Whats the obsession with Yaoi...? (129)

1 Name: SOTG : 2009-09-27 10:48 ID:q5u8FON/

OK, I'm a guy. I'm not a fangirl, so, please, suspend disbelief. I don't understand what the big deal about yaoi fanfiction is. Two guys? Not for me.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-27 10:58 ID:R/WAvJ4x

It is understandable why males would not be interested in yaoi... because it seems "unmanly"...

Really, that's true! Do not guys always experience pressure to be "manly"? That is what discourages guys from expressing any interest in "gayness." The same is less true of girls. There has been a recent article that reported that in Sweden, more percentage of girls than guys have had "gay experiences" by age 18 (about 5-15% for girls versus 1-3% for guys).

Of course, since much of the population is heterosexual, it would be most natural for people in general to be more comfortable with opposite-gender gayness than with gayness of their own gender.

3 Name: SOTG : 2009-09-27 11:20 ID:q5u8FON/

Oh my god I'm going to Sweden.

And men pressured to be manly? I'm not sure. I think the current social climate of the world tells everyone to be themselves.

A good answer to my question though. There are limits, however. I knowq people who like Transformers Yaoi. Optimus Prime and Starscream is their favourite pairing, I believe...

4 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2009-09-27 11:39 ID:uiemOtFX

Because girls like hot guys. To them, one hot guy = good. Two hot guys = better.

So stereotypically girls like yaoi. And stereotypically guys like yuri.

5 Name: SeraEris : 2009-09-27 11:40 ID:tUP/0uyo

the majority of fanfictionists are women
Yaoi is a kind of art which target audience is young women

6 Name: SOTG : 2009-09-27 12:00 ID:q5u8FON/

Majority women? Perhaps it depends on which source material you use. I write for Ranma 1/2, and it's pretty evenly balanced. You get the odd Yaoi and Yuri, but considering the main character is male and female at the same time, it's not that bad.

7 Name: Sukari : 2009-09-27 13:00 ID:xj7eqzsu

Okay, I'm a girl and I don't like yaoi! Seriously. But worst of all is incest. And worst worst of all is Wincest >:( People, they are brothers, they should love eachother as brothers, nothing more, GAH!!!!

8 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-09-27 13:52 ID:zZX5+HKK

I'm with Crimson Cataclysm. One hot guy is a blessing. Two hot guys is a miracle. Two hot guys making out is nirvana.

Women think guys are hot. Why wouldn't a man think so?

I write a LOT of yaoi. In a few of my fics the men involved are bi but it is by no means a standard with me. They can be gay, or bi, or whatever. I don't care, because it's all good.

I'm going to have to check out the Ranma 1/2 fanfiction now.

9 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2009-09-27 15:00 ID:dg9j4CCR

This is just another lesson in stereotyping.

You might as well be asking why girls like wearing makeup and standing around the hallways making fun of people outside their clique.

Some girls don't like yaoi. Some do. Some girls don't like yuri. Some do.
Some guys don't like yaoi. Some do. Some guys don't like yuri. Some do.

Are you asking because you REALLY want to know why girls like yaoi, or are you just looking for an excuse to put it down and spit at it?

10 Name: bola : 2009-09-27 15:11 ID:g9uq/4Do

I understand that someone could be against or just not for yaoi/yuri, but it's part of life. Actually, it's just a tiny little difference in life style. I don't suite understand how anyone could take it so heavy.

11 Name: SeraEris : 2009-09-27 19:26 ID:tUP/0uyo

>>7 i dont know the fandom really
but a brother to brother relationship is kind of common in japanese culture
Yaoi doesnt mean lemon
if you write about two boys that show some interest for each other thats yaoi, it doesnt need sex to be yaoi
also bad written lemons almost always destroy the whole feeling of the Yaoi [or Yuri]

i fanfiction im just into H7M yuri and nothing more
but i watch yaoi anime as much i watch yuri ones

i ll show you a pic that some artist made


this is Konzaito [white hair] and Jateitto from Sailor Moon
it is a cannon couple not a made up one.

the way the hand on his abdomen hold him is so tender and sensitive, and then the grab on his wrist it is some kind of dominant and then the gesture with his nose trailing his arm, taking in his sent and all
that's Yaoi and the picture in my opinion she amazing

12 Name: SeraEris : 2009-09-27 19:31 ID:tUP/0uyo

>>11 i meant Konzaitto and ZOISAITTO not jateitto grrr

thats why i have to stop replying things at 5.30 in the morning :S

13 Name: Doomflower : 2009-09-28 08:59 ID:U1XvNDwQ

I've actually written a paper (A Critical Analysis of Slash Fiction Theories) which is set to be published in L&B Psychology Review later this year (Yes, I'm a psychologist), so if anyone is interesed,I'll forward it to them.

There are lots of reasons why people are interested in yaoi...some involve issues with gender stereotyping etc, but ultimatly I really think it's just because it's hot and it's fun to write and shouldn't be over-analysed.

Fair enough if some people don't like it, but those who bang on about how 'sickening' it is are just ignorant homophobes ^_^

14 Name: bola : 2009-09-28 12:34 ID:vAZGgS2G

plz forward it to me. I'm taking psychology classes for the second year now. :)

15 Name: Doomflower : 2009-09-28 13:56 ID:U1XvNDwQ

Sure...though I don't know the best way to proceed...I'd need an email address to send it to, but it's probably best not to just post our email addresses on this board...any ideas?

16 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-28 14:02 ID:R/WAvJ4x

This is Bola on fanfiction.net:

17 Name: SeraEris : 2009-09-28 20:37 ID:SkMblXBx

>>13 i would like to read it too
if you click on my name it'll send you to my profile where you can message me ^_^

18 Name: CaroShadow : 2009-09-29 08:15 ID:yOgFSQaa

sounds interesting, cuz' I don't get the whole yaoi-addiction yep XD. (name is FF account)

19 Name: Judaphine : 2009-09-29 16:02 ID:SZ6pXfT8

love yaoi for a previously mentioned reason: OMG!! HOT GUYS!! XD

20 Name: bola : 2009-09-30 13:53 ID:vAZGgS2G

Thanks Anonymous, for stepping in. :) The English was not the easiest, but you wrote an amazingly well article. Good research.

21 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-09-30 23:11 ID:c1UvPCbu

I'd like to read the article. By email (bardmary@aol.com) would probably be easiest, or you can click on the link for my FFN.

22 Name: RandomerHere : 2009-10-01 09:35 ID:ngrBxOlb

It's hot o XD

23 Name: Fifi McFu : 2009-10-02 09:15 ID:tzGBiNad

Here's the thing.

Lots of guys like to watch two girls get it on.

Well, reverse it. Then, take well known characters.

Result, yaoi fanfiction.

Its simple.

24 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-03 09:43 ID:L2mw9ZWa

Fifi McFu has a very good point. I can see the reasoning to why its there and why its so popular.

But you've gotta admit, it's freaking EVERYWHERE!

I wouldn't mind if it was well written but most of what I've found is one of four things:

Poorly written
Completely unfeasable
A grammatical nightmare

Now yes two girls getting it on can be entertaining, I won't lie, but if you look at the ratio of Yuri fics with Yaoi fics, Jesus, Joseph and Mary, it's quite distinctly in favour of Yaoi.

25 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-03 09:45 ID:R/WAvJ4x

"it's quite distinctly in favour of Yaoi."
When you look at the ratio between girls who write fanfiction and boys who write fanfiction, it's quite distinctly in favor of girls.

26 Name: Maxximumride666 : 2009-10-03 10:40 ID:19pnCXfb

Doomflower, i'd also like to read your paper, it sounds pretty interesting!! And i agree with the 'ignorant homophobes' remark!!

27 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-03 11:29 ID:L2mw9ZWa


Fair point, but I know a lot of guys who write fanfics

28 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-10-03 11:35 ID:ekCKIa1/

>>27 Even so, statistically, girls are in the majority when it comes to fanfic.

29 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-03 12:09 ID:L2mw9ZWa


Yeah most likely, but as I said, I'm not saying it should go, I just wish it was better written.

30 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-10-03 12:19 ID:ekCKIa1/

>>29 Yeah, I totally agree with that. I dislike the term 'yaoi' because it means "no climax, no point, no meaning" and a lot of it is just meaningless, oft badly-written, gratuitous sex.

Is it too much to ask for some plot, and some actual romance? D= People would accuse hetero couples of being sluts if they just jumped into bed. I don't understand why there seems to be some sort of double standard when it comes to homosexual couples. It frustrates me. >__<

31 Name: ZodiacRain : 2009-10-03 13:10 ID:SaOaip5c

I'd also like to read your paper Doomflower. If it is possible, could you PM it to my FF.net account? If not, send me a PM requesting my email, lol.

As for shonen-ai... I'm a bit different then a lot of yaoi fangirls in that the fanfics I read typically fit into the G-PG13 range. So because the smut element is gone, the fanfics tend to focus on the characters.

I base my interest on shonen-ai not only on hotness (it can play anywhere from a major to a negligible role) but also on the interaction between the characters in canon. For example, I'm more likely to read an Oishi/Akasaka fanfic (the manga interaction between those two, while not sexual/sexy, is interesting) then a Keiichi/Satoshi fanfic (the two never met in Higurashi canon, but they're both somewhat sexy.) I'm more likely to read England/France (Hetalia) then England/America because even though both pairings have flirty canon interaction, the England/France stuff is more interesting.

And even though I'm most likely to notice the interaction between 2 guys in a romantic/sexual light, other types of pairings get me too. The relationship between Charlotte and Vendetta (Making Fiends) is SO cartoonishly extreme I can't help but read G/PG fluff on the two. And ever sense I've started writing my Vocaloids fanfic, I've paid more attention to opposite-gender couples.

So... I'm mainly a shonen-ai fangirl because I take more notice of the relationships between men in series.

32 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-03 14:06 ID:L2mw9ZWa


My money is on the fact that it makes all the people who like it go "SQUEE! Look at all the very unlikely or possibly impossible sex that [insert male name] and [insert male name] are having! It's so hot!"

I'm with you, if it's actually got some form of a plot I won't complain. I won't read it because I'm not a fan of it, but I won't complain.

It gets better though, I got flamed so much when I had a main female character practically jump my main male character for a chapter of sex, even when it actually had a point to it. Some people don't want plot it seems, just want to read sex.

33 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-10-04 01:57 ID:ekCKIa1/

>>32 But there are other sites for that. I don't judge people who just want simple porn - one of my best friends is addicted to it.

I'd just rather there was some sort of justification in the sex scenes that I read and write. I admit to writing smut ONCE, on a kink meme, because I needed to fill out somebody's prompt. But I did it anonymously. For all my other stuff, any sex is built up to over a long period of courting/romance, even if it's not immediately evident.

I think a lot of fanfic authors go straight for the sex scenes to try and spice up their stories, to get more reviews of "SQUEE OMG HOT!!1!" but I don't see the necessity. I'm bordering on 500 reviews on my main fic at the moment, and there's been no sex. There's been implied sex, sure, but none of it actually 'onscreen', as it were. And this is the Torchwood fandom - if you can get away with no sex scenes in a Torchwood fanfic, you can get away with it anywhere. xD

34 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-04 08:57 ID:L2mw9ZWa

>>33 Yeah you really can get away with it anywhere.

Hell that's one hell of an achievement, I tip my hat to you lol

35 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-10-04 12:26 ID:ekCKIa1/

>>34 Thanks. I actually used sex as a plot device at one point...but even then, it was totally off-screen. xD It's actually more fun just making vague references and seeing the reactions. Everybody has evidence to ship everything. Torchwood fandom is as it should be. ^___^

36 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-04 13:28 ID:L2mw9ZWa


It's hilarious though when you get some people who scream at you for saying how characters have had sex and why they shouldn't have. It's even funnier when you've left them guessing, and you know the characters haven't done anything.

I had that with a Naruto fic, it's was so funny

37 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-10-04 13:33 ID:ekCKIa1/

>>36 xD I had Greg (a Torchwood operative from 1941 that's been taken to the modern day, long story) come into the Hub with Agent Johnson, who Jack thinks is an alien clone. And Jack just has a cracking line of asking Greg if he's just "accidentally joined the 'I've shagged an alien' club." And Greg's only response is silence, but ALL of my readers think that something happened.

It's a good way of testing pairings before making them overt.

Also - link your name! I'd like to read some of your stuff. =o

38 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-04 18:25 ID:L2mw9ZWa


Do you mean my fanfiction.net pen name?

It's what you see mate, just search TheUnrealInsomniac.

I'm currently writing a Harry Potter fanfic as we speak so I'd love to hear your opinion on any of my fics.

39 Name: Madik : 2009-10-04 21:30 ID:JBprNZyf

I'm personally a huge fan of yaoi. Sometimes I want a PWP, but generally I go for stories where the characters' relationships are allowed to develop before they jump into bed. But still, I prefer "unlikely" ships only because the likely ones are often riddled with cliches, and start to sound alike.

As for writing, I've never actually written a sex scene. Although I write stories with m/m pairings, I tend to uh, keep it clean. Why? Because my little sister is my beta reader, and I'd be embarrassed if she read a blow-by-blow account.

Besides, if the story is written well, it doesn't always need to go the graphic route. Sometimes, a really mushy lovey-dovey couple scene is all I'm after.

40 Name: CrAzYwRiTeRgUrL : 2009-10-05 11:11 ID:pJWqWXiO

I fully support gay marriages and people but I don't go for slash that much. It's okay if it's cute but sometimes I can't stand them, especially Sirius/Remus from Harry Potter.

41 Name: ComaWhite.X : 2009-10-06 12:12 ID:2C++rHiJ

Me, I'm into yaoi. Deeply into yaoi. Why?
To me, it's escaping all the difficulty of finding my own sexuality. I have had difficulties with it since I was 7seven. Yes, seven.
To me, I'm not longer really questioning myself when there is only male genetalia. I feel more comfortable and I don't have to ask myself, 'now what am I aroused by here?' like in heterosexual relationships. I do enjoy het, but yaoi has a certain attraction for me. It gets me hot, end of.

42 Name: ScourgeOfTheGalaxy : 2009-10-06 12:54 ID:2sUWVGj/

Wow. I asked this ages ago. I didn't think it'd get such a huge response.

In reply to a question nearer the top, I'm generally interested. I'm not getting the question out for the hell of it.

Perhaps it's my gender. Perhaps it's a social stereotype I'm not aware of. Either way, I'm honestly interested in why Yaoi is so prolifent.

Doomflower, I'd love to have a copy of this paper. It'd make a good read, I'm sure. Perhaps you could post a link on this board, as well as send copies/links to people who asked. If you could send a copy to scourgeofthegalaxy@gmail.com, I'd be happy to read it.

I'm OK with gay relationships. I'm OK with lime stories (where it's suggested, but not detailed), but I don't want to be reading a good story and suddenly read Yaoi. Does anyone understand, or agree?

43 Name: Felix : 2009-10-08 11:47 ID:pEHPPzPV

I'm male and quite probably bi. I love yuri, love hetero, and like reading yaoi-though i find it awkweard to write.

44 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-10-09 11:39 ID:L2mw9ZWa


I'm with you, I don't mind it being done in a story, if its suggested or lime, but I can't read yaoi lemons. It's just me I'd imagine, I've got no problem with same sex couples, whoever makes you happy you should be with them and love them. But I don't like reading a good story and suddenly reading [insert male name] have sex with [insert other male name].

Creeps me out lol

45 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-10-09 15:30 ID:zZX5+HKK

I love reading yaoi lemons, I find them even more stimulating than het lemons. It's probably because I'm forced to use my imagination quite a bit when reading a yaoi lemon--not so with het, since I'm het. I enjoy the suggestion of yaoi or shonenai as well, and have actually written a shonenai story. I understand the appeal of the possibility as much as I do the appeal of straight-out yaoi.

I love it all--bring on the boy love!

46 Name: Joey Taylor : 2009-10-09 16:16 ID:uKjRsX2y

I'm not a big fan of yaoi myself, but if it's written well i can tolerate it. It depends if it progresses the plot or if it's yaoi for the sake of yaoi. There are good and bad ways to write it. I've seen for too many yaoi fics where the plot only exsists to get between lemons...

47 Name: LadyF : 2009-10-11 11:12 ID:Kkroa0jX

Mainly my criticism for yaoi is one of character profiling. a Lot of stuff I've read has generaly been OOC and unoriginal, where you are dealing with two characters who hate each other yet magically just suddenly get on or have angry sex a lot.

Granted I'm guilty a little of being a little OOC at times as I like to twist ideas etc, but I don't know, I'm not a fan of reading or writing romance so I guess thats where it's from

48 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-10-11 11:42 ID:zZX5+HKK


In defense of the formulaic...

  1. The lion's share of yaoi is written by young females.
  2. We're talking about two male characters who don't know how to deal with what they are feeling in any other way except to piss venom at the source of their confusion. In reality, men often resort to violence and rage when they can't handle their emotions. Since many women are well acquainted with this behavior, it's reasonable to assume they are writing yaoi the only way they understand.

Don't be too hard on the writers. Also, if you want to read some good yaoi that breaks that mold, I recommend my Kindred AU, beginning with, well, Kindred. I warn you though, there's heavy-duty lemon involved.

49 Name: inulover90 : 2009-10-19 22:33 ID:EyG9G0/Q

honestly i really don't like any of it. don't get me wrong, i have nothing against whoever writes it or whatever, i just thinks its wrong personally. especially the insesst.

i never could understand why people like it, but i figure what ever makes you happy go for it and write or do whatever to your heart's content.

50 Name: fezakyuu : 2009-10-20 00:19 ID:5qeEreFy

Ive only recently come into yaoi, before I got into Rockman I actually didn't like it but that didn't make me homophobic, so it's kinda weird how im now into it. But im glad I am. x)

51 Name: Sugarcrushed : 2009-10-20 08:17 ID:3cCk50fc

I like Yaoi and I like it because there aren't women.
I don't dislike women, I am one myself. It's just better I feel when it's two guys being together rather than a guy and some girl, I dunno, it helps if you find both guys hot too :). But it is I suppose, everyone to their own.

52 Name: Final Hedgehog Kingdom : 2009-10-21 16:30 ID:RfcgjLUp

I hate yaoi AND yuri. Those just don't seem right. Not that I'm a homophobic, but what I'm saying is that the fanfiction (in the category I'm reading) is no more realistic if two hetero characters become homo all of a sudden.

53 Name: inulover90 : 2009-10-21 17:03 ID:GI+TpjQY

@final hedgehog kingdom: i would have to agree with you there.

54 Name: Beau : 2009-10-21 17:10 ID:IVvB1/63

Most fanfiction (apart from the occasional ones with plots) is basically about porn-- het, yuri or yaoi. If you're a straight guy then obviously you won't like yaoi because you find it repulsive personally, even if you're okay with homosexuality. There's a difference between being open minded and being sexually aroused by something-- they're not the same things. It's like with girls-- straight girls won't be aroused by yuri but they are usually okay with being gay anyway. But then, a lot of straight girls get off on two guys together in the same way a lot of guys get off on two girls together. Personally het really doesn't do it for me, because I'm gay, in the same way that yaoi/yuri doesn't do it for straight people. It's really just a matter of 'whatever floats your boat'. Don't pick it apart, just ignore the bits you're not interested in and only look at what you are into. Simple :)

55 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-10-21 19:13 ID:zZX5+HKK

@Beau, I'm straight and het fanfiction does nothing for me EITHER. My current WIP involves a married couple, a man and his wife, and those portions have been the hardest ones for me to write. But the premise of the story involves a relationship between a man and that couple, so I intend to finish what I've started.

As a general rule I'll sprinkle a yaoi fic with het, but only because I'm straight and that is a path of lesser resistance for me psychologically. The prevailing genre of everything I've published thus far has been yaoi.

56 Name: Soralover101 : 2009-10-22 14:01 ID:dsME+WeW

I'm a straight girl, and though I don't hate het (seen as I am heterosexual it would be weird if I hated het pairings) but I find they don't do anything for me, I don't mind if their in a fic I'm reading (after all, you can have yaoi and het in the same fic) but I really like yaoi, granted I have read the odd pwp, but I like ones with a plot, and I have found a lot that have a well thought out plot behind it, as for writing, so far I have only written yaoi, but in the future I do intend to at least mention het couples in my fics, but I have to agree with Beau, that people like what they like and no point in flaming it, if you don't like something ignore it, simples :)

57 Name: xXXKhrixiaxHikariXXx : 2009-10-25 10:16 ID:L++6UAXd

Well I've never looked into it much before to be honest but I do agree that if there is any sex it should have something to do with the plot, like for example in TalinSquall's fanfic Strategy there since it is to do with the plot and the relationship of the characters.

58 Name: Cap'nBunny : 2009-10-28 17:35 ID:XuNDC7Tl

You know, I have to agree with SOTD...

I don't find yaoi appealing in the least... (YES I AM A GIRL D< AND NO I'M NOT GAY!)

I'm surrounded by friend who love it and are constantly going on about different pairings and I just sit there thinking: "Why, god? WHHYY~?!"

I don't see the point in pairing two male characters together just because they're hot and you secretly wish you were there joining them. (Hell, you can't blame a girl for wishing, can you?)

I know people who support pairings when the two men involved have only ever talk to each other once... and they were ARGUEING! Does that REALLY sound like a good foundation for a relationship? Of course not XD

Or when the two are trying to kill each other. Is it only me who thinks that maybe, just maaaybe, the whole 'I'ma-gunna-kill-yoou' thing is a bit of a mood killer?

Pairings that are as stupid and impossible like that just get on my nerves. I'm constantly picking apart all of my friends favourite pairings... It's a good thing they love me as much as they do...

Now.. Lets say the pairing is reasonable though... And is the most adorable thing anyone could ever imagine... And there's a sweet little plot behind it and... 8D

Well, THEN I see the appeal. I don't ever read it personally, but it can be cute, you know?

I don't think that peoples preferences should matter; there will always be people who like something... And there will always be people who DON'T like it.

Deal with it people :D

hugs ~ x

59 Name: Prism0467 : 2009-10-28 18:20 ID:zZX5+HKK


I don't know who you've been speaking to about yaoi. I don't read it, write or watch it wishing I could participate in any way. Yaoi does not appeal to me on that level. Please don't paint all us yaoi fans with the same brush.

60 Name: SeraEris : 2009-10-28 21:19 ID:Hz4LDr/e

>>58 at Cap

dear what you just said about yaoi pairings can happen to every kind of pairing

AND not all of them have to be SEX

for example in Neon Genesis Evangelion [the anime] Shinji Ikari at the last episodes he had feelings for a boy who killed later in the episode thats yaoi there was no sex just the affair.

in Loveless anime [that was a yaoi anime] there was no sex [since the character was underage] but he was kissed with the other nonetheless. no sex just a kiss. still yaoi]

in Sailor Moon the generals never kissed never shown to have sex just the one was saying some nice words to the other offering a rose, and the other said i love you the moment he died in his hands. YAOI.

a lot lot lot more

in ff you can make pairing out of nowhere and it is called AU as long as they are beautifully written i dont see a problem.

i mean i write for a cannon YURI couple but i have paired Haruka with a man about two times already by choice and well i had her raped some more.
i guess is the way ppl can picture one character.

my point is that sexual attractiveness doesnt look into genders especially in the minds of the writers.

61 Name: Mayora13 : 2009-10-29 11:26 ID:L4rnkkZn

I am a girl, and I am not a fan of yaoi or yuri
I do in fact know plenty of gay people, and they are very nice people as well- though some are just freaking perverts...

I just sort of find it creepy and sometimes annoying. So if two guys share some sort of relationship in any way, most likely they're turned into a pairing. Dude, I saw two brothers be placed as a pairing- there is a limit to what I can take here

I do happen to know some yaoi fans as well, most of them were funny, great people ^^ yes, I'm talking about you Sharon. Though there is one girl who freaks the hell out of me, since she's sort of introduced yaoi to her life and thinks that these two guys in our class is in love with each other- despite one of them has a girlfriend lol

62 Name: Mayora13 : 2009-10-29 11:26 ID:L4rnkkZn

I am a girl, and I am not a fan of yaoi or yuri
I do in fact know plenty of gay people, and they are very nice people as well- though some are just freaking perverts...

I just sort of find it creepy and sometimes annoying. So if two guys share some sort of relationship in any way, most likely they're turned into a pairing. Dude, I saw two brothers be placed as a pairing- there is a limit to what I can take here

I do happen to know some yaoi fans as well, most of them were funny, great people ^^ yes, I'm talking about you Sharon. Though there is one girl who freaks the hell out of me, since she's sort of introduced yaoi to her life and thinks that these two guys in our class is in love with each other- despite one of them has a girlfriend lol

63 Name: RoseMMBlack : 2009-11-01 11:51 ID:Wi3xvJld

DoomFlower please send me it!!!!!!

64 Name: Ray : 2009-11-02 15:14 ID:zOUBOAXa

Ah. Yaoi. So many are bad. But when its good...its good. Fans self. I think its the reverse lesbian porn element that attracts us.

65 Name: bioldrawings : 2009-11-03 17:11 ID:7QYwSrFV

Ok this is a big thing in FF and it's easy to get mixed here. First off, can we lay off the stereotypes? Not all yaoi is porn, not all is bad. Also, can I pop in a distinction here between yaoi, incest and slashing two people who hate each other in canon? Not all yaoi fans are perverts/canon defilers.

Also, the "you just wanna join in with the hot guys" thing? I can shoot that one down just by existing. First; my favourite pairing is between a guy who is physically the embodyment of the word bland and another guy who's practically anorexic. Second; I'm a) female and b) gay, so if I'm in it for the [insert self here] sex then something has gone horribly wrong with my little world.

Also, I have an instinctual dislike for porn that I can't seem to shake, so lemon is out. Soppy as it is, I like the relationship development, stories where the characters fall for each other realistically. A bit of well-written angst is always good too (in the above pairing, Bland is religious and Skinny hates human contact). You can say most yaoi is poorly written, but lets be realistic here. This is Fan Fiction, most of anything consists of poorly written stuff, yaoi, yuri, het, whatever.

Here Endeth the Rant.

66 Name: SeraEris : 2009-11-03 21:03 ID:dVteLs3M

>>65 you make me wanna kiss you :D
THUMBS UP To all the things you just said

67 Name: fezakyuu : 2009-11-06 13:37 ID:5qeEreFy

You know, I was like browsing around forums on ff.net a while ago and all I saw was 'Yaoi... it's all just silly fan girls who read and write it' I was overly offended and just felt like really having a go at that person, whoever they were.. probably some lame guy who couldn't get a girl himself, even on the internet x) But it really annoys me the fact that people have given yaoi fans a name/label thing.. :|

As well as that, the fact that people always define yaoi/yuri as porn. Id always think that there would be sex if they are mentioned as yaoi/yuir. But that's why shonen-ai and shoujo-ai have been created, silly people.. these terms are just basic light yaoi/yuri, no sex or anything heavy whatsoever, depending how stupid the author is.. lol.

I haven't really had people have a go at me or anything like that for writing sooo much yaoi, but im awaiting that day when the poor unfortunate low-life does so just to make my life appear to them somewhat more miserable for no reason at all.. just to get a kick out of it, well they'll probably get an unexpected mouth-full from me back so im all ready.

I wish people would just see it as real life, yeah it might only be cartoons but I see yaoi/yuri as actually being real.. duh it's gay/lesbian... so it's going to happen in real life.

Btw, if you really hate it and you don't even have a good reason, like many people.. "it's because of yaoi fan girls" (uagh..) then I really hate you too(fools..), because if you hate yaoi, then you can actually officially be homophobic, because if you can't agree with it in cartoons... 'rule 34' states that if it exsists there is porn/sex of it, then you are clearly homophobic, everything and anything nowadys has some porn of it and you know... its healthy, its just a way of expressing certain things that many people would love to see but never can on TV, thats why many pairings are made obvious on cartoons/anime and manga but aren't taken up if you see what I mean, that's basically up to us to do.

But if you have a genuine reason for disling it (I prefer disliking or loathing rather than hating) then we're live, but if its something like "I just don't like it" or "It's just unnatural and weird" What's so unnatural about it?! "Yaoi fangirls..." >_>

Im done. :)

68 Name: SeraEris : 2009-11-06 15:29 ID:DKbNrvsJ

i couldnt say it better myself.

actually stereotypes is what i HATE the most [even more than eng dub of sailor moon :P hehehe]
so the stereotype of "Yaoi writers are silly little girls" or such are lines that come across my hearing system but they are completely ignored.

im a chick who writes cannon yuri. and also enjoys reading it. and im an asexual person who used to have straight preferences.

lemon is not only Yaoi/Yuri.
hetero has lemon in it too. like yaoi/yuri have non-sex moments.
and i think the biggest problem here is the quality of lemon they have read.

i mean i have come across amazing lemons and totally terrible lemons

the worst of all was ging like that: "she thrusted her, she got hot and came hard, then she hugged her and fell asleep" or something hahahhaha

im really lucky that i belong to a fandom where there are really amazing writers, and i hope to be one of the elite of H&M fandom too. so there are really good stuff out there for me to read.

the point is that those who spend their time to throw insults to others are the ones that dont have life lol not the other way around. they also have real issues with themselves and it is psychologically proved that ppl with issues just bitching a lot more than other's :P

69 Name: HigherMagic : 2009-11-06 15:56 ID:gjWGXL5F

Alright...I have to be honest here. I am a huge Yaoi fangirl...I love reading it, writing it, watching it. Even in the stereotypical sense of the word.

I admit, when I read a fanfic where I see obvious pairings, I am impatient for them to, in my words 'Get it over with'. I am insatiable when it comes to such matters, and I'm not ashamed of that. It tends to show through in my own writings as well; if I intend for a couple of characters to get together, they WILL get together, and often quite quickly. I'm working on making myself better at that.

However, people who bash Yaoi lovers shouldn't do so. There is a reason for the stereotype, granted, but not everyone fits into that, and as mentioned lots of times before, Yaoi does not have to mean sex. (With me it often does, but that's beside the point.)

There are some awesome writers of Yaoi, and some not so. But I think that everyone, if they feel the inclination, should try writing it. If they don't succeed, they can either receive instruction or tips on how to make their stories better, or move onto something else.

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

And I don't think that entire speech amounted to anything. Quick summary: Yaoi is awesome, stop bashing it. xD

HM x

70 Name: abvamp : 2009-11-07 06:07 ID:9IDeTTMy

Okay I have read this thread with a lot of interest cause I'm a Yaoi/Slash writer at heart. My first encounter with slash was CSI Miami Speed/Horatio and I was like wow, great pairing. I rewatched some eppy's of the fandom and could see where the author was coming from.

So I started reading more slash stories and finaly tried my hand on writing one. And like they say the rest is history.

Why is slash so bad? Do you really think gay men do it any diffirent as what we are writing about? And yes I have a source, a gay couple who I frequently sent some stories too and they like it, a lot.

Okay about the incest, I get it some don't like it, think it's wrong and the writers most be perverts. Let me tell you something, when two adults who happen to be brothers concent in having sex with each other in fanfiction that is, what is so wrong about that? Don't get me wrong incest is a very bad thing in real life, I know someone who has been through it and she even writes Supernatural wincest (for those who don't know it's Sam/Dean)Remember people it's only fanfiction.

Oh and those who are saying that writers who write slash must be little fangirls. I'm 41 so not that little anymore.

And last I agree with everything 'HigherMagic' said. I don't like het, but do you see me here bashing it, even after I read it?

71 Name: HigherMagic : 2009-11-07 07:21 ID:gjWGXL5F

I agree with #70.
Incest isn't something legal in reality, but in fanfictions it can not only be realistic (because let's face it, when you have two smoking hot brothers or something who practically ooze sex towards each other something WILL happen) but can add much more drama and angst in the fanfic, which I'm a total sucker for.

There can be facing the public option. Secrecy, drama, lies and more drama. It's awesome.

Okay, my extra two cents. x3

HM x

72 Name: Ariana : 2009-11-07 10:45 ID:2p2M/ZqQ

Sorry if someone had already said what I'm about to say- lots of responses...

Anyway, I never used to like yaoi, but it was mainly the fangirls themselves that put me off. The first manga I ever read was Vampire Knight. I got talking to someone on YT about it and the next thing I know, the chicks ranting on and on about how hot Kaname and Zero would be if they'd just do it already. Apparently, neither actually loved Yuuki- it was just unresolved sexual tension between them... Yeah... Right...
So, I didn't get the greatest first impression of yaoi and it's fandom. Especially when the same girl pretty much virtually bit my head off for saying that it wasn't sexual tension (don't get me wrong, she's entitled to her opinion and all, but I was just stating mine too and apparently that was a bad thing...)

Anyway, I ended up liking it after playing KH2. Anyone who's played the game probably knows why (Axel/Roxas- how could one not be converted to the dark/hot side?). But it's not just a matter of "OMG Hot guys! Must bang!" for me. I like the pairings I do because there's at least some sort of basis, and not just my fangirl speculating, or I like the character interactions.

Of course, it really does help if the characters are hot :D

73 Name: Mangaluva : 2009-11-08 06:36 ID:VabFwOgv

If you want well-written Detective Conan yaoi, look up "Dragon-sama and/or Starling" and "White Mage Koorii" on FFnet. They write some amazing KaiShin. Most yaoi fangirls are just weird and creepy and obsessed with the smut, but they focus a lot on the emotional development required to get them off of Aoko and Ran and into each other.
THEN they write the awesome smut XD

I didn't used to be a yaoi fan until I met them, but face it: when guys say lesbians are hot, do they never stop to consider that maybe we feel the same way about hot guys...?

74 Name: Key-chan : 2009-11-08 07:06 ID:GgbSCQzd

Just posting this to say that I second the thoughts of the person who's post is above this one. Dragon and Koorii have awesome KaiShin skills XD

75 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-11-08 11:53 ID:uf6ir905

I'm not actually sure what the big deal is...I suppose to a girl it's like the idea of lesbians to a guy...if that makes sense. You get the attraction without a female in the way.

I'm not sure if I'm a 'yaoi-fangirl' Because there's really only one yaoi pairing I like, so I don't think that makes me mad for yaoi - just that pairing. I also love straight pairings, just depends on what it is I suppose.

76 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-11-09 04:54 ID:5VmGxzys

I agree that a lot of Yaoi can be very porn-central and the plot is bad.
However I have read a whole heap of stories ranging from PG to Mature and I actually find that the better written ones tend to be mature, even though in that category there is a lot of badly written as well.
Four out of five of my absolute favourite stories are mature and they are extremely well written.

I also agree that with Yaoi pairings they can sometimes be written as far more effeminate than they truly are and I hate when that happens. But as I said previously Most of my favourites are mature Yaoi and do not have this problem.

I'd also like to say how absolutely amazing this site is. All the people here are so respectful of others opinions. It's amazing really.
I've seen many threads like this on other sites where the posts can be down right insulting and sometimes obscene, just because their opinions differ. I'm just so pleased at everybody on here. It's great.


77 Name: Dan : 2009-11-12 02:46 ID:1eOB/Csf

That's actually a really difficult question to answer. I'm a guy and I've written a yaoi fic for a friend and I actually found it really uncomfortable to write about, not that I have anything against gay people, just that the characters were so strangely easy to connect together.

I agree the obsession with incest on FF is a bit weird, but people like to read it and that's only a little bit disturbing. I think with a lot of works, especially anime/manga, people pick up on very strong sexual chemistry between characters, that isn't necessarily there.

I also agree with sheechiibii, yeah it is like that. I mean the idea of men wanting to watch, or read about, lesbians is heavily publised. I personally don't get the appeal, but I am very much about values, I'm not a big lover of graphichness. Sometimes people think women are much more conservative with their sex lives, but perhaps yin/yang is correct.

Finally, I would like to commend everyone on here, it really is a remarkable website and everything about it is so friendly.


78 Name: ZGold : 2009-11-12 03:31 ID:I/GJmaKF

@OP two guys not for you? Fair enough; personally I don't like bananas, but hey, other people do - we're all different and that includes different sexual preferences.

In all honesty, I couldn't really say 'why' I enjoy a good yaoi/yuri/het/incest/BDSM etc. fanfiction, only that obviously I identify with something in the fanfiction (you can probably tell I'm no psychiatrist!). Of course, the key word in all that is 'good'. Unless I'm actively looking for a PWP (Porn-Without-Plot/Plot?-What Plot?) then a good relationship fic of any kind tends to be one that gets the two (or more) people together in a (mostly) believable manner.

My cardinal rule of fanfiction (violated a few times in my writing youth I fear) is that if you're going to do something, do it well/believably/realistically. Now that I'm more mature (or possibly just more experienced) and the 'squeee!' factor of yaoi (and sex in general) has worn off somewhat, if two characters I want to pair together just won't fit...I won't force it.

79 Name: SeraEris : 2009-11-12 03:40 ID:9J8v1OKq

recently i disable the safemode on my google search so now i see everything....

and because im obsessed with Japanese Culture and ppl
i search for a lot of Jap Idol and it is remarkable how much of a sex there is around them
it is way more than in western cultures.

also it is way more hardcore than in western cultures.

there is a fact that every young idol in Japan has to do some sexual, semi nude or nude photoshot.
also the incest is something with a wide fandom in pornography in Japan. hardcore porn with women tied up with a tight red rope and their...center... being opened with i dont know what and the partner inserts all kind of things in her, is also something western cultures are not use to.

anyway my point to the things i said above is to the thing Dan said in >>77
:quote: I think with a lot of works, especially anime/manga, people pick up on very strong sexual chemistry between characters, that isn't necessarily there. :end of quote:

you said the right thing here my friend ANIME/MANGA
ppl who are exposed to the craziness of jap culture are going to express that to their fics :D

i was watching the other day an anime with a young monk [16 years old] and his 6 miko [priestesses 15 to 17 years old]
the guy to release his power he needs to nose bleed that means to has his ghhm "part" erected. so the girls basically during the 2 seasons the anime ran were flushing to him their boobs and ass and and and and.
there was also that 15 year old new miko who was telling him things like "i want to cum along with you" or "lick me clean"
and it was NOT a hentai anime lol that says a lot.

80 Name: Majin : 2009-11-12 08:28 ID:vHl1zumK

I usually dislike yaoi and shounen-ai, but I also usually dislike yuri and shoujo-ai. There are a few exceptions for me though (Haruka/Michiru, Sakura/Tomoyo, Nanoha/Fate, Touya/Yukito). Admittedly, being a guy I'd not be interested in m/m fics with explicit sex, but I would like to see more high quality m/m fics and less low quality ones, if only so I don't have to stay away from the Death Note section which is filled with m/m.

No. 78: ZGold's believability rule is a big part of why. It seems like 95% of the male x male fics I've seen have at least one of the following:

1) Constant sex, often without any relationship build-up.

2) With or without sex, the plot basically being summarised as 'OMG! So and so is so hot, even though I've only shown interest in girls before and may have in fact hated him! Let's suddenly come onto him!' insert sex or lower rated activities.

3) Suddenly, 99% of the males are gay with no interest in women.

4) No seriousness shown, like dealing with feelings or other peoples' reactions.

5) Enemies suddenly in love. Unless it's a love potion, I don't see any believability in Harry/Snape, Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Draco, etc.

Saying that, I have seen the rare very good male/male fic.

81 Name: SeraEris : 2009-11-12 13:14 ID:NbGx03kA

>>80 Majin-san
you read H&M ????????????
i would be honored if you would check out my stories

82 Name: Majin : 2009-11-12 14:09 ID:vHl1zumK

>>81 Senshi of a certain dwarf planet.

I usually read fics where H&M is often heavily featured, but not centred on them (example: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4945615/1/Segue ). That's partly because I rarely read pure Sailor Moon fiction though, often reading Ranma/Sailor Moon crossovers more.

I did read a couple of your short fics though. 'Your Eyes' didn't really appeal to me, though I thought the writing was good. I think it's just a topic I didn't connect to. 'Meet my Twin' seems good so far and it sounds like it'll be more interesting in the future, so I've put it on alert. From the summary 'Haruka no pinchi' looks like I'll either like it quite a bit or have no interest after the first few chapters. I'll have to read it when I've finished my essay or have time.

83 Name: SeraEris : 2009-11-12 20:39 ID:NbGx03kA

really thanks for the attention ^_^ it means a lot
Haruka no pinchi is a really dark story

meet my twin will be a funny one :)
"your eyes" was just a small cute thing it will be a romantic sequel of that but it will go to the same "i love you you love me back" tone :P :giggles:

ps: im glad that you got my name right ;)

84 Name: Scourgeofthegalaxy : 2009-11-13 01:53 ID:OgMx8YAj


Ooh, a Ranma reader! A rare find, i think. Lots of people there days ignore the old stuff. Or is that just people I know?

Nevertheless, you couldn't give some of my stuff a read, could you? I haven't updated in a while, due to The Block, but there's a fair amount of work. Just search Scourgeofthegalaxy.

As some have said, lots of people here are very mature about this topic. (I am the OP, by the way. I extended my name on here to it's proper size.) It's such a delicate issue in modern sociality, yet we're all offering our opinions without resorting to "OMG HOW CAN U NOT LIKE YAOI ITS LIKE THE BEST THING EVAR" or similar.

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone. You deserve it.

85 Name: SeraEris : 2009-11-13 03:15 ID:yWirtCQ8

my dear there is no point on trying to say something serous when you go like "OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU DONT LIKE YAOI"

it is you personal opinion as it is for other to like yaoi.
what is not acceptable is to bash around a particular gender that you dont like or know. and that is something that you DIDNT [i mean bashing yaoi] so there is no reason for the rest of the ppl in this thread to go all crazy.

you just asked a question and we really had a nice conversation here :)

so :pats you back:

86 Name: Ken18, co-author : 2009-11-13 05:36 ID:XEI9Kn3t

kinda split on this one, one hand theres the pwp/something-typically-seen/smut/i-get-it-they-love-each-other-but-where's-the-plot kind of slash/yaoi/MalexMale/i-think-you-get-it

and on the other hand theres the Great-story/build-up/plot kind of (not going to type all that again) yaoi.

sadly the former far outnumbers the later. like many posted before, i have no problems with homo's/gays/lesbians/bi's, its how it's written is what bother's me. out of all the stories i've read, there is only a handful of good to great stories i've read that were yaoi. i'll read the story, but if i have to skip over 9 chapters worth of smut from a 10 chapter story i'll just go to a different story.

will i object to a yaoi story? that depends on how well it is written and if there is a semblence of a plot.
As for the labaling of yaoi i don't like it, as pointed out earlier, it doesn't mean instant sex scene or instant love not even a quarter of the time (unless backed by a heavy plot and is well written).
bugga, lost track, will add more later once i get some sleep, tis........4:35am..........huh, no wonder brother was quiet. XD

87 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-11-13 06:22 ID:ynOX3BVf

if we go back when there was no FF
in the world of books there is this particular book "the picture of Dorian Gray" written by Oscar Wilde.

it was screaming male to male from far away.
it is an amazing novel and beautifully written [i mean it is OSCAR WILDE]

it doesnt matter what the characters sexuality is it depends on the writing skill of the the writer
unfortunately in FF net there are a lot of ppl who cant write by they still write.
im just glad that in my fandom there are really amazing writers.

as for the SEX i will say it one more time
to write lemon you have to be aware of what you are writing.

you cant just say "he put it in her, she came" thats not a lemon :P
[yeah i did read such a lemon T_T ]

the whole point about all these it that.
it is not the yaoi as a gender that is disliked by some ppl, it is about the quality of the actual fic that includes yaoi.

88 Name: Celena : 2009-11-13 12:41 ID:k3sdAxV4

I couldn't say that there is preference to a category. I don't like categorising anything, it creates division.

To me it is just about feeling right. I could read some really amazing stories and I have, but if the couples don't work for me, they don't. I have a lot of primary couples to the stories that I read and write, and they never change. I.e. Carla and Turk (Scrubs) just don't work with anyone or i.e. I can put Hermione (Harry Potter) with any other character that I have introduced into the story and it won't feel like I'm violating some unwritten rule, if I don't put her with Ron or Krum, in saying that, I can't put Hermione with Harry.

I am a yaoi fan. Not because its two guys. It just sort of clicks for me. It's a matter of taste and what feels right to you. If it doesn't feel like it makes sense to you, then it doesn't. There is no need to force yourself or try to change someone else's thinking, if they agree with them.

89 Name: Rainy Cloud : 2009-11-16 09:38 ID:HNIvHp6m

Personally, I'm bi and prefer yaoi over straight-couples in storys.
I fine with reading yaoi lemons and graphic manga's. And for some reason, I feel more comftable reading yaoi stories, ad I also mostly write m/m pairings.

Esecially Cooro/Husky from the manga +Anima :]

90 Name: Bright Yellow Bumblebee : 2009-11-16 09:48 ID:Iayw2eQ2

I don't mind yaoi or het as long as it is believable.

A badly written or plotted story is still badly composed whether it is heterosexually based or homosexually based.

I read either, but if it is a PWP or grammatically poor, I tend to be turned away no matter the pairing

91 Name: Mangaluva : 2009-11-20 10:16 ID:WRE+NynH

I like Yaoi, Het and Yuri so long as they're well-written in context. No point in shoving in a new romantic relationship and pretending that it's been there all along- if it's non-canon, I like to see a bit of development first. If you're into Detective Conan or Magic Kaito, two writers who do some amazingly well-written yaoi are White Mage Koorii and Dragon-Sama. The fic they're writing together, Mayonaka, has to be one of the most beautifully angsty things i've ever read.

92 Name: SherryCat : 2009-11-20 11:24 ID:L4rnkkZn

Yaoi fans cease to amaze me. They can literally just put two random guys together and still find a reason why they like eachother in a romantic sense

93 Name: abvamp : 2009-11-20 11:37 ID:aLi1xE5C

@SherryCat. Is it any different then two people meeting for the first time and believe in love at first side? Like I said on another thread, that is the challenge and I love a challenge. grins

94 Name: Iaculus : 2009-11-20 13:58 ID:DUx8IVdy

@Sherry: Well, that's the mark of a great writer, isn't it, to make even the strangest story concept work? It's just that as Sturgeon's Law dictates, a whole lot of ficcers bite off more than they can chew.

I'm sure that somewhere in the endless wastelands of the Internet is a genuinely good Barney the Dinosaur/Weighted Companion Cube slashfic. Just... for the love of God, don't ask me to find it.

95 Name: abvamp : 2009-11-20 14:04 ID:aLi1xE5C

@Iaculus Okay, Barney the Dinosaur I heard about, had to search the other one. Some people are freaked out about slash/incest, this freaks me out.

96 Name: Iaculus : 2009-11-20 14:09 ID:DUx8IVdy

(grins diabolically).

As ever, I live to serve.

It's like I said, though. Anything can be a workable concept for a story. ANYTHING. If you can't make it work, you're not using enough imagination... or mind-altering substances. One of the two.

97 Name: abvamp : 2009-11-20 14:19 ID:aLi1xE5C

@Iaculus For a story like that I go with the mind-altering substances.

98 Name: SherryCat : 2009-11-20 16:31 ID:L4rnkkZn

in a freakish way, out of all the writers I've seen.... the yaoi writers seem to be able to do a better job than the straight.

I don't think I even like yaoi that much....

what the hell

99 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-11-21 01:09 ID:To3NYGPv

nothing is as freakish as hentai!
and i mean NOTHING

i searched last night for H&M hentai doujinshi, that is basically Yuri. so i came across a site called Sailor Moon hentai
will all kind of pictures and fanmade manga[doujinshi] and fanart for all the girls in the series. but i went straight for the H&M
so i downloaded a hella lot doujinshi [almost 2000 manga pages]
and EACH AND EVERY ONE had the girls with dicks boobs and vagina too
even thought they were suppose to be Yuri. i couldnt see it as yaoi either cause they had boobs and i like men without boobs :P

100 Name: LASER : 2009-12-21 19:16 ID:37XqY/Xb

Am I too late to debate?

I started out my fanfic career (lol, career) reading South Park fics with absolutely no idea what yaoi was. if anyone here reads South Park fics you'll know that well over 90% of it is yaoi. So without knowing I start reading this random yaoi fic, if someone had told me at the beginning 'this story contains man on man' I would never have read it, it became yaoi as the plot moved forward (I know, plot, isn't it amazing?) but anyway I'm still not a fan of yaoi but I am a fan of good writing

to summarise, yaoi doesn't mean bad story, bad story means bad story


most fanfiction is written by females
most females who write fanfiction are under 18
most fanfiction is romance
most romance fanfiction is yaoi
and unfortunately most fanfiction is bad

it's unfair how yaoi has been stereotyped, the best fanfic I've ever read was yaoi (no sex) but most yaoi is shit and I don't mean subjectively shit, I mean full on steaming shit

101 Name: tiger002 : 2009-12-21 20:48 ID:JdTWbm75

I don't read much romance, but it seems any time there is yaoi in it, that's all the fic is about. I know there are exceptions, but can't that be part of a bigger story instead of two guys getting together. I've seen other stories with brilliant romance woven into a story, but it seems like with Yaoi, that's all there is.

102 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-12-22 04:18 ID:nIJmrHIb

>>100 LASER you made a great point there
Yaoi unfortunately is indeed stereotyped as bad fanfiction.
is another reason I hate stereotypes :D

but in between those steamy and i might add smelly shit there are WHITE GOLD fics, that contain Yaoi.
I really am lucky to belong to a fandom[H&M of Sailor Moon] that most of the authors and stories are high quality and you dont need to search in the shit to find them. it is also a Yuri fandom so there are few Yaoi couples if the author feels like including some.
One of the Best stories I have ever read about H&M it had a Yaoi couple too, and it was just simply wonderfully beautiful written.
there was a sex scene beautifully written as well.

the stats in my fandom are kind of different. except the fact about females writers and romance.
most H&M ff is indeed written by females
most of females are around 25
most H&M ff is romance [i cant be other way anyway]
the majority if not all H&M ff is Yuri
and fortunately most of H&M ff is great.

lol I do live in FF heaven :D

103 Name: Hyper : 2009-12-22 05:50 ID:0rZvnVB9

I am a yaoi fan but i don't understand why I like it so much myself. I think that the reason I like it is because it's constantly different with the pairings. As for the stereotype of it being bad fanfiction all I have to say to those that believe that is read it, actually read it every now and again and maybe then they will find something about Yaoi they like.

104 Name: Rivala : 2009-12-22 08:10 ID:LEPMPD8G

I don't get why I like Yaoi. I guess it's because I believe some couples are meant to be together, and not all of them are heterosexual relationships.

Whether you believe my philosophy is correct or not, that's just how it is for me, my friends.

105 Name: Elkkun : 2009-12-22 08:38 ID:7q3SwhGQ

Wow, large posts :D

I write shonen-ai, it ain't much really. Just a few cuddles and a kiss on the nose so far. -giggle-.

I think I like it because it gives me that fluffy feeling. When I first read it, I found it cute. I mean with two boys who are trying to figure out wether they like each other or not with just, touches to the face as such. I find it strangely.........'kawaii'.

Hard to explain really :). Everyone to their own opinion.

106 Name: kat : 2009-12-24 11:54 ID:q1+w4A31

I love yaoi.
I'm a girl, as straight as the next person, and for some unknown reason yaoi just turns me on.
It doesnt with some people, thats fair enough, and i can understand peoples anoyance with 'Yaoi fangirls', because lets face it, 15 year old girls running around, screaming that every hot male with another hot male friend, MUST be banging each other into the matress eveynight, is ever so-slightly-shut-the-hell-up-before-i-smack-you anoying. But I like Yaoi, it does it for me and i shall enjoy it quietly with my boyfriend, who doesnt complain when he comes over and i am randy as hell.

107 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-12-24 12:12 ID:HrGcDxXV

>>106 dear Kat
Yaoi manga in Japan have target audience straight young women. ;)

108 Name: Iaculus : 2009-12-24 12:50 ID:evq5ai4C

Well, yeah. Why'd you think heterosexual guys are so fond of yuri, after all?

109 Name: Windesque : 2009-12-24 14:00 ID:E0FI5KO9

I've never been a massive yaoi fangirl.
As a matter of fact, I hadn't heard of yaoi 'till I entered the strange world of fanfiction. I clicked on a fanfic, ignoring the yaoi note in the summary, as I wasn't sure what it was...and good God. The story....was bad. Really seriously bad.

That said, I do like a few yaoi, mainly by a really small group of my fave characters in all of fandom. Which is...like...5 altogether.
But hey, gay rights all the way :p

110 Name: ... : 2009-12-24 14:32 ID:U89NaWPR

I don't have a problem with yaoi, although it doesn't do it for me. It happens to be the area of fanfiction which is generally badly written, however. All too frequently, a strong, male character is transformed into a prepubescent girl so the writer can inflict their sadistic fantasies on the fanfic-reading public. I fail to understand why writers feel the need to ascribe outdated gender roles to a pairing, when the challenge of yaoi should be to present a believable relationship between adult men. Many of the yaoi fics online at present border on paedophilia.

'Cloud looked up at Sephiroth, his love, trembling slightly. He'd saved the world, yes, but shh, because for the purposes of this tale he was incapable of getting dressed without assistance from ten other people. And Sephiroth did not plan to assist; he would rape Cloud repeatedly (and sexily), instead, while warped fangirls squeed joyfully worldwide.'

>sigh< I know nobody will listen to me, but I can damn well TRY and make a difference.

111 Name: Elkkun : 2009-12-24 14:38 ID:7q3SwhGQ

@110, I was reading a Zelda fic today it was a yaoi between Blue and Red Links. They are both boys because they are from Green link who is the original. The author in the A/N said,
"Red's voice is really high pitched as Vio's is very low. So I believe that Red's really a girl."

I read it and it turns out they genderbended Red into a girl. So I gave a review saying that the plot as such was good but...Try and stick to the actual genders of the characters, because Females can't really be copied from a male character (Please don't start hitting me with Bibles) no matter how girly they may seem.

Rant over.

112 Name: LASER : 2009-12-25 05:01 ID:37XqY/Xb

>>111 Zelda ftw

113 Name: Elkkun : 2009-12-25 05:34 ID:7q3SwhGQ

>>112 :3... Merry christmas everyone :D

114 Name: Tenshi-chan : 2009-12-29 12:21 ID:iYF6/1QZ

My views on yaoi/yuri are weird. I don't mind either, i'm fine with it, i've read the occasional manga of it. But when it comes to fanfiction, i just can't find myself to read it. I think it's that i don't like straight characters having their sexuality changed.

So yeah, fine with reading yaoi/yuri manga, but i don't like the fanfiction of it unless the characters are originally gay.

115 Name: Stapels : 2009-12-29 16:06 ID:OBOIUegP

Heres a riddle;
I'm a lesbian, I love yaoi.

Of course I'm completely fine with this, because female sexuality is a lot more complicated than male sexuality.

I mean I like yuri too, though most yuri I've read tends to me extremelty harrowing and depressing, yaoi tends to be more upbeat. XD Normally.

In fanfiction I'm find with it as I don't consider a character hetrosexual unless they say "I'm straight" and have no Ho Hey with other characters. Which is very seldom as writers don't think they have to mention this as most people would assume a someone is straight unless they said otherwise or displayed stereotypical homosexual charatristics.

So...In my headcannon in every fandom everyone is bisexual unless stated otherwise.
Getting married to member of the opposite sex? Still bi.
Said they're not gay but have sexual chemistry with a member of the same sex? Still bi.

116 Name: Elkkun : 2010-01-05 08:11 ID:7q3SwhGQ

I can already tell my mum doesn't like the sound of Yaoi :P whenever I point anything out about something being 'yaoi' then explain that it's boy on boy she goes.

-laughs- good to know she don't know I like it hehehehehehe. (TRY PUTTING GRAMMAR ON THAT!)

117 Name: Sianikins : 2010-01-06 02:38 ID:PJClQxYP

I hate Yaoi its not that I'm against it or anything its just that when I see characters with other characters, like in the programs then the writers change it to YAOI I just dont get it like Taisuke or Kensuke I just think WHAT?

118 Name: I/S : 2010-03-21 04:53 ID:YTEID5jv

I'm a girl and I really don't like yaoi gasps all around , I just don't get it. For example when looking at the HP fandom, people put Harry Potter with someone like Draco Malfoy. It's a WTF moment. I have nothing against gay people at all, and I find that fine. But it gets wayy too unrealistic...

119 Name: Francys Pai : 2010-03-21 05:07 ID:ZNZtmEZL

I enjoy yaoi, always have done, probably always will. I've always found two guys getting it on much more appealing than straight couples (Despite being straight myself).

Some kinds of fandoms do make me go "wtf" in some cases and most are just overrated, but I don't see anything wrong with it, each to their own you know?

120 Name: Hex3618 : 2010-03-21 14:42 ID:JcebTB4E

I'm not a fan of romance, and usually only go for canon pairings, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the odd slash.

But when you go onto a fandom, I'll take Yu-Gi-Oh as an example, and pair EVERYONE up with EVERYONE else and about 80% of it is smut....yeah, it can get really irritating. (and in yugioh there's the whole hikari/yami situation where it basically seems as of they're making the character have sex with themselves.)

I've never seen how two men making out is hot to some girls, or why two girls making out is hot to some boys. It's just...I don't see it as any different from a hetero pairing.

I actually had a good think about how the characters would feel about getting paired up with their friends/yamis/hikaris/siblings, then went and wrote a Yu-Gi-Oh fic about it.

121 Name: セーラーエリスは刀の女ですか。 : 2010-03-22 01:25 ID:poDiI3cU

I remember when I watched the greek Dub of Yu-gi-oh! I was old enough to see few more things, so I was like "isn't that Yugi's old self looking at yugi not so friendly??" the thing was quite obvious even in a butchered dub version!!

122 Name: Azureflamekite666 : 2010-03-22 09:36 ID:GmI8rmGK

Well, everyone has thier own opinion on the matter, I for one am a true yaoi fan to the very ends of time. If you think about why people like yaoi, it won't make any sense to someone who stays inside the box and thinks rationally. For those like me who can't get enough of it, we think litearlly outside of societys walls; sure it may seem 'wierd' and 'disgusting', however that is thier way of thinking. Onesided. Now to those who don't have a problem with Yaoi but just don't read it because you can't bring yourself to, that's fine. But to those who hate on it just beacasue they deem it morally worng should keep thier comments to themselves. No one really wants to hear it. Especially those like me. And yes...I'm a girl :3

123 Name: Prof.Ryoko : 2010-03-22 10:19 ID:OBEBislS

@ Stapels
Agree with you bemale sexsuality is way more complicated than male. Female orgasm is more complex than a males orgasm.
I'm female and bi. Love yuri and yaoi and a terrible obsession with hentai. Some people think it's sick, I just view it as art. And let's face it, yaoi is so cute! And yuri has that 'we can do it dirty just like the boys'.

124 Name: Elkkun : 2010-03-23 04:29 ID:afthZjwx

>>122 somebody's been playing .hack GU, and also I'm not a complete and utter Yaoi fan but I don't mind it, I can read manga like 'Little Butterfly' and Sensitive Pornograph without much of a problem :) But for now I'm just reading the shonen ai's...I don't think it's morally wrong either, if you love somebody, you love 'em. Nothing wrong whether it's two girls, two boys, two bi-sexuals... :P as long as love is there it's fine with me (unless one is being abused then....no...Unless they like it. fff. awkward.)

125 Name: LoVsTaR : 2010-03-23 10:42 ID:FzYSU62J

First: I'm straight.
Second: I have only one friend that is gay, and she's YURI
I love yaoi because it's something rare and intriguing. I just want to see them interact, who they would act and I just Love it all. I write Yaoi, I read Yaoi, I have fantasies of Yaoi. And I think this obsession will stay for a very long time.
I guess it also makes me feel closer to them, like I can in some kind of level understand their situations better. I can feel my self in their shoes.
I want all gays to be able to walk around without people looking at them with disgust. I want them to be free. :)

126 Name: Ely : 2010-03-24 13:29 ID:9XCaQkt+

I think people like yaoi because is something off-the-tangent and because [at least for fan-girls] it would be like the same kind of fetishism that some guys have with girl-on-girl.

As for yaoi myself, I'm the very paradox in person! I don't mind reading it, even with lemmons, even though I think is gross. I don't mind writing it either. I have a pretty lemmony yaoi fanfic. Not that I would recommend it to anyone. I don't like it.

Maybe if it's well written I don't mind it. Maybe if it's interesting. But I still don't like it. I guess one of my main complaints is, that for pairings, it usually goes against canon.

I also have yaoi fantasies. But it's for the story I'm writing so I don't mind it.

One day one friend of mine asked me: "If you don't like yaoi, why THE HECK do you write a yaoi fan-fiction?". I told her the truth: This was all because my Brazilian friend was nagging at me for a yaoi fan-fic, so I did a first chapter and told myself it wouldn't last more than four or six chapters more; but I liked the plot and developed it further.

127 Name: SimaRhi : 2010-03-28 16:40 ID:b+IiDid8

I can't explain the yaoi thing in any way other than it being the same as guys with girl on girl. Cos with me it's not just anime, if I happen to see two good-looking guys it makes me happy to imagine them kiss, haha.
However I agree with many there's too much underdeveloped realisation of feelings/sexuality. With Itachi/Sasuke (don't shoot me!) I find it sick but it almost raises the appeal in a way, and their lives have been so royally screwed up that if by any chance they'd talked through the whole issue they'd probably get some sort of insane complex that would make them obsessed with not losing the other. That's the way I see it, since incest for me is all wrong except that one pair.
I saw how much "OMG I'M SUDDENLY GAY" fanfiction there was, and that's why in my Sasuke/Neji there's no mention of sexuality, but they notice little things about each other and prod at each other to see who will admit it first, sort of thing... Well I hope it seems like a different approach I've taken, anyway xD

128 Name: tokyomajin : 2010-03-30 09:46 ID:6uv941HR

I think some of the appeal is that there aren't the same problems faced by a straight couple and a gay couple. I feel that there can be more romance and stuff in a yaoi and yuri because its a sort of 'against the odds' romance.

Some of its the aspect of two attractive people being together, regardless of sex everyone can have a pairing they like in a book because they think they look good. I think it applies regardless of same sex etc.

129 Name: YamiTeddy : 2010-04-07 10:38 ID:sv9kYEH8

Yaoi is cool! It's annoying when guys say it's wrong, and as Ely said it's like guys watching or reading about two girls. I also find it really annoying when people say they don't like yaoi or yuri...don't read it then!

I love yaoi and I'm really not bothered what people say, when I see males on animes that I would think look cute together I write about them, yaoi and yuri gives people things to write about and for people who like it to


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