at the front of the class and when people asked me who the guy was i just went embarrased "um... oh.... it's a guy i know from somewhere..."

Lol, childhood innocence. Ironically enough, despite us being in the same high school i no longer like him. Although it is awkward to see him as he did find out in primary i had a crush on him and somehow i still feel awkward around him. :S Guess i'm worried he'll bring it up again.

18 Name: Cazzi : 2009-12-01 10:43 ID:cnzHxMHw

my first proper crush was probably in primary in year 5 till year 6 on a boy called Kane.
he was quite popular and kinda hot i spent ages likeing him but soon in year six i realised he didnt like me!
but now i've moved on and have a boyfriend who i love!

19 Name: Harbinger of Doom : 2009-12-01 11:43 ID:j0W2dlMs

So, shall we have a vote on whos had the hardest time with a crush? xD

20 Name: mercyground : 2009-12-01 12:00 ID:Qvsc7Ddr

2 dates. she dragged me round bridal shops and discussed nursary wallpaper.

took me asking an ex to come up and pretend to be my new fiancee to get rid of her.

/me shudders.

21 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-01 14:44 ID:m1f7y+tf

this isn't my first crush but it's really the only one that counts. I've adored this complete idiot for years, and even though he can't decide whether he likes me or not, i still can't stop thinking about him. It's kinda sad, but i have no idea how to forget him

22 Name: Yellow 14 : 2009-12-02 07:57 ID:q7hvgSM4

Time will heal that. Eventually. My first crush was a girl in my form when I was 12 (ish) Trouble is, I never plucked up the courage to ask her out. Which is bizarre because she KNEW I liked her.

23 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2009-12-02 09:56 ID:z0oZRfpF

I think from reading this we can all say that 90% of the time, they don't end like we wanted in the first place.

My best friend's first crush ended badly, she was turned down pretty harshly. (As in the whole "no way you're so ugly" yell in the middle of the classroom way). It's the reason she doesn't like teenage romance books. Her view: "They portray as all romance ending in 'happily ever after' ways and mislead us all. When in reality, love is harsh and doesn't always end up a bunch of roses."

I kinda agree with her but not completely.

24 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2009-12-02 09:56 ID:z0oZRfpF

I think from reading this we can all say that 90% of the time, they don't end like we wanted in the first place.

My best friend's first crush ended badly, she was turned down pretty harshly. (As in the whole "no way you're so ugly" yell in the middle of the classroom way). It's the reason she doesn't like teenage romance books. Her view: "They portray as all romance ending in 'happily ever after' ways and mislead us all. When in reality, love is harsh and doesn't always end up a bunch of roses."

I kinda agree with her but not completely.

25 Name: Fee : 2009-12-04 09:13 ID:axfPO9Jr

Mine was this random boy who I had to sit next to in maths (falling in love over equations...not) but then one day (I have nothing against this, by the way) he wore a ponytail in his hair and that was it, for me. Crush over. He just looked so ridiculous that it was stupid.

26 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-12-04 15:39 ID:S96FZ94G

>>22 Chances are mate she knew you liked her and either liked you as well but was too shy (must resist skeptical and bitter remark), she thought it was sweet but didn't feel the same way, or she didn't care.

I am generalising of course but I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to love at the moment so take what I say with a pound of sugar. Yeah, screw the pinch, you're gonna need a lot more than that lol.

27 Name: Lizzieleaf : 2009-12-06 04:54 ID:AuZwNqXQ

Well, since we're talking about crushes, not love here, I'd go for when I was 5 and my best friend at the time and I both had a crush on this blond boy called Ben. (The weird thing was, we didn't actually mind sharing). Anyway, this crush involved kissing him chastely on the cheek, and pretending he was our pet cat called Alexander.
Don't ask. My past self disturbs my current self greatly.

28 Name: Harbinger of Doom : 2009-12-07 11:36 ID:ZfmlS9eW

>>26 Yeah i know the feeling. It sucks when sombody knows you like them, and likes you, but is too shy. GAH xD I, too, am pretty skeptic on that subject :P

29 Name: Sophie : 2009-12-07 13:17 ID:Wh6Zzhp/

i spent a year crushing on this guy and then when he finally found out he said he wouldn't go out with me if i was the last girl in school :( he was horrible and i'm ashamed that i ever liked him.

30 Name: Harbinger of Doom : 2009-12-07 13:31 ID:ZfmlS9eW

>>29 i hate people like that, they are total dicks. If sombody likes you and you dont wanna go out with them, you let them down easy. Assholes.

31 Name: NewMagicWeaver : 2009-12-08 13:19 ID:IhLed3gH

How about Vampires?
je voudrais me marrier avec un vampire!
i have to say that in a french exam, so if anyone can translate, please dont laugh. i embarassed myself infront of my french teacher asking if i could answer that to the question "will you plan to marry one day?"
*I don't need it translating lol i know what it means!
so i dont have to say that my first crush was a vampire from a book. Vampire Diaries. the Vampire is called Damon. please people dont laugh at me!!!

32 Name: JustAchild : 2009-12-10 12:00 ID:p9+zTEjC

I had a wedding when I was 4...haha...but i didn't really have a crush on him.

I only really got a crush when i was 12. He used to sit next to me in class, and was a really nice friendly guy. At first I just liked him as my mate- we laughed a lot with private jokes, hung out and chatted- we even said we were gonna get married when we were older...haha
But one day I was really upset, couldn't stop crying. He came over to me and comforted me, told me everything was alright and made me smile. That was when i knew he was my first crush
Sadly though, two years on, still best of mates, but he got a girlfriend a while back now- it still kinda hurts, but you know life goes on. :)

33 Name: inulover90 : 2009-12-11 10:32 ID:gaCVr4v8

my first crush was when i was 6 in 1st grade. he and i would chase each other around the playground and kiss each others cheek. as we grew up we were in the same class and always hung out at recess. lol our parents thought it was the cutest thing, especially when we were telling them we were boyfriend and girlfriend. he was the only one of my friends who made sure to get me something really special for my birthday every year. once we got to middle school we started understanding what it meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend and we figured out we were just really good friends. i am 19 and he will be 20 Saturday and we are still the best of friends. we still cheer each other up and help each other through tough times. he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend and both know that if they hurt us they will have the other to deal with (if that makes sense). my bf and his gf were jealous because we talked to each other.

my first real crush was when i was in 8th grade and there was a guy that always sat in front of me in every class even the ones we didn't assigned seats in. we would talk a little mostly cause i was shy. thinking back i think he liked me too because of how he acted... lol it was really gross half the time. he would lick my pencil and put it back on my desk, the one time it was my math book. but others it was he found out that several other girls liked him and he would make fun of them openly and and completely shut them out but when he found out about me she would shoot little smiles at me and the teasing started. but i went to the Tech school and he went to the regular school and we lost contact.
and as i said before i have a bf so obviously i had another crush, lol. and now i will shut up because i have typed your eyes off, lol that doesn't make sense but.... okay shutting up!

34 Name: Eve : 2009-12-13 09:58 ID:e07i16tb

I know this sounds really rediculous but I've never really had a crush. I'm 14 and I have never been able to feel that way about anyone. I think that's probebly better to be honest. (And no. I'm NOT a lesbian I said that I've never been able to feel that way about ANYONE! XD)

35 Name: inulover90 : 2009-12-13 11:02 ID:gaCVr4v8

i think your right, it is better to never feel that way than to have the strong feeling for someone only to be hurt when things don't work out.

36 Name: NewMagicWeaver : 2009-12-16 12:39 ID:OFTwRf5f

Even though i said earlier that I like vampires, I haven't really had a real crush. I meen, a lot of gals like vampires, so its nothing, really.

37 Name: ... : 2009-12-16 16:00 ID:DPPyJpyR

I didn't have my first crush until I was fifteen. You're not the one with the problem, Eve, it's whoever's implying that you have a problem. You probably just have a firmer grasp on reality than most, so you're not deluding youself with a celebrity-inspired fantasy, and you're not desperate enough to assign yourself identity via 'who you fancy'.

Tl;dr, you're normal.

38 Name: Blaze Fan 1 : 2009-12-18 15:39 ID:4IfNyBD0

my first crush( and still is my crush) is a boy called daniel. we went to pre school together and all through school, he's always with year 5 i got moved next to him and after a month...we started bonding...but at the end i told him i was too young 4 a relationship. then in year 6 at the end...i went out with him...for 8 weeks then he dumped me cause he wanted to see if he could get a girl friend in our new school.
now im in year 8 and have to sit next to him again in 3 of my lessons...its the look in his eyes that gets me...his stare just makes me laugh...he's the only boy on my mind and i guess he will never leave until he makes it clear its over!...but i doubt it...he's his old jokey self around me before we went out...we could again soon...who knows

39 Name: misty1986 : 2009-12-18 15:56 ID:WiuZcNoV

My first crush was this guy called Joe. I met him after watching Titanic and well... he looked a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio (enough said)... So when I saw him I was head over heals! lol. Anyways... I was in year 7 (so I think I was about 11 years old) and he was in year 10 (15 years old) and he was stunned at the fact that a girl much younger than him liked him. He didn’t act sensibly and made everyone (I mean EVERYONE) know about that! And I thought I was in love with him (you know, being young and all…)

He left school and I was heart broken! I didn’t see him after that at all. But my cousin ran into him one day and he confessed that after leaving school he realised what a jerk he was to me and he actually missed me. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. And I never did… :-)

40 Name: Dave2380 : 2009-12-18 20:48 ID:Bny/WQme

Mine was a really fit sporty guy called greg, he was in my french and english classes for 3rd 4th and 5th year, then he left. Ah good times, i was fourteen when i fell for him. Ive always wondered how he turned out as an adult.

41 Name: Cat : 2009-12-19 06:49 ID:fkv9V5bG

My first 'crush' was when I was 6 and I'd just moved house so I had no friends and my year would always play 'kiss-chase' and this one boy cornered me and said I would be friends with him he'd let me go. Then he was my boyfriend until we were almost nine. We used to kiss under our coats in the corner of the playground and it was on the lips which when your at that age is a big thing. We actually used to sneak out of lessons to go kiss by the toilets! He asked me to marry him but call me a freak I told him that you couldn't get married until you were 16. In the end he 'dumped' me because he said he liked someone else better. I was heart broken!

Then my next crush was when I was 10 and it was on my friends boyfriend. We played truth or dare at a party and my friends managed to get me to tell them. My 'best friend' went and told him I liked him and he confronted me and laughed at me!

I'm now 15 and I haven't really had a crush since, but then I don't really know any guys because I go to an all girls school. Before you say anything,no I'm not a lezbian.

By the way, what has this got to do with fan-fiction and stuff?

42 Name: ... : 2009-12-19 06:56 ID:DPPyJpyR

Absolutely nothing, unless your first crush was Crash Bandicoot.

43 Name: Amber_spider_web : 2010-01-05 09:41 ID:/61t23hG

I wouldn't really call it crush but more admiration. He came in P3, and my best friend at the time had a huge crush on him, then in primary 4, we sat next to each other. Some how we always made each other laugh and it was really nice!

When my best friend moved away, this other girl already in school began to flirt with him like there was no tomorrow! Feeling I had to protect the little bit of my best friend I had left in this guy, I sat next to him again in P6 and mostly through P7 (when he left).

We always practically laughed out heads off in "writing time",
quote; "The Imph went into the Bears castle where the bear was roaming bear!"
I said it by COMPLETE ACCIDENT but he was in stiches and he always brought it up when ever we were writing and the teacher would always tell us off. I'm a very nostalgic person...

I've never seen him since though, which is a shame I guess. He was like a half crush/best friend. The bastard moved away when I was off school on a trip, sticks tongue out in annoyance

44 Name: Madness : 2010-01-11 12:45 ID:X9ZiUJMJ

Um... Can anyone not remember?

Well I guess there was this guy Andrew and he was who everyone had a crush then as he got older he got ugly! No only joking hes alright and we keep in touch almost... :D

Yes I'm boring NEXT:

45 Name: MissMimi87 : 2010-01-14 05:53 ID:3N0Ttu19

I married my first crush when I was like 4/5, my mum says she remembers me walking in the door back from nursery going, "me and daniel got married today." And my mum was like "Oh wasn't I invited?" But then he moved to London (we were living in a different country at the time) and we didn't keep in contact.

First celeb crush was Alan Shearer at the age of 6 when we moved to England.

46 Name: DancexInxThexDark : 2010-01-16 06:36 ID:2l8v7kBb

My first ever crush was when i was back in primary school, reception time. I was so young at the time, but i still remember that tingly feeling in my heart everytime i saw him.
Being just about as old as a toddler did make things so much easier (as now-a-days, you have to do something daring to impress people) but back then, all you had to do was get a question right in class and everyone would adore you.
To be honest, i only liked him because we both had chocolate spread sandwiches :L

47 Name: セーラーエリス : 2010-01-16 08:48 ID:mXnp6aQH

>>45 @MissMimi87 that was maybe the cutest thing I ever read :D
lol at your mom's reaction :D

48 Name: jestervalaia : 2010-01-19 05:50 ID:hPTYffKz

First crush...very sad, I was seven and it was Marvel's Gambit. Yes, my first crush was on a damn cartoon character. I got over that though and moved onto real people.
My first crush (on a real person) was when I was 12 - I saw Aki Hakala in a music video. What can I say...there was something about the skinny drummer with emo glasses that was really quite endearing.

49 Name: Valkyrie Vamp : 2010-01-19 08:40 ID:/lfLgLyf

My first crush... hmmm.

I think it was Macualy Culkin after watching Home Alone about a gazillion times when i was like four.

Yeah... ewww.

50 Name: Valkyrie Vamp : 2010-01-19 08:40 ID:/lfLgLyf

My first crush... hmmm.

I think it was Macualy Culkin after watching Home Alone about a gazillion times when i was like four.

Yeah... ewww.

51 Name: Valkyrie Vamp : 2010-01-19 08:40 ID:/lfLgLyf

My first crush... hmmm.

I think it was Macualy Culkin after watching Home Alone about a gazillion times when i was like four.

Yeah... ewww.

52 Name: Valkyrie Vamp : 2010-01-19 08:40 ID:/lfLgLyf

My first crush... hmmm.

I think it was Macualy Culkin after watching Home Alone about a gazillion times when i was like four.

Yeah... ewww.

53 Name: Valkyrie Vamp : 2010-01-19 08:40 ID:/lfLgLyf

My first crush... hmmm.

I think it was Macualy Culkin after watching Home Alone about a gazillion times when i was like four.

Yeah... ewww.

54 Name: Valkyrie Vamp : 2010-01-19 08:42 ID:/lfLgLyf

Sorry about that ^

i think my computer just had a heart attack

55 Name: Crazykid543 : 2010-01-25 08:58 ID:bLgV/Wmy

My First Crush I think was when i was about 10. I used to hang round with this lad then i saw his brother who was about 4 years older then me and he's just treat me like a little sister

56 Name: Tristana : 2010-01-28 10:42 ID:Pe3dWydw

I think the first one was when I was like... 6-7ish. Actually, we were (the girls) ganging against the guys but they were so nice to us... But I admit I had a crush on that particular boy... I don't know if I blushed or anything but it was kinda embarassing because we did judo together and were in the same class.
We were friends - not even close ones - and he never knew. But when I dropped Judo, he dropped too, admitting it was not the same since I left. It was so cute... But now, my friends are still teasing me because of that. I never saw him after I left - just once, and I was like: OMG, cute boy!

(But I admittedly stole my best friend's 'husband' when in kindergarden... ahem... and my stupid mother took pictures! But the two stuck together and the guy is still in love with her... had been for almost 20 years.)

57 Name: Shadow04 : 2010-01-30 03:18 ID:6bUDCn1i

I have crushes on TV characters... 'WEIERDO!' you may be thinknig, but it's the truth! Shadow the Hedgeho was my first.
Again: 'WEIRDO!!!' but, again-TRUE! I have 1 slightly on shun... but it's most probably nothin!!! XD

58 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女です : 2010-01-30 03:30 ID:HFTn/d+T

>>57 nothing weird with having crushes on fictional characters my dear ;)

59 Name: Tristana : 2010-01-30 15:23 ID:Pe3dWydw

@Shadow04 > That's normal! (I was in love with Robin Hood when a kid and I still have massive crushes on certain anime charas...)

60 Name: BloodWhiteWolf : 2010-01-31 15:49 ID:1wwCNjgt

Mmm I think my first crush was on Rik Mayall/Drop Dead Fred...dont hate me! the orange hair and the green suit and those red shoes are just awesome...
Once I actually went into town with him and nearly got ran over. :/ I wasn't allowed to see that movie again until last year. Nice.

61 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2010-02-01 13:08 ID:wE9GJfLk

Lolz, I still get crushes over fictional characters (cartoon wise). Me and my friends well ocasionally chatter about out fake crushes and have a few laughs.

I've already said my first crush - well if you can call it that. I'm not sure if it was a crush or just be very close friends and mistaking it for that. :|

Right now I have a crush on a guy who I used to live on the same street as, his sister who i was friends with once told me he had a crush on me but i was young and ignored it. Now after we met up on Facebook I realised how much i missed him, only problem is he has a serious relationship with a girlfriend. A bit heartbreaking but i'll get over it. ^^
Heck, my friends are already teasing me over flirting with a friend of theirs at a small concert. I tell you, you can't play a simple basketball game wtih a guy (and win... lol, his pride was so hurt at losing to a girl) without everyone wolf whistling at you. It's like kindergarden: "oh look a boy and girl are playing together, they must be going out!"

62 Name: Bola : 2010-02-01 15:13 ID:5w5DWWka

Okay. This may seem odd, but my first crush... was at the age of 4. I drew myself and my kindergarten teacher with lots of hearts around it. I'm not sure whether it really was a crush, or just me looking up at her.

My current fan crush is Emma Thompson. She's still HOT regardless age. :p I mean, everyone his or her taste, right?

63 Name: Nalanna : 2010-02-06 14:24 ID:yQhJdszL

My first "crush" was Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I was 8...Who wouldn't want a tall dark, handsome, RICH man who eventually admits what an idiot he is?

The first boy I liked, I had never noticed until he did a pretend strip tease at our school disco. It was to some god-awful Boyzone song aswell... Hahaha, I loved Primary School. Sadly, a year or so later he emigrated to New Zealand. I remember giving him a penny to "remember England" by, but I really meant "rememeber me."

In Highschool I fell for a polish guy. He was my first serious crush, but when I look back, I think "ewwwww" >shudder<.

lol, and then there was the "dreamboat" that EVERY girl wanted. It was terrible though, because the bitching and backstabbing wouldn't stop. I was heartbroken when I saw him kissing another girl at a party. But I am feisty, so I went home and ruined their characters by writing. Then I left the group of people associated with them, found new friends and moved on from their pathetic games. You coukd say liking him was a turning point in my attitude towards life lol.

There then followed a string of crushes. All very different from the last. Luckily, I am now with a great guy who I crushed on for a year before I met him. Weird, since we never spoke to each other, and only knew of the other's existence from a mutual friend. But we are now going on six months. I agree teen romance paints love in a rosy glow, but sometimes, amazing things can happen. (I'm only sharing this because I want to give hope. Mine was a hopeless case, and yet look at us now!)

64 Name: eldradmustlive : 2010-02-14 15:03 ID:DfC+/w2J

My first crush was a boy called Daniel Lettington, he was the first boy I hugged and I squished him too hard, whoops but then it was cool, we would hold hands, joke, stuff like that, we went out three times. Then I realised he was just a total utter prat, he dumped me for this other girl who I was sort of friends with at the time, when I told her she hugged me and punched him, that was quite funny even though I hate violence. But he always asked me out during a wet break when he was on this beanbag that my friends' dad made.
My crush now is this wonderful boy, who I feel I've loved since we met in Year 6. I'm now in Year 10. he recently gave me a birthday present and I wouldn't stop smiling every time I think about it. And once, i was sat next to him in Maths, and i didn't get it, so I went, "Hey," and he turned, gave me his full attention and said "Yes my dear?" I've never forgotten that moment as I stopped in my tracks and didn't know what to say for the next five minutes. I went red but I didn't care; He'd just called me 'his dear'!

65 Name: eldradmustlive : 2010-02-14 15:03 ID:DfC+/w2J

My first crush was a boy called Daniel Lettington, he was the first boy I hugged and I squished him too hard, whoops but then it was cool, we would hold hands, joke, stuff like that, we went out three times. Then I realised he was just a total utter prat, he dumped me for this other girl who I was sort of friends with at the time, when I told her she hugged me and punched him, that was quite funny even though I hate violence. But he always asked me out during a wet break when he was on this beanbag that my friends' dad made.
My crush now is this wonderful boy, who I feel I've loved since we met in Year 6. I'm now in Year 10. he recently gave me a birthday present and I wouldn't stop smiling every time I think about it. And once, i was sat next to him in Maths, and i didn't get it, so I went, "Hey," and he turned, gave me his full attention and said "Yes my dear?" I've never forgotten that moment as I stopped in my tracks and didn't know what to say for the next five minutes. I went red but I didn't care; He'd just called me 'his dear'!

66 Name: LyssaOneiroi : 2010-03-01 13:27 ID:iUPZDh0k

I used to fancy this boy in primary school, complete a*** and not even that good looking when I think about it.
I don't think I really liked him that much but my friends all started fancying boys and I felt left out.

67 Name: Allie : 2010-03-01 15:30 ID:NgqLwNZy

not necessarily my first crush, but my current crush. his name's liam and he's drop dead gorgeous. only thing is he's never noticed me before. sigh.

68 Name: ravengal : 2010-03-17 17:06 ID:I0Z9NgiV

My first crush was when I was 10, on the boy that every girl wanted. His name was Gareth. He was so handsome and full of life... and, occasionally, I'd pick up hints that he liked me too, but I was far too shy to talk to him, never mind confess.

Anyway, he asked to look at my Pokemon cards one day and then the prat stole my shiny Hitmonchan. >.< Still haven't forgiven him for that, but I was too love-struck to ask for it back. headdesk

We went to separate high schools the following year. I eventually got over him and obsessed over somebody else. :P

69 Name: Danibear423 : 2010-04-07 15:43 ID:/34nK83/

Well I've got a few stories:
When I was 6/7 I was like the most popular person in my year 'cuz I was good at everything, and I was a nice little girl. I had races with all the boys in my class and I'd always beat all of them. My short little legs carried me fast. I liked this boy called George. Anyway... We also played kiss chase. Everyone would play. The girls were usually on and we caught most of them. The idea was that we would kiss them, and then let them go. The only problem was that everyone refused to kiss the boys. It was hilarious. I even refused to kiss george, I thought that it would make it so that he never talked to me again, so I kissed him cheek and told him to go. He was meant to join my form for the high school I go to, but he never turned up for the first day.

I moved schools at the end of year 3, I started at the new school and immediately liked a guy, when I was 8, then I found out that everyone liked one of two guys: Tom, or Aaron. I chose Tom. We used to play this game where all the girls that liked the boy would stand in a line and the boy would choose someone to kiss. all the girls that liked Tom on one side and All the grils that liked Aaron on the other side. They always chose the same girls. Then once we were playing dares and Aaron kissed me. Recently, my best friend, who didn't know about that went out with Aaron for 2 days (We are 13) and got exited when he hugged her. I found it difficult not to laugh.

When I finally got over everyone liking the same guy, I pretended to like Tom, whilst liking a boy called Josh. I was 9. His Dad was principal of the Junior school and the high school. He was one of my closest friends as all the boys and girls got along. I got some signs that he liked me back but did nothing about it. I thought i was in love with him. He was constantly invading my thoughts and he was my only true friend, he taught me his technique of how to run fast and I had so much fun. Then he told us that he was moving to Argentina. The night of the day he left, I cried. I constantly listened to 'I miss you' by Miley Cyrus, and didn't even care about the fact it was about a dead person. I felt like he died, I would never see him again. When he left, everyone that I thought was my friend left me, he was my only real friend, the friendships I thought I had were his doing. I cried about him for months and never told anyone what I was crying about. A year after he left,when I was 10, I forgot about him, and then I had a dream about him and kept hoping he would come back. I found he is back in England, but a long way away.

Then a couple of years ago I started to like a boy in my class called Will. He liked me back , but I didn't know at the time. He then went out with a girl called Laura and I stopped liking him. We are now friends, but the thought of going out with him repulses me.

Then a few months ago I liked an ass hole, Elliot. We were friends, talking on MSN absolutely all the time. We were up all night talking. I liked him, I told someone, he found out, he blocked me, started ignoring me. Then I started talking to him after getting over the jerk 2 months ago. He was going out with someone but I didn't care, and I didn't like him. He made fun of me when I was rubbing my temples because I had a headache. I was going through a really bad time and it didn't help. He was an ass half of the time and was nice the other half. He spent 2 weeks begging me to forgive him, I finally do and then a week later he starts ignoring me again. Ass. And he didn't knwo what I meant when I said he'd changed and that he was two faced.

Here is the best part: I am in contact with all of the guys mentioned here.
George- Facebook
Josh- Facebook
Aaron- At my school
Elliot- At my school
Tom- In my class
Will - One of my friends
:P I find this quite funny. You know I didn't think I had actually kissed Aaron that day, until he told me last year.

Oh... I forgot Celebrity crushes:
Age 6- One of the boys in S Club 7
Age 8- Zac Efron
Age 10- Still Zac Efron
Age 12- Rob Pattinson

By the way, someone had better appreciate that, It took me nearly an hour to think of all that and write it down

70 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-07 15:49 ID:iR3WWPr6

Tbh, it was boring as hell and is supposed to be for age 13 plus. So, in the nicest possible way, GTFO, kid.

71 Name: Danibear423 : 2010-04-08 04:59 ID:X8TuKRDa

I am 13

72 Name: Danibear423 : 2010-04-08 05:07 ID:X8TuKRDa

>>70 I AM 13! For fucks sake. If it was so boring then why the hell did you read it? And if it's for 13+ then why oh why do they have things that are rated K? and K+? I don't read them but why the hell are they there then? My life is full of shit as it is so please Go. Away. aka. Fuck Off.
Btw. Go back to when you were my age. What would you think if someone said that to you. I get enough of that from school so please, just, don't.

73 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-08 10:01 ID:iR3WWPr6

Welcome to the internet, darlin'.

74 Name: LiGi : 2010-04-11 08:37 ID:8NIoKfSi

Whoa calm down! @Danibear don't worry just ignore the troll.

My first crush was when I was about 5, this boy had the same birthday as me so I was convinced we were soul mates!

Then I had numerous boyfriends all through primary school - all of which I shudder at remembering!

My worst and most recent crush is my best friend's boyfriend - yeah not a great idea especially when he found out! oops!!

Celebrity crush - Milo Ventimiglia!!

ps. sorry about my excessive use of exclamation marks!

75 Name: Fee : 2010-04-11 10:26 ID:axfPO9Jr

>>70 Technically, its only the writing it yourself bit that's for 13+. You can actually read it from any age.

>>72 For all the people who have spent their lives wrapped in cotton wool. You have mature thirteen year olds, and you have really immature thirteen year olds. I can see why Anon would think you were under thirteen - that was my first impression too.

Also, don't have a go at Anon. They're actually dead right - that did read as a very confusing, long-winded rant about EVERY crush of your childhood and then some. Also, it doesn't quite add up, unless you repeated one age. Which is unlikely, somehow. People read things posted on the internet for a variety of reasons - don't post something if you don't want a negative comment. It's like singing a song and then moaning when people don't like it.

>>74 That's more exclamation marks than I have seen all week. My eyes...

76 Name: moonphase : 2010-04-11 12:16 ID:A4+wUEpE

>>69, are you for real? I read the first two lines and started laughing.

77 Name: Danibear423 : 2010-04-14 08:30 ID:QkFcVEM2

Yeah... I can be very immature at times, but then at other times I seem a lot older than I am, That was a very immature moment. Sorry about blowing up on you guys. I just re-read what I wrote and I started laughing too.
Yeah, it was long winded, boring as hell and I'm sorry :P.
It was 1 in the morning when I wrote that stuff so I was tired, and when I'm tired, I blow up at anything.
Once again, sorry xx

78 Name: moonphase : 2010-04-14 14:22 ID:A4+wUEpE

>>77, it's cool :)

79 Name: HMemma546 : 2010-04-15 14:22 ID:iAoOfk8c

My first crush was this boy called Daniel (That's also my brothers name). We were friends in my first primary school and I loved him. He moved away and I moved as well so we rarely saw each other so I decided to confess.
This is how it went (How much I remember of the conversation)
Me: I love you
Daniel: Go away hangs up
That taught me a lesson. Never fall in love with a boy who has the same name as my brother.
In my middle school I had a crush on a boy name Phillip, a boy from the high school. Seeing as we lived in another town away from the school we had to catch the bus (well coach) and he was funny and so sweet. I really liked him and after a while I got the courage to ask him if he would go out with me. He said he would think about it. Okay, I should have crash down then but I had my hopes high. And then he gave me a note doing the 'better of as friends'. I still hoped but it faded away especially as I got fed up with the bulling at my school and switch.
When I was in Yr9 I crushed on this boy called Cameron. He was cute and I really like him. My ex-friend asked him out for me and of course no but when I cleared that I really did want to go out with him it was better as friends gag.
You know when they tell me that I realise it was just a crush because when they tell me I don't feel sad, I just pull a smile and usually it the thought that I should be upset my crush rejected me that gets me crying.
Now I crushing on my favourite TV star of the series of Merlin. Colin Morgan! Well....acutally I'm crushing on the character Merlin but he does play him.
You know, I think I keep crushing on him. Coz at least I don't get rejected when I ask. ;)

80 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-16 06:02 ID:8NIoKfSi

>>79 yes Colin Morgan! And Bradley James! or Merlin and Arthur!

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