To Cross or Not To Cross... (18)

1 Name: Kennie : 2009-10-01 18:07 ID:skzukOK+

That is the question!

Do you like crossovers or loathe them? Have you ever written one? Got any advice for those thinking about writing one? This is the thread for you!

2 Name: Chris000 : 2009-10-01 19:35 ID:awBiOi//

Love 'em, and they are my trade.

My two cents...pick your universes wisely. Do not go full retard and pick, say...Harry potter and the Matrix. This isn't to say that it's impossible to make such a thing work, but it makes it much much harder.

Also, if you feel like writing crossovers, research your universes, timelines, and anything that could be useful as elements in your stories.

3 Name: bola : 2009-10-01 22:36 ID:dU8OhFW9

As I think I already mentioned earlier, perhaps before the site momentarily collapsed, I think cross-overs are okay if the universes can stroke with each other. I think I gave the example of crossing CSI:Miami and Harry Potter and have Calleigh and Harry meet. 'So, you're a wizard, huh?' Can you imagine it? I believe that it's best to cross universes that have things in common, for example crime shows or science-fiction. I'm not saying that it's impossible, but you'd have to be hell of a good writer to get away with it. I wrote one crossover story as well thus far, I mixed my favorite shows CSI:Miami and Bones.

4 Name: Chris000 : 2009-10-02 05:17 ID:UbK3Q5hX

Yeah but that's plausible. You could see, say...Horatio and Booth meeting each other and discussing a crime. Maybe they could because it's a plasuible crossover, a government agency working with the police.

Your former though, the HP/Miami thing...raises a few eyebrows and turns heads the wrong way.

5 Name: Kennie : 2009-10-02 12:35 ID:wKW8gb3/

Sometimes, melding two universes that are completely opposite can be a fun challenge. Take my Buffy/SG-1 crossover for example. The Buffy universe is magical while SG-1 is based squarely in the scientific. It's a lot harder to write than, say my Buffy/Enchanted crossover.

Off topic, I'm not going to be around as much for a while. I'm in the middle of trying to move (without a moving date!) and my internet's been cut off. I'm currently scavenging a friend's. Hopefully it I'll get mine back soon.

6 Name: India Watson : 2009-10-02 12:35 ID:XwFG3Bik

I hate crossovers where you have like two random things. It just mucks it up and is not plausible.
Like Grey's Anatomy and Twilight.
Cross-over things that have stuff in common. Like Buffy and Supernatural.
Sorry if I'm butting in here or whatever.

7 Name: tiger002 : 2009-10-02 21:47 ID:Yq7UMaBr

The thing is, you can have a good story with a bizarre crossover, but only if you don't take the crossover itself seriously. One story I thought of was what if some fantasy based characters found themselves in a realistic fandom. I didn't spend any time addressing how, but used it for comedy, and it worked.

8 Name: SpikeyGirl : 2009-10-03 05:49 ID:GOFq3mbY

I'm guilty of both random and weird crossovers, and somehow they seem to work for me. But then again my crossovers are more like they share the same story, not they all meet each other. Some meet others but I prefer to keep it simple where I can.

I only tend to write crossovers where I can see links between them like being in a place nearby or similar characters/backgrounds.

9 Name: TheNightShadow4 : 2009-10-03 14:25 ID:0dyt28v4

I've read a few crossovers and they were o-kay. I liked the ones that had a logical reason as to why 'so-&-so' is now in this world and not there own, though. I don't like if (s)he just shows up with no explanation as to why/how.

I tend to agree with making sure the worlds are compatible with one another; and I really think you should only cross anime with anime, TV shows with TV shows, and all the. Maybe if you'll really good, you can make it work, but you have to be careful.

I don't think I'll write one tell I know I can do both worlds justice.

10 Name: ShatteredGlass : 2009-10-04 06:54 ID:8DZK9XNK

I love cross overs though I admit they work much better with two things that already have something in common. Am reading a few Twilight/Heroes crossover and am loving them. I had completed a Twilight/Doctor Who cross over until it mysteriously got deleted. I can't repost until my computers fixed. Damn.

11 Name: Harbinger of Doom : 2009-11-01 10:45 ID:GgF2qwEW

I really want to see a few good Heroes/Smallville crossovers, or Heroes/Terminator would be pretty awesome. If machines took over in the Heroes universe, imagine all the cool fights and possibly epic storyline? Infact, thats a challenge for anyone who wants to take it.

12 Name: RoseMMBlack : 2009-11-01 11:48 ID:zc07BTY5

I'm doing a batman/Harry potter and it doing really well.

13 Name: tiger002 : 2009-11-01 18:11 ID:Yq7UMaBr

I like Harbinger's idea, but sadly I don't know much about either fandom.

14 Name: Rhi.Scissorhands : 2009-11-02 10:21 ID:7d9X21A9

A crossover could be really good if the fandoms tie up. For example, I read this amazing story over on called 'One Depp Too Far For Mr Wonka' by DemonFaerieQueen (I think that's how it's spelt) and the way the fandoms were brought together was really well thought of. And there is a sequel to it aswell, but that's a bit more randomly crossed.

15 Name: Natalie : 2009-11-02 15:40 ID:GpUj6jjz

I'm doing a Anita Blake/Harry Potter crossover =]
It's slash by the way, go onto my Fanfiction account and you'll find it under Harry Potter : New Life

16 Name: CritcalAngel : 2009-11-03 07:40 ID:IdO88Q/g

I've done a Waterloo Road/Torwood crossover, which I think is ok...

But I agree with what has already been said. Crossovers are good, but only if they make sense. If they don't, what's the point of them?

17 Name: ggctuk : 2009-11-03 11:07 ID:IBcpi0TN

I mainly used to specialize in crossovers. My enite account on is one small crossover section on its own really.

18 Name: Yellow 14 : 2009-11-07 14:12 ID:d+67jLSk

I just keep spitting crossovers out, especailly W.I.T.C.H crossovers. The best ones, in my opinion, are those that place the characters from one universe as belonging to another. An excellent example can be found in the Ace Combat crossovers section. There's a HP crossover there that demonstrates this nicely.

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