What are you feelings about Author's notes in stories? (65)

1 Name: kutnerlove : 2009-09-23 07:10 ID:/a/7wDz+

Some people love them, some don't care...what do you think about authors putting in notes in their stories?

2 Name: kutnerlove : 2009-09-23 07:11 ID:/a/7wDz+

I personally don't mind people putting notes in, though it's a bit disappointing when their entire chapter is an A/N.

3 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2009-09-23 07:22 ID:2eWcCLjG

As long as they're out of the actual story. I hate notes that interrupt the middle of the story.

4 Name: SeraEris : 2009-09-23 07:35 ID:o+bHN5rf

i agree with Crimson here as long as they dont interrupt the story line

author notes are basically to inform the reader of few things about the story, or to inform for updates and such.

i personally keep them short.

just a simple "Naoko-sensei owns everything", at the beginning and a warning if it is necessary.

at the end of the chapter/story i ll either ask for telling me what they think and maybe explain some japanese i used
and well at my last update i just tell my readers that im sick and i couldnt update as much as i wanted.

i dont reply reviews in my authornotes. because i have replied all registered ones via the reply button. and if some of the unregistered ones have a question i just review my story with the answers.

5 Name: Bola : 2009-09-23 13:43 ID:2WQrhW50

Well, yeah. I agree with this. I think it's nice of there's a personal note from the author, which explains or gives more information, but I simply HATE if any interrupts the story line (like the worst story ever published, which we talked about before the site momentarily went down), especially if it's basically useless information that no one really wants to know and has nothing to do with your story or yourself as a writer.

6 Name: elecktrum : 2009-09-23 15:02 ID:YlSGasBx

I agree as well. Notes belong at the beginning or end of a story (notes, mind you, that explain something or contribute to me understanding and enjoying the story, not silly gushing or begging for reviews or long, imagined conversations between the author and the characters). Notes should never disrupt the flow of the story. I hate it when authors feel the need to tell me how cute a thing is or how much they adore something they've written right in the middle of a paragraph. I find that childish and annoying and I usually stop reading at that point because while the writer may think the she's produced a fic that is The Salt of the Earth, I the reader am not obligated to agree.

7 Name: Kes Cross : 2009-09-24 03:34 ID:GsY0Zq2k

Out of courtesy to the reader, Author's notes should be kept either to a very short (and relevent) comment with the disclaimer or confined to the author's Profile file and kept out of the story entirely. And if you feel the need to have to 'explain' a section (thus breaking into the flow of the story itself) or feel it necessary to add in a little self-congratulatory note of 'I really like this bit!' BS, then you're not doing your job as a writer properly. Personally? Anyone that puts an AN in the middle of a story is a rank amateur, should be taken outside and shot as an example to the rest. Too harsh? Nah...firm but fair, I think you'll agree...


8 Name: Mikel Midnight : 2009-09-24 12:54 ID:3wL9DHHB

I often fill up my stories with references so convoluted and obscure that nobody will likely ever understnd them, so I often annotate them afterwards.

9 Name: Judaphine : 2009-09-25 04:26 ID:A8y+3VfN

ANs are alright to a certain degree. But putting them in the middle does tend to annoy. What I REALLY hate is seeing the little bar off to the side at it's smallest, indicating a nice long chapter, only to have half the chapter or more devoted to a long assed AN that nobody gives a flying monkey's balls about. Especially if it's followed by another sizeable chunk of BS at the end of the, now pathetically short, chapter.

10 Name: Bite Me Jasper Cullen : 2009-09-25 10:21 ID:pb0ZBQFU

I like A/N's, I personally like hearing from the author but I hate i when people put authors notes in the middle of chapters or when people post whole chaters that are authors notes.

11 Name: Adelaide : 2009-09-25 13:28 ID:FadIk/Gk

All stories should speak for themselves so any ANs to do with explaining the story have no place in existence. It's another thing if you're trying to improve your writing by doing that and asking for input, but don't ever get lazy.

ANs also annoy me when they're placed inside the story, have nothing to do with the story, and are too long.

I don't really care for authors addressing previous reviews either, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter too much. Also, it took me a while to find out I was allowed to reply to my own story, so a lot of others are probably in the same dinghy.

I really, really hate it when authors defend their stories in ANs. Especially the close-minded ones who reject any and all criticism. If people criticise it, it probably needs work. Now that definitely doesn't excuse any of those mean reviewers who relish crushing hopes and dreams, but everyone has to understand their writing isn't perfect and well-meaning criticism should ALWAYS be welcome.

The second I see an author has defended her story vehemently I hit the back button and find another story.

I don't care for when authors ask their audience to be nice either, but I'm much more lenient with that. I worry that a newcomer is rightly afraid of those soul-crushing reviewers because that's no way to cultivate a budding hobby in writing. And writing is a great skill to learn. Granted the plea doesn't really stop them, but I can sympathise with the desperation.

Obviously I can't tell the difference between the scared newcomers and people who just can't deal with the fact that in order to get better you need input from outsiders. But I'd rather not chance skipping over someone who just needs to get used to the temperature of the water.

I'm not certain if there's another reason why someone would plead for niceness in an AN, but I'd think that newcomers would be the only exception to my opinion.

12 Name: SpikeyGirl : 2009-09-25 15:28 ID:X77GF3EK

I don't mind an authors note at the beginning or end, I find it a bit weird when they converse with the characters or other people in a script like format, it makes them seem mildly schizophrenic in my eyes.

I hate A/N's in the middle of a chapter, it breaks the flow.

13 Name: Star's Snowflake : 2009-09-25 16:52 ID:UDU8FZi9

A/Ns in the middle of fics does indeed suck. Unless there's a TRULY good reason to write one (my example: It was a script-format fiction and I put a note at one part saying that "to understand the imagery here you'd have to see this piece of footage") Those should be avoided at all cost!

As for notes in the beginning of a chapter, I'm fine with them. Especially when I feel that there's something that the writer really needs to convey before they get bitched at for "defying the plot lines" or when they feel like they need to appreciate a reviewer, etc.

Notes at the end of a chapter should generally be avoided. It leaves the story off with your personal crap. Only add one when you need to know to add another chapter, etc.

14 Name: Ren'aiXhakumei : 2009-09-26 01:34 ID:7XeNlDPu

Well I recently had to put up an A/N as a chapter to explain my absence for the next few weeks. I didn't want to leave my readers thinking ''...It's been a month, where's the update?'' so I just had a A/N saying that I'd be improving my skills and that I've been busy with school work. I never have A/Ns in the middle of my chapters saying ''This bit was funny.'' But I do have bits like ''To see this dance, type in ...'' so they know what something looks like, or whatever. I usually don't like them, because it really is worth skipping if the author is just going to say ''I'm dropping the story because I'm bored of it.''. I also don't mind the chats with characters at the start, unless it has the author flirting with a character, or loads of mindless crap taking up half the damn chapter.

15 Name: SeraEris : 2009-09-26 02:00 ID:YX4Q5o8E

>>14 well i'll disagree with the "To see the dance, type in..."
references at the middle of the plot remind me of Thesis
you can mention it at an author note in the end of the chapter
also to add a chapter about Not updating for a while is not very funny in my eyes as a READER, you can always re-edit your last chap and inform about that or write it on your profile.
because believe me it really sucks when im waiting for a story to be updated and when i klik on the new chapter i come face to face with an author note.

back on topic.
personally, the only time i allowed myself to have an author note in the middle of a chapter was when i had a character reading a piece of text.
i had make that ~o~o~o~ separation and wrote the text [that was in my own language] and under that i put an A/N with the translation of the text.

rather than that i' ve never interrupted my story's flow even again.

as for the author put a note about how they like that line or how sexy the character looks or whatever, annoys me a lot, be cause i dont need their opinion.

you can always throw your opinion in your story.
if you write "she was wearing that beautiful dress that hugged her body in a really sexy way" the reader understand that you indeed find the character sexy in the dress there is no need for "mmm so hot ,sexy" A/N

16 Name: ZodiacRain : 2009-09-26 09:27 ID:SoBL0Fgy

I like Author's Notes at the beginning. You can easily skip them if you're not in the mood. However, I dislike the ones that are about half the length of the fanfic because they're responding to every single review, or even worse, they're talking with one of their characters.

I usually dislike Author's Notes at the end, because most of them tend to be among the lines of "OOOOHHHH So what'll happen NEXT TIME?! Hahaha I ended on a cliff hanger! Nyah-nyah! Review please- if I don't get 5 more reviews then I won't write the next chapter!" I don't mind notes at the end, though, if they're explaining something in the fanfic. Fascinating explanations into the history/literature behind the reference make the story more enjoyable... as long as the history/literature references in the text didn't leave me wondering what they were talking about.

I don't mind A/N in the middle of the story, but I've never seen GOOD A/N in the middle of the story. It's always something like (A/N: Sorry, I don't remember how to spell that word) or (A/N: Why so moe, character?) The worst one I saw was when the author interrupted the story to put a paragraph-long rant about the English dub name of Sailor Uranus. Ugh...

17 Name: Fee : 2009-09-26 09:39 ID:R9hKCjSj

ANs in the middle are just wrong, for me. Granted, I was guilty of doing it (once, ok?) but it's not something I'll ever do again. ANs at the start, I have no issue with at all unless they are actually longer than the chapter. Then it's case of which the author cares more about: themselves or the story. ANs at the end I don't have an issue with either, unless they are the whole "review a million times and I MIGHT update...or I might not."

18 Name: Fallen11angel : 2009-09-26 09:56 ID:Ptdb9vOw

Personally, I explain something that may have been confusing during the chapter. And usually, thanking the few reviewers I get on the chapter - but that is all.

I dislike when writers drabble on in their authors note, or interject within their chapter just to say something irrelevant.

19 Name: SpikeyGirl : 2009-09-26 10:47 ID:X77GF3EK

I've also found that an AN at the end is sometimes needed if you've used a different language for some sort of effect so a translation may be needed without breaking the flow. If you put it at the beginning then it ruins the surprise. Though I do hate fic which add random foreign words for no reason then doesn't even tell us what it is.

Long AN's are the bane of my life, on FFN at least you can reply to reviews instead of clogging up the chapter. I also don't care how amazing you thought something totally unrelated to the story was.

20 Name: Kennie : 2009-09-26 12:59 ID:um8hRW5Q

I find that an author's note in the middle of a fic completely destroys the voluntary suspension of disbelief that I've worked up. They literally jar you out of the story.

Author's notes at the beginning or the end don't bother me. Personally I only ever put them at the start of the chapter although I'm often guilty of quite long author's notes. They're never longer than a chapter however (my chapters at the moment average out at 15,000 words and are often longer).

The last chapter I posted had an author's note with an apology because I'd realised that I'd been calling a planet by the name of one of its countries instead of its own name, a thank you to everyone who'd reviewed (I'd reached 95 reviews on the previous chapter and I'm hoping this one'll make it all the way up to 100 although its not looking likely), and a notice informing everyone that although the chapters are pouring out of me at the moment they are going to slow because I'm moving soon which will majorly disrupt my internet service. Is that too much for an author's note?

21 Name: Ginger Freak : 2009-09-27 02:28 ID:pb0ZBQFU

I don't mind AN at the beginning or end but definately not somewhere in the middle. I write them myself but I tend to make sure they are separated from the actual story so if people don't want to read it, they can skip straight to the story without trying to find where the AN finishes and the story begins. I also try not to make them too long, long ANs tend to put me off when I'm reading a story.

22 Name: Ren'aiXhakumei : 2009-09-29 16:32 ID:7XeNlDPu

Well why would I want to have the dance or song referance at the end of the chapter? That just ruins the illusion of having the song playing and the chapter infront of you to read. It's a bit annoying having a song mentioned in a chapter, and having no idea what it is. But really, we can't all judge. If an author wants a page long A/N, let them. All you have to do, is skip. Although I'm against annoying and irrelevant A/Ns, It's immature to get so worked up over it, ne ^^

23 Name: RadicalReason : 2009-10-03 18:57 ID:HNOD4w45

I admit to having rather long, unnecessary A/Ns in my earlier fanfictions, although I've never interrupted the story with a random, "So-and-so is REALLY HAWT. Lulz."
I, personally, like writing and reading A/Ns. It makes me feel more connected to my readers and favorite fanfic authors.
No one is forcing anyone to read them. I purposefully put my notes in bold so that the reader can clearly see where it starts and ends, so they have the choice to skip over it.

24 Name: ShatteredGlass : 2009-10-04 06:31 ID:U8ce/wWp

Random AN's in the middle of a fic drive mem mad unless they are translating something or pointing out an important fact.
If an AN at the start is half as long as the chapter I get pissed, especially if they are arguing with one of the characters, but you can always skip AN's at the start if you can't be bothered to read them.
As for AN's at the end I like authors to sign off and ask for opinions, but no holding chapters hostage for reviews or laughing about their cliff hangers. That's just gay.

25 Name: sailorjupiterox : 2009-10-05 10:36 ID:GH8MYP0K

I'm such a weirdo when it comes to AN's. I sometimes brag about a gig I've been to recently - I should really stop doing that :) Or tell them about a game I'm playing. Or ask for a suggestion for a new shoujo manga or anime or something :)
I also like to tell them (say if a chapter includes smoking/alcohol) that I do not endorse these products - but they are simply needed in the story to help to plot go quicker :) Basically, I like to keep a little blog on my AN's :)
Weird much ? :D

26 Name: BerryDrops : 2009-10-05 11:07 ID:yhnUv9Xw

It depends on the authors note really...

I hate it when peopel post AN as chapters just to imform us they won't be updating for a while or they have writers block... that's why we have profiles!

And I hate it just as much when they interupt a story just to put a pointless AN there...

And yeah it's also annoying when the AN is longer then the chapter itself...

Man I hate ANs lol.

27 Name: Anna : 2009-10-08 10:48 ID:DQ3xGR0e

TBH, i don't really mind A/N.
I feel like they connect me to the reader, although the extra long ones can be a tad annoying, but if i'm not in the mood I just skip over them.

I have to admit i sometimes go on rather long rambles, but its all related to the stories!!

I don't mind A/N in the middle like : (A/N: Get it?) at a joke, beacuse i'm rather stupid and miss the joke until its pointed out, then i can't stop laughing at it :)

Really, as long as the author bolds them out so you can skip them if you feel like it, it doesn't bother me.

The one thing I hate is whole chapters dedicated to A/N. Why be so mean and get my hopes up??

Oh, Yeah, and when they put an authors note, and threaten to hold stories hostage if they don't get enough reviews.
Everyone like reviews, but, paranoid much??

28 Name: Felix : 2009-10-08 15:07 ID:fbh2aHlX

I like A/Ns that just ramble, but they should really be at the end or at worst at the start. None in the middle.

29 Name: ScourgeOfTheGalaxy : 2009-10-08 15:10 ID:+8MLCJb0

I do notes and review replies at the end of each chapter. I even ran a poll asking if I should keep doing such replies. The majority was a Yes.

30 Name: vampgirl16 : 2009-10-08 15:31 ID:JUJuhTC+

I don't mind A/N at the begining or end of a chapter i actually like them as it shows a bit of the writer's personality also helps understand bits of the story. But i HATE when people put them in the middle of a chapter or as a seperate chapter tells everyone that there will be a delay or something. I mean there's other ways to do it without distrupting the story or getting your hopes up for another new chapter.

But as long as the A/N is seperated from the story so you can skip it if you want i don't really have much of a problem with them

31 Name: grammaguy : 2009-10-09 13:57 ID:CRhNAIjW

I do them at the beginning and end of every chapter. It at least shows that I'm paying attention to the story and taking an interest in it. You could also use it for pointing out plot points that the reader might miss.

Loads of people also love to use it as a form of breaking the fourth wall. I'm beta-ing for a guy names Jarkes at the moment, and we are engaged in a fierce war for his narrator's box - I have my H4X0R£D N0T3B0OK 0F F4T£, and he has a ton of security guards and the cast. :)

32 Name: cartoonstar : 2009-10-09 14:38 ID:/SGj05sZ

I'm a writer of fanfiction and at the end of my chapter I like to post a author's note. It's not necessary, but I feel it's a little chance for me to thank my readers/reviewers and maybe show a side of myself that the readers don't see. So in general I guess I am in favor of author's note, but what I don't like is when I'm reading a story and it gets cut off by the author to mention something like (aw that's so cute) or (i love this song). I feel something like that should be saved for only the beginning or end of the story, but not in the story itself because it's unnecessary and it cuts the reader off.

33 Name: enchantedsleeper : 2009-10-11 15:42 ID:8AoJlgW6

I admit that I'm guilty of posting sometimes hideously long Author's Notes, at both the beginning and end of a chapter :P I can't resist, because it's the only time I get to feel like I'm communicating with my readers as a whole (individual review replies aren't the same). I'm such a bad updater that I spend half the time making excuses for my late updates xD But I know that readers want to get to the story, and so they can always scroll down. I also know that long A/Ns can deceptively make an update look longer, but I have my own standards for chapter length and I always try to make it of a decent length (somewhere in the range of 2,000-5,000 words is my usual goal), preferably longer than the previous chapter.

As for A/Ns in the middle, I did that like once when I first started out as a fanfic writer, because I'd seen others do it, but I quickly realised it wasn't a good idea. Nowadays if I have to explain something like a reference or a 'Briticism', I use a footnote or put a glossary at the end.

34 Name: Becki2810 : 2009-10-12 16:04 ID:2LOTtgra

Authors Notes.... sometimes it's good knowing what the autor is feeling and maybe her/him giving a little insight into past, current and future chapters.

One thing i CANNOT STAND is when the author decides to post everyone that has reviewed and it end up taking up 3/4 of the actual page. When i look up stories I mainly go for ones that are long and feel like a novel. I hate it then when you start reading and about 20,000 words out of the full 30,000 are all from the author writing to her reviewers.

One author i forgot her name but she actually opened up a website page and puts all her replys to the reviews on there. Best idea ever.

But if anyone who does that is reading PLEASE STOP DOING THAT .... PLEASE

35 Name: SeraEris : 2009-10-12 20:21 ID:3r08VAzU

>>34 i never understood WHY TO REPLY reviews in the story page
i mean there is a button to each and every review to reply and the mail alert gives the exact link to a reply at least in FF net
except if they are unregistered users
but even then go and review your own story/chapter with the reply

when i was writing my first story because i had it in a note book and took me forever to type it and edit it
i wanted to inform my readers that i was going to be late with the update but never abandon the story and stuff. so i just reviewed my story with a very nice big and long text explaining everything thanking my readers/reviewers and even answering questions of unregistered ones

36 Name: CountryGrl : 2009-10-17 15:33 ID:TaV09shk

ANs at the beginning, yes, as long as they're not REALLY LONG. I like to hear from the author. Personally I like to drop a mention to regular reviewers or credit people for tips, but not if it's going to drag on forever, cos who really wants to read that?

ANs in the middle...99.9% of the time I find them pointless, if you've got something crucial to add, add it at the end, you can still explain little points or refer people to other sites etc, and it doesn't interrupt the flow of the story. A particularly annoying one which springs to mind is one on FF.net, where a character was listing colours she didn't like, and the author actually put in brackets something like "I'm sorry if you don't like these colours, I'm not trying to offend anyone, it's just the characters POV!!" and they did this about 3 times in one chapter, in the end I just went on another story. It annoyed me that much. Who apologises for their characters??

ANs at the end...good for footnotes or references, and most of the time I don't mind when an author says "please review" or whatever, at least it shows they're going to read them and they care what you think, but even so I only review if I enjoyed the chapter, an AN which says "please add a review because I love them!" isn't going to make it any more likely that I'll review. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I do like ANs, because it makes it a little more personal. I usually introduce each of my chapters with a couple of lines, but I don't bother if I've got nothing new to say than what I put last time.

37 Name: pinkcatheaven : 2009-10-18 01:13 ID:j/iKRPZh

I love them, when they're at the start. If there's loads of brackets in bold scattered across the page, not so keen. But even then, I think its great. It's personal, and when they're funny, I laugh, and tell that author that they're funny. Though I don't like it when they ask for reviews, that bugs me.

38 Name: Scourgeofthegalaxy : 2009-10-18 02:45 ID:VsSMJ62/

I do replies on my reviews at the enf of the page to some stories. However, i ran a poll asking if I should stop the replies and use the conventional method instead, and the majority answer was Keep It Like It Is.

39 Name: His Friend Helena : 2009-10-18 09:23 ID:iwEJXDce

I did authors notes and then discovered that i just went totally off topic and there was no point to mine and they were annoying people. but thats just me lol

40 Name: Ren'aiXhakumei : 2009-10-19 15:39 ID:7XeNlDPu

God, I hate it when authors flirt with the main guy. It's so annoying to skip past a load of fail every chapter. All it consists of is the author conveying her undying love for pixels, and the pixels loving her back, which would never happen in any sane world.

41 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2009-10-19 17:41 ID:2eWcCLjG

As if we're really sitting back in our chairs going, "Hahaha! Wow, this is the funniest thing I have ever read! Reading a script about the auhtor beating up a hawt anime guy with pocky and kawaii-desu!

Yeah, NOT. :/

42 Name: TehHyperactiveLollehpop : 2009-10-21 02:30 ID:+nS/R98U

Like %99.99999999999999 etc of people in this thread have said, I don't normally mind authbor notes, but not in the middle of the story. I hate that.

Also, I do tend to have imaginary conversations with the charecters :p But only when I get one of them to do the disclaimer.

43 Name: elecktrum : 2009-10-21 15:36 ID:YlSGasBx

I'm with Crimson Cataclysm. I click on a fanfic to read a story, not some silly, juvinile script, pointless ramblings, or endless disclaimers that reach up to high heaven. Honestly, do these so-called authors think their readers give a wrap?

44 Name: RufusTheZebra : 2009-10-22 14:03 ID:UrMpfpmV

I like to read authors notes, at the beginning and the end - however, when they are in the middle I honestly hate them. At the start or the finish, knock yourself out (but don't ramble) BUT LEAVE THE ACTUAL STORY ALONE! DON'T VANDALISE IT!

45 Name: Schmo : 2009-11-02 08:04 ID:+PXFujv8

I like ANs but not in the middle of a chapter, i find that disruptive to my reading and irritating because it can be left to the end usually. I hate pointless drivvle about random, silly annoying things that don't make any sense whatsoever though.
I reply to all my reviews but i don't post them in chapters any more. I used to but then it got ridiculous. That was for my first stories. Now i do a little AN usually to explain things or ask an opinion or just to say thanks and hi. But i never hostage fics. I hate that soooo much.

46 Name: RayRay : 2009-11-02 10:51 ID:WMZukNsr

I use A/N's quite a lot, normally at the beginning to thank anyone relavent and in some cases to explain what the summary didn't give me space to do.

I would NEVER put an AN in the middle of a story...if I have to put something I'll put another one at the bottom explaining that particular quote or whatever.

47 Name: Mikeru-D : 2009-11-02 11:02 ID:9Io23dcN

Only at the start or the end. Or both!
If it's a romance or comedy they can be jokey or with personal thoughts, but for serious fics - keep it to a minimum.

48 Name: cally777 : 2009-11-06 00:02 ID:BXoRl7bu

I may update my practice on this, but at the moment I mostly A/N at the chapter end. I realise there are definite disadvantages in so doing. It's easy to ruin the atmosphere created by jarring the reader's expectations, and sometimes I avoid it altogether for this reason.

My main about worry posting in front is it will be the first thing the reader sees after an update or when altering chapters; not necessarily the best way to get them straight into the story. I intend to only do it if absolutely necessary now

As for putting them in the middle, what kind of idiot does that? Well ok, it might be acceptable in a comedy/parody, but otherwise, no.

To be honest, I hadn't worked out how to reply to reviews but I'm not entirely comfortable with doing it directly anyway. I do sometimes take up points. On one notorious occasion, I reflamed someone, but only because he or she was insulting my entire genre and all its writers rather than just me! After some thought, I took my reply down later. It wasn't a particularly dignified thing to do.

49 Name: Btvsfifi : 2009-11-07 10:28 ID:YS76yDyZ

A/N can be irritating especially if they are long or interrupt the story, they are ok if disclaimers. I iften have A/Ns apologising for the lack of prolific-ness!

50 Name: Yellow 14 : 2009-11-07 13:52 ID:Po0YbQly

I do AN's at the begining of my stories if I feel that it's nessesary to the story (ie technical terms, etc) and if I need to explain something in the story, I usually put them in at the end, but I NEVER put AN's in the middle of a chapter. It's annoying and just plain wrong. I don't mind AN's that thank reviewers at the begining, at least the authors aknowledged the reviewers.

51 Name: FameAndJoy42 : 2009-11-08 04:39 ID:4A11kbAf

My fanfiction at the moment has a lot of backstory and research put to it, so when I finish writing up the entirety, I'm going to add it at the end of the story on FF.net and/or on DeviantArt as a seperate link.

I don't like seeing authors notes at the beginning, middle or end of any fanfiction, it doesn't seem right and it draws away the attention from the fanfiction.

52 Name: EternallyJaded : 2009-11-08 04:50 ID:TdRGr6Rb

I don't mind Author's Notes at the start or end of a chapter/story but only if it has some relevance to the plot. I HATE it whenever people do stuff like this:

"Oh my Gosh, I totally love you too!!!!!" (A/N: Awwwwwww!!!)

Okay, bit of a random example but you know what I mean.

53 Name: sheechiibii : 2009-11-09 08:06 ID:pGDMkr+e


I'm kind of afraid that I'm guilty of a few of these complaints. I never - never - write AN's in the middle of a chapter, I hate that, and I always section them so that the reader can clearly see where it starts and ends.

I don't put AN's at the start of the chapter really...only the ends. Unless it's the first chapter. Is that bad...?
I try not to speak about things unrelated as well but I'm not sure if I slip up...

I actually don't think that many readers read AN's at all. I left an AN at the end of the last chapter of one of my stories telling them where I was taking the story in future and I still got reviews asking about it. And not just confirming either, one person asked me 'is there going to be a sequel' and I'd left the note saying that there would be a few small sequels following each chapter...so I think many readers don't read them at all.


54 Name: Kaioo : 2009-11-09 08:31 ID:lDLUD7NA

I like to see author's notes at the beginning, explaining a bit of what happened in the last chapter, introducing new characters, introducing the characters(1st chapter), or saying why they took so long to update(if they haven't updated in AGES), whether they can't update for a while etc etc.

I have actually never seen someone add AN in the middle of a story, however, I have seen people put in brackets... E.G. Thomas(The Hunter) looked at Benjamin(The Smoker).

^L4D reference...

Anyway, I, an author of sorts, most/some of the time, put in Author's notes... Usually to say sorry for the long time to upload, or to give some information...
However, lack of feedback to the authors will either make them stop doing the story, as they don't think anyone's reading it, or stop doing Author's notes, which can be bad and good, depending on the author.

Usually, if the author is a good one, then I enjoy reading their notes, but if the story begins to lack that umph!, or the author begins droning on with their notes, then I start to lose interest.


55 Name: Little Miss B : 2009-11-30 04:27 ID:Z+kVOTHA

A/N's are, in my opinion, alright.
Obviously if it's in the middle of a chapter it's going to bug me (unless it's a warning of something graphic, but, really, that's what the age rating is for, isn't it?) or if it's totally pointless and of no relevance to the story. On FFNet there's a tool that puts a ruler line in a chapter, I use it to seperate A/N's at the beginning or end and this means that the main body of the chapter is left on its own. It shouldn't be interrupted.

I really hate it when an author's note appears randomly in a sentence, too. If the author is writing something and they put 'A/N: Awww, this is a really, really good bit! Just wait!', it's not necessary; obviously if you're writing it, and putting emphasis into it (through sentence structure, italics, bolds or undelines) then I, the reader, already know that the writer likes it, especially.

I put A/N's into mine, but they're either at the beginning or end and it's usually just a brief request for honest reviews, simply for improvement purposes, and a little "Yay, I've actually uploaded!" kind of thing. Either that or it's an explanation of termanology that may or may not be understood and this stops a multitude of people asking what the hell I've meant repeatedly.

Sorry, this ended up as a longer-than-meant-to-be rant.
Little Miss B

56 Name: tiger002 : 2009-11-30 09:33 ID:LAhJXVq1

In most chapters I have an author note at the end and occasionally one at the beginning. The only times I have one at the begining is to explain when something needs explained before going into the chapter. If I have a big cliffhanger at the end, I'll just leave the author note out there or put it in the beginning

57 Name: The Unreal Insomniac : 2009-11-30 15:27 ID:OQ6ulJtJ

I'm afraid my author's notes can be a little lengthy. Thought that's normally cus some asshole has anonymous reviewed me and I have to answer through ANs.

But I never put author's notes in the middle of a chapter, that shit drives me mad.

Section it people, we'll appreciate it more.

58 Name: a writer of fics : 2009-11-30 22:03 ID:PyOWu308

I only put A/N at the being and end of my chapters. Most of my authors notes are how I talk to my reviewers and at the end I respond to my reviews by penname. I do hate it when people put A/N in the middle of chapters or make a whole chapter an A/N that is ridiculous IMHO.

59 Name: Majin : 2009-12-01 03:40 ID:kCZMF4Ny

A/Ns are okay, if they're short and only at the top and bottom.

They're really annoying if you put them in the middle. It seems like some people do things like reviewer replies that take up at least a third of the words too. That can be bad, since it seems like they're mostly just trying to increase the word count of the story, so you go into a 50000 word story and only find 30000 words of story. At least it can be skipped though.

60 Name: セーラーエリス : 2009-12-01 03:49 ID:FQepWbAn

lol 50000 words???

latest story i reviewed about their author notes had
130 something words and it didnt have author notes at top or bottom it had an author note in the middle of the "story"

61 Name: mercyground : 2009-12-01 12:06 ID:AT13J5sp

I tend to put them at start of mine but i write about a game rather than the "usual" fanfics.

TBH i need to put in a timeline document and proberbly a glossary/characters list. Main problem is as it is stories over so far a 5yr period, everyones roles change and it makes it difficult. I think its going to be easier to add a section on beginning of my stories to give a "update" on positions and some sort of timeline.

62 Name: swiftsilence : 2009-12-01 14:06 ID:Of6u6ROH

A/N in the middle of a chapter really irritate me other than that i am ok with it. I was once reading this really emotional part in a chapter and was about to start crying when an A/N popped up saying 'listen to this track on my profile'...completely ruined the mood for me... a bit of a shame really...

63 Name: Lorze the Brookes : 2009-12-05 14:20 ID:HDVGPLeg

I may have been guilty of writing the occasional AN in the middle of one of my earlier chapters... (now I'll have to go back and hunt them down D:) but generally I put an AN at the beginning to thank people who review etc and to explain things which may seem a bit random (such as ages), but at the end I generally have some little thing to sort of round off the chapter, like something I just thought of BUT WHICH RELATES to my story - like character ages or whatever. But I hate ANs in mid story. And people talking to the characters in the ANs. They need to be shot.

64 Name: James : 2009-12-05 15:39 ID:XRqpe2J8

I often have a note at the beginning and end of chapters; usually something longer at the beginning, and a simple 'thanks for reading' at the end.

A/Ns midstory are only ever okay if they occur in a scene break, and even then are a bit dubious. The (A/N: awww, so cute!)phenomena makes me break out in boils. : (

65 Name: ziarx : 2009-12-09 11:59 ID:E9WXe0tu

A/N ain't that bad.. I love reading A/Ns at the beginnings and endings.. Middle section of the story, a bit okay as long as it's only 1 sentence.

And A/Ns talking with their own characters is funny to read. I don't mind it at all. >.' Oh and I haven't written any story, I just keep on reading works of others. I'm too lazy and I lack creativeness to do a story..

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