You're A Girl, Hinata?!? (10)

1 Name: Gouken 20xx : 2009-11-22 07:46 ID:mITt4dgY

Throughout Naruto, I have to say I loathe one aspect of it.

Naruto has a very beautiful young fangirl, around the same age as him, who adores him...
And yet, as we approach 475 chapters, She had to go into the middle of a goddamn battlefield to actually say 'I love you, Naruto', and he seems to have forgotten it happened, preferring to be busy still trying to save Konohagakure from Akatsuki.

Has anyone got any other examples of a guy somehow being totally blind to the point of ignorance of a very beautiful female character who thinks the world of them, or their own opinions on NaruHina, which is, to be honest, the only pairing left with Naruto in it that isn't stillborn or assassinated...

2 Name: wickedR : 2009-11-22 12:18 ID:i8SI2peB

I write only if I can't read/find the storyline I imagined anywhere. then I have to write it myself and I would come back to read it a few months later, when I forget it enough so that I can enjoy reading my favourite storyline. LOL.
I really don't care all that much if anyone else likes it or not.

3 Name: DarthRevanShepard : 2009-11-22 13:19 ID:4eghCG3E

Ichigo from Bleach. Despite the fact I hate Ichihime I'll say that Ichigo is completely oblivious of the feelings Orihime has for him. He seems to constantly ignore the signs such as when she always calls out his name when he or herself is hurt or losing fight and the fact that she always heals him before anyone else and is always watching. This was shown when she was healing Rukia but she is only watching Ichigo and is hurt by the sorrow in his eyes when he looks at Rukia because she feels that he possibley loves her, making her feel inadequate and jealous. The confession she gives him though isn't relevant because he was unconcious at the time. He's also completely oblivious to the obvious feelings that Rukia has for him and possibly oblivious to his own possible feelings for her and Renji's feelings for her.

That being said there can be female characters who are oblivious of a male characters feelings for them. Orihime is oblivious of Ishida's obvious feelings for her. The same with Rukia not seeing Renji or Ichigo's feelings for her.

4 Name: Scourgeofthegalaxy : 2009-11-22 16:38 ID:zXh6ZC9L

How about every single bloody character from Ranma 1/2?

Sometimes it's just necessary to keep the plot going. Naruto is a bit of a cash-cow. They're going to keep it going as long as possible.

5 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-11-25 18:07 ID:BiCx2EqU

Christ I agree, honest to God. NaruHina is the only pairing left in that series for the lovable blonde which isn't gonna make me shout "Bullshit!". I am a diehard NaruSaku fan, more for my own personal reasons than my thoughts that it will actually happen. I'm not stupid, even I'm thinking Naruto's too good for Sakura.

Personally, I'm under the belief that in Naruto the pairings aren't important, it's a story about ninjas kicking ass, not a story about ninjas falling love and having angsty teenage love triangles lol.

I agree with >>3, that one is all over the shop, Rukia doesn't notice Renji's feelings, Orihime doesn't notice Ishida's feelings and Ichigo doesn't notice Orihime's feelings. Though personally I'm thinking he's gonna figure it out before the end of the series, God please let him figure it out, I'm begging you.

I can't think of many others, I mean Fruits Basket, we're shown the characters are kinda obsessed with their love triangles nearing the end and in Ouran only Kaoru and Hikaru's feelings are not noticed by Haruhi, along with about half of the school populus being unaware of their feelings for one another, but then again they can't seem to twig that Haruhi is a girl, androgynous or not, no boy is actually that pretty.

One Piece, god who cares about pairings in that one? I much prefer watching Luffy beat shit into people and watch Zoro cut people into ribbons than watching each character pondering about what's going on in their hearts.

God I'm ranting a lot tonight, sorry bout that lol.

6 Name: SherryCat : 2009-11-27 10:43 ID:lrX8qI4m

>>4 omg Ranma 1/2 is a classic example lol

7 Name: MPL-66 : 2009-11-27 14:34 ID:2PvOHXA0

Now, I wouldn't say this is meant to be talked about. This site is for the general disscusion of fan-works itself, not for fan-cultures. Not trying to be rude.

8 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-11-27 15:11 ID:BiCx2EqU

>>7 Its says Fan-works and Fan-culture as the section, and then throw in freedom of speech lol

9 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-11-30 08:21 ID:rJgnyKm5

I know what you mean about NaruHina. Personally, I'm not a fan of that pairing anymore, as I'm completely dedicated to NaruSasu...however! I don't want any of them to pair off in the actual show. Not even Naruto and Sasuke, because I agree with The Unreal Insomniac; Naruto isn't a show meant for love - it's meant for action and violence. Relationships, yes, but not for the aspect of love.

10 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-11-30 15:13 ID:BiCx2EqU

>>9 I'm all for the relationships and love but honestly, I say he should wait til the end and have them get together then. Leave it for fanfic writers like myself to mess with the unknown, I will love Kishimoto forever if he gives me a big filthy gap at the end between the final fight and an epilogue showing Naruto as a parent with whomever as a wife or as Hokage.

I will go to town with that for a fic, I already have it planned lol. Sad I know.

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