Are Film Producers Losing their Touch? (36)

1 Name: Lil' Dragon : 2009-09-23 14:01 ID:Eo9VXZBa

Do you think Film Producers are losing their touch? What do you think of the bulk of the movies that have been released in the last hree orfour years, or maybe even a bit further back? Do you think that the newer films being released are not as compelling, amusing or engaging as those we all remember from a while ago?
Name and shame your least favourite movies and tell us why.

2 Name: inulover90 : 2009-09-23 14:15 ID:xpIrNmte

i don't really have a worst or anything but i do agree that i think they're losing their touch. but i think it could be that they are going more for the 'HEY LOOK AT ME!!!!' films not the 'come see me.' films anymore that had the perfect balance of everything like the hard action, laid back time, romance, etc.

3 Name: Adelaide : 2009-09-24 14:45 ID:EwUNBE4V

I think that the way the whole industry works is killing movies. With group projects everyone has their own agenda and if the crew isn't compatible, the project suffers. People undermine one another, try and put their own spin on it, and thus degrade the product quality. I don't see why it would be any different with movie sets.

And as someone who has some experience in a theatre saying, it just makes me think that I'm on the right track.

I don't know why movies suck so hard lately, why these crews can't work together to make something good.

4 Name: Warper : 2009-09-24 16:56 ID:M92ZOG8F

I don't think the producers are losing their touch, but then agina I only pay attention to plot, I don't even know who produced my favorite movies.

I think it's the writers and the people who come up with movie ideas.

Everyone's falling back onto books and remakes for their stuff.

The last good original thing I heard about in theaters was 'District 9' and that was actaully based on a cheesy film from some film festival.

Face it, people are just running out of ideas.

5 Name: Judaphine : 2009-09-25 04:11 ID:k9+ieVsk

I have to agree with Warper. Not only are they running out of ideas and, thus, using the same plots over and over again (much like all singers try to be copies the successful ones they've heard) but they're also sucking the life out of the used up ideas that they're recycling. Added to that, there's the constant stream of sequels that follow a crap movie. Shrek was alright, if a little too mature language-wise for the children it was made for. But then came the slightly more mature Shrek2 followed by the nauseatingly After-school-special-like (those of a certain age should know what I mean) Shrek the Third. I'm forever saying that the Harry Potter series would have been better as a comp-ani for the simple fact that there would be no need to worry about such things as an aging (or in the original Dumbledore's case, dying) cast when dealing with a series that spans seven years with a 19 year timeskip at the end. For many of today's movies, the title alone tells you it's going to be crap. For example, what kind of crappy title is 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'? Saw it, hated it.

6 Name: Warper : 2009-09-26 06:54 ID:SW8anNEa


Friends in my area have been saying that it's been bad actors in the roles.

I find myyself disagreeing on a totally different level.

However I will say that thte Harry Potter movies are good and I would definetly pay to see them.

And yes sequels to already crap movies are just further pains to the movie industry.

It's gotten so bad that at my college, one person is actually forming a 'Movie masochist club' in which they try to watch as many horrible movies as possible.

I miss some after school specials, like Toonami.

sigh I miss Tom and the computer.

However one original movie that looked good is 'Nine'. I'm not big on Tim Burton too much but it looked like it has promise.

Another good movie that's coming soon is 'The Invention of Lying'.

Also, it seems that not only are movies losing their touch but it seems that after the 'Writer's strike' a while back also hit a lot of the good tv shows.

I remember watching The 4400 and now there's no closure in the seires until supposedly the novel comes out this or next year.

7 Name: Judaphine : 2009-09-29 15:37 ID:g0ZeYTdZ

it seems to me that the best movies coming out these past few years are either about, or starring, people you wouldn't normally picture as/in a starring role (Jack Black, Owen Wilson, etc). one of the best movies i've seen recently is Run, Fat Boy, Run. it's a movie about a washed up coward who decides to run a marathon to prove himself to the ex he jilted at the alter. it made me laugh and... sniffle... a bit.

8 Name: Warper : 2009-09-29 16:24 ID:03r9aj2j

Never heard of it.

The last good movie I saw in theaters was GI Joe: Rise of Cobra and as great as it was there was still a lot lacking in the movie and a lot that contradicts the original plot.

The only movie I've hear about coming out worh t going to see is 'Ponyo' and as childish as the movie is, I can't help but wanting to go to watch another Miyazaki film.

9 Name: Judaphine : 2009-09-29 16:43 ID:g0ZeYTdZ

@8 Run, Fat Boy, Run is a British comedy starring Simon Pegg.

10 Name: Warper : 2009-09-29 18:22 ID:UiOIGzbT


I'm not too much into the British Comedy, unless you count Doctor Who as part comdey.


That's another movie that needs making. Something to tie up the end of Doctor Who.

11 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-09-29 23:11 ID:BFecHvTv

There was talk of another Doctor Who movie, actually. But now that RTD is leaving, not sure what's happening with it.

I'd actually love to see Moffat's (I think the writer has just as much influence as the actor, so to me he's Moffat's) Doctor have a movie. I think they're waiting to judge the fanbase now that Tennant's leaving.

But definitely don't give up hope! It will come. Eventually. Even if we have to wait 20 years or so.

12 Name: Warper : 2009-09-30 08:02 ID:03r9aj2j

Well I didn't get a lot of what you said.

The only bits of Doctor Who I've ever seen are the ones that aired on Sci-Fi in America.

It was hilarious, but I definitely would've loved to have seen it from the beggining even if it was only black and white.

13 Name: sailorjupiterox : 2009-10-05 10:32 ID:2+Cuslmk

There are a few films that I have seen recently that I just think, yse - IMMENSE FILM! And also some comedies tv programs (which don't seem to be doing so well lately) - one in particular that I think is just ... amazing is Gavin and Stacey. It is fresh, funny, witty and charming - everything you want from a comedy program really.
I do think there are some films that could never be beaten, for example - the Goonies - what a classic :)

14 Name: BerryDrops : 2009-10-05 11:10 ID:gGady6Ux

I dunno... I certainly like the latest films that have been released like Sorority Row, Love Happens, The Time Travellers Wife.

But yeah I agree about the remakes, of course it depends on who the director is, but I'mmore of an original-film kind of girl.

And am I the only one to notice that a lot of real-life-stories are being released?

15 Name: beka : 2009-10-13 12:07 ID:7oHyd83N

I think they seem to be more bothered about money and making it fast, although some people don't like them the lord of the rings film were great, peter Jackson perfected them but dierectors just don't spend the time, take the twilight film, it was terrible and rushed, and essential parts of the plot are just cut out compleatly.

16 Name: BerryDrops : 2009-10-14 06:03 ID:gGady6Ux

>>15 Oh my gosh I loved how peter Jackson did Lord Of The Rings! I think if any other director did it it wouldn't of been as good, and have you seen District 9? Ah-maz-ing! Peter Jackson is one of my favs along with Tim Burton!

17 Name: Ken18, co-author sadly, fred has left the site : 2009-10-16 01:08 ID:oc4l+rgW

I'm trying to remember this one show....(looks up movies released in the last 3 years) INKHEART!!! thats the one! i remember on a bulletin board i posted an idea...or a general idea, of a book i was gonna write, that had something of a semblance of the movie (trailer). it got me mad when i seen what if these movie writers are actually going to random bulletin boards and picking up ideas?
(ok its crazy now that i look at it......but still)

18 Name: Fred2008 has NOT left the site, just missing : 2009-10-16 03:37 ID:XN0M4fz5

sorry for my brother's rant, he's down with the flu or something........and he's still a little put off that they made a movie surrounding his idea...(this subject gets annoying when listening to him, and i come here later after he took his medicine to find him ranting...)

19 Name: AliceReadsDestiny : 2009-10-16 07:21 ID:Lw7RYRDq

some are pretty rubbish.just went to see Fame, it was the worst film i have ever seen. and i didn't lyk the time traveller's wife but i think the book lookz gd. im more a fan of books than films but if films can be done true to the book then im happy

20 Name: Flinch-Hayward : 2009-10-16 12:31 ID:yIzt7Vcu

>>17 Inkheart was originally a book by Cornelia Funke. Which has been out for absolutely AGES.

21 Name: Fred2008 has NOT left the site, just missing : 2009-10-17 03:22 ID:FrHNpi7W

HAH.........wait...........crap, all this time i've been putting up with this rants only to find it is a book?........well we are brothers so..meh.

problems with recent shows?
bad graphics and horrible relation to the books, i know i may not be a fan of reading....much, i do like to see the movie and book be accurate from time to time. Harry Potter for example, books are great (to and extent, but compared to the movies) and the movies help visualize, but they don't follow the plot well or have tons of plot holes.

..................god i sound like my brother now.......shrug

22 Name: Rachel Cabbit : 2009-10-21 06:06 ID:d9Vtt/Mp

Films nowadays rely too much on special effects rather than decent actors.
It's all big explosions, CGI effects, 3D. In the case of kids films, there hasn't been a cell-animated film for years.
And the script-writers have no fresh ideas anymore.
They just keep remaking successful classics, adapting books, videogames, anime, or doing biopics.
The Harry Potter series is good, but too inconsistant. They are always changing directors so each film has a different feel to the last, they don't always stick to the important parts of the book, and I'm not really a big fan of some of the young actors. Emma Watson acts with her eyebrows and Daniel Radcliff... he just doesn't seem to put effort in sometimes.
I was working in a cinema until I left to study abroad, and some of the stuff coming out was so disappointing. A lot of things are just star vehicles, like anything with the HSM kids in will be a success because all the kids will go see it.
I hope they get their thinking caps on and come up with something good.

23 Name: sweetcrimefighter : 2009-10-27 16:44 ID:VK6e99dO

Personally, I HATE the Scary Movie films. I think they are ridiculous and degrating to very good movies I love. They're a big dissapointment in my book!

24 Name: Yellow 14 : 2009-11-07 14:39 ID:McGMzH2v

@ Warper. The current series of Dotor Who was a re-vamped version that started in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston (Don't think I spelt that right.)

Part of the reason that there are so many crap films coming out, is because a lot of movie studios don't have the nerve any more to try for original stories any more. And then there's the erosion of cinemas edge with the rise of the internet, tv, games, etc. There are still great movies out there though. The 2009 Star Trek film for example is proof of that. It's also proof that prequels can form outstandingly good films.

25 Name: Sianikins : 2010-01-06 02:49 ID:bIMBM125

Harry Potter films have got worse in the last 2 films, so I blame David Yates. The acting has deterioted, the film feels half assed... its just not as good anymore

26 Name: Iaculus : 2010-01-06 03:28 ID:edBozX5n

More films are being produced these days. Statistically speaking, this means that a greater number of them are likely to be crap, if not necessarily a higher percentage. Advances in film-making, technical and otherwise, make it both possible to push the boundries even further than ever before and to more easily mass-produce dreck. So it goes - way I see it, you have to take the good with the bad, and there's a lot of good out there. Consider, for instance, Avatar. Sure, the story was nothing to write home about, but could they have created such an extraordinarily immersive world fifty years ago? Somehow, I doubt it.

Bear in mind also that remakes and adaptations have been around for almost as long as cinema. In fact, original scripts are harder to find than you might think. Maltese Falcon, anyone? Gone with the Wind? How's about just about anything produced by Disney? You see my point here.

27 Name: ... : 2010-01-06 04:36 ID:B1RwB2Gm

There's always been crap cinema, it's just that these days it's (badly) disguised under a big budget. As the saying goes, 'the better the trailer, the worse the film'.

28 Name: Marth : 2010-01-06 11:28 ID:BQ1UBXHw

>>26 To go along with your point (and the reason I think this thread's premise is B.S.), in addition to more movies being made nowadays, movies are more acessable nowadays. If you made a terrible movie before the advent of VHS, it would, in all likelihood, be gone from popular consciousness a couple days after it left theaters. In general, the only movies readily available from pre-home movie viewing days are the good ones; the crap was never re-released. But since nowadays even movies too terrible for theaters can find a home on DVD, all our crappy movies are out there for the world to remember.

29 Name: Darksword512 : 2010-01-06 12:48 ID:oqEBB1Nm

There have been a fair few good films lately, but not as many as there used to be. For instance, the Harry Potter films have been a major let down. They're not following the plot of the books as much as they should (for instance, where was Dobby in the 4th film?! D;). My favourite was the first film purely because that followed the plotline most and it had the best ending. I think it dropped after the 4th film. SFX better, but overall performance wasn't as good :(

30 Name: ... : 2010-01-06 13:21 ID:B1RwB2Gm

I'm not sure about the strength of the reasoning: 'I think the later installments in one film franchise (that has been directed by several individuals) are worse, therefore the entire film industry is shot to hell.'

If we are to accept this reasoning, however, I must point out the following:

I think that the 5th HP film is the best.

Alas! Alack! We are at an impasse!

The 6th is the best visually, but has a shoddy script. The first two are dire. The third is better, but still not brilliant. The fourth is full of dull sections that needed cutting in length (Harry in the lake, anyone?) and they didn't keep scenes that were MADE for cinema (Quidditch world cup).

It's true that they cut out a lot of plot already- would you like to sit in a cinema for six hours? IMO, they should have started splitting the films in two from The Goblet of Fire onwards.

31 Name: Iaculus : 2010-01-06 13:48 ID:edBozX5n

Don't forget the nostalgia filter. It's mostly good (and spectacularly bad) films that get remembered, so most of the old movies we've heard of are likely to be good. Newer stuff hasn't gone through this filtering process to the same extent yet, and thus the perceived drop in quality.

32 Name: ... : 2010-01-06 14:48 ID:B1RwB2Gm

Heh- I was thinking about that, but I was too lazy to type it...

I'm also confused about why the film PRODUCERS are the subjects of this thread's wrath...

33 Name: Iaculus : 2010-01-06 14:49 ID:edBozX5n

Because Peter Jackson is the devil. Duh.

34 Name: ... : 2010-01-06 14:57 ID:B1RwB2Gm

@Iaculus- Oh, God, I know; did you see that TERRIBLE Lord of the Rings? I was retching the whole way through. He murdered the classic. I cried, my friend, I cried. Great Quirke, if he DOES decide to do Mortal Engines, I think I'll kill myself, don't you?

I wish we had signatures on here. Mine would be:
'Iaculus. The one person on this forum who will get the above post.'

35 Name: Elle : 2010-01-07 08:33 ID:uOuMEBFN

I don't think movies are all that bad, and the point about there being more, so statiscally you are going to have more rubbish films, is true.
I enjoyed G.I Joe, because I went in with very low expectations regarding plot. I took it for what it was. I loved Mamma Mia because it's a feel good film. I went to see Nine last night and it was amazing - great songs, great filming, great actors.
Although I hate seeing made-for-TV sequels based on films I loved from my childhood. My brother found Ace Venture Jr on TV the other day. We were both horrified.

36 Name: RayRay : 2010-01-07 17:26 ID:YNsDJHq3

Best film I've seen recently (twice) is Avatar.

Saw it IMAX 3D, and I have to say it's probably one of - if not the best - film I've ever seen.

It's visually stunning, the story line is amazing, and it made me laugh, as well as cry, and it's just amazing.

Visually making love to your eyes is what it does.

I think the HP movies are one of the biggest let downs of the 21st century. They're just not...good.

Twilight is the biggest joke of a movie I've ever seen, they did manage to redeem themselves in NewMoon - just a tad though.

Things have changed, but it seems to be getting slightly better now - maybe they're picking up after a lag!

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