Anime/Manga/videogames/novel fanfic plot help (9)

1 Name: Warper : 2009-09-20 17:45 ID:B7IFvIOU

Basically I hope this area will be to help anyone writing one of the aformentioned types of fanfiction.

If you need an oc and someone has an idea post the question here and hopefully someone will answer.


2 Name: SpikeyGirl : 2009-09-26 10:56 ID:wOfdFiVW

Sorry, I have too many of my own plot bunnies but I offer my own services as help for stories and OC's

3 Name: Zabella : 2009-09-28 09:19 ID:r/f7oexC

Plot bunny? rises eyebrow

4 Name: Warper : 2009-09-28 15:56 ID:AFEfioOK

interested in adopting a 'Warper Plot Bunny' zabella? you even know what a plot bunny is?

5 Name: CaroShadow : 2009-09-29 08:13 ID:NXMWJTwl

uhh.. I think that's what Zabella meant

6 Name: Caroshadow : 2009-09-30 01:21 ID:6/r87+t/

and whatever a plotbunny is, I could use somehelp.
oke it's a DGM fic and I nead an idea for a mission. so if someone has some kind a myth or something like that, or a site with good myths pls tell me ^_^ (if you wnt you can read the fic on FF, just click my name)

7 Name: Adelaide : 2009-10-01 11:23 ID:HQn46hH+

@Caroshadow: I'm a little rusty on my myths, but I think Norse mythology's your best bet. The characters all have faults and it's made evident, unlike in, say, Celtic mythology where the warrior is as Gary Stu as they come.

There is a Celt story that I was quite taken with though; it was a about a guy who is so taken by fairy beauty he crosses into their realm and is stuck there. If I remember correctly, when he finally returns to earth, he discovers that everyone he knew is long dead.

Actually, Ojibwe mythology is also REALLY interesting. This indigenous group, once belonging to QuebeƧ (and then pushed west across Ontario and as far as Manitoba when Europeans came in), also has stories to do with people and their faults.

They believe in spirits called manitous (pl. pron. man-i-too - sing. manitou). They can be vindictive and pissy or, in a few cases, helpful. They're very territorial. And, they don't actually inhabit every rock and tree like many assume.

The Ojibwe also believe that everyone has to seek a vision within themselves (very difficult) and then fulfill it. Each person - no matter who they are - are given just enough of the right talent and aptitude to complete their mission.

They have stories of rape, of discovering one's vision and fulfilling it, brothers fighting, people learning not to assume things, fights over lovers, misunderstandings, creation stories, people turning into mermaids, et cetera.

If you define what exactly you're looking for in a myth, I think I could help more. I actually don't mind scanning some of the myths in the books I own either - I have both courseware on Celtic mythology and a book about the manitous.

8 Name: Adelaide : 2009-10-01 11:27 ID:HQn46hH+

Oh, right. And a Norse book.

9 Name: CaroShadow : 2009-10-02 08:42 ID:NXMWJTwl

tnx Adelaide.
I think I can come up with a story from this, and if you're interested the fic is on my FF account (simply click my name).

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