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1 Name: HannahFitz : 2009-10-27 08:12 ID:GP46z4DM

[bubblegirl89236] - Who would be interested in a new site or hopefully link for completed fanfics complete with online cover? Also maybe an online gallery for fanart.

I think it would be awsome as people who only like Reading complete fanfics and would also be able to rate them would be able to do so faster.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-27 08:38 ID:g2W0p02n

On fanfiction.net, you can filter the results so that you see only completed fanfiction. It is that option right next to the "Go" button.

3 Name: HannahFitz : 2009-10-27 08:44 ID:GP46z4DM

Yes I know that, though I did 4gt to mention, but I wanted a place for the best of the best. Can you rate in fanfiction ??

4 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-27 08:46 ID:g2W0p02n

There are plenty of other fanfiction websites that accept only "better fanfiction."

5 Name: hsmfan1351 : 2009-10-27 14:22 ID:g2ql2Z99

>>4 What other fanfiction websites???

6 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-10-27 20:03 ID:mVzjf8mv

7 Name: Bola : 2009-10-28 04:54 ID:77BneVX8

csi-forensics.com, for example. It only accepts fanfictions after a thorough reading-through by one of the moderators. You need a really great level of grammar and spelling to post on there. I didn't get in there in the very beginning, now that my grammar has improved, I just reach that level.
Another example would be perfectimagination.co.uk. It's maybe mostly known as a beta central. Anyways, it requires you finish a test and have minimum 80% to pass. It's hell. I tried it about five or six times. I never passed. My beta, who has a Boston University degree in English, did not pass, either. It's sure depressing.

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