Plan for HP FanFic (6)

1 Name: Beanacre0 : 2009-11-03 14:53 ID:Z4+jn/fi

Right, I had this Idea for a Harry Potter Story. When Hermione was a baby, her parents were killed by Lucius Malfoy. Severus Snape found her and took her to Hogwarts. The staff said they would raise her and they did, her closest members being Severus, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore and Poppy Pomfrey. Over the Christmas, Draco Malfoy is kept at school while nearly everyone else goes home. Hermione and Him grow close, fall in love. That Kind of thing. I haven't really planned it like that yet, I just wanted some ideas.

2 Name: dance with the devil : 2009-11-03 14:59 ID:gDcB8tJQ

i think thats a great idea and you have the basis for a great fic there, just remember, this is how all the great writers started their novels, just stick with it and you'll find your flow

3 Name: Beanacre0 : 2009-11-04 09:05 ID:Z4+jn/fi

Thanks, I have a cover made and have started. I had an idea for a prequel where we watch Hermione grow up in Hogwarts and her relationships develop with the Staff.

4 Name: dance with the devil : 2009-11-04 10:06 ID:fwGf0RJ5

i look forward to reading it

5 Name: Beanacre0 : 2009-11-04 13:15 ID:YsIVn0fe

I will try to post it soon, but I plan to focus on three of my stories. Singer 3, The Curse of Eternity and The Daughter of the Unicorns.

6 Name: dance with the devil : 2009-11-04 13:31 ID:fwGf0RJ5

i understand, i do the same thing

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