What is your favorite Harry Potter, twilight, Avatar: The Last airbender Fan-Fiction? (13)

1 Name: The.Immortal.Author : 2009-09-20 14:42 ID:4dnUjfk+

I need new fics to read. what are your favorite? mine are:
Harry Potter: Bittersweet by darkness-knight. Twilight: breathe Again by Ysar. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Papaya by Lolita Kills Me

2 Name: Bite Me Jasper Cullen : 2009-09-25 10:28 ID:xyTrGPaV

for twilight, tripod by vampirelover44 (cause I'm a huge alice/Jasper fan), I don't read harry potter and I have only just started getting into avatar fics so I don't have a favourite yet

3 Name: Fee : 2009-09-26 09:47 ID:gh2wMcKG

My favourite Twilight story is either Healing by freakyhazeleyes, or Across the Ocean by Annilaia. Harry Potter: Making Mistakes by little0bird.

4 Name: michaela x : 2009-09-28 11:37 ID:PSAjC+xx

best harry potter one is i'll hate you forever, i think by kris250
best twilight one is renesmee is that blood? by misslittlepinkbag and another good twilight author is shy yet cheeky

5 Name: ShatteredGlass : 2009-10-06 09:18 ID:A5KzhyJY

My favourite Twific used to be Horizons by Megsley but right now I think that it is probaly DestineyAwaits by MidnightSeductress.

6 Name: K.T.x : 2009-10-07 23:26 ID:U1om0sRK

my favourite Twilight fan-fic is most definately the "Storm" series by falconbaby on fanfiction.net starting with "the quiet before the storm" it's amazzzzzzzzzzing!

And harry potter fanfic would definately be "The Good Morrow" by anyavioletta also on fanfiction.net just so absorbing and very original. give it a good read i'm hooked!

7 Name: Rowena : 2009-10-08 11:34 ID:IYVzVo8I

My favourite Harry Potter fic if deifinitely 'Selling Yourself To Fate', by Death-Muncher. I must have read it over and over again.
I swear some of the stories on my favourite list I don't even remember reading. Oh well.

8 Name: beka : 2009-10-13 09:17 ID:RxNYr16t

Harry potter would be- Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness a fic about the DA and neville's 7th year at hogwarts
or Casting moonshaddows

And Them is a very good twilight fic by Veritas Found

9 Name: theninjafrommars : 2009-10-13 10:54 ID:n85Yhpr1

out of these i only read twilight ones and its called: Notes Galore! ยป by Nosuchthingashappilyeverafter i found it on fanfiction.net a while ago. its pretty silly but i love reading it.

10 Name: Wolvenstrom : 2009-10-22 15:49 ID:go35/p/i

Avatar fiction. There's enough Harry fiction about so a good avatar one is a plesant change.

I wouldn't read anything about Twilight even f you paid me.

That's just my preferance, anyone who likes twilight hen I respect that.

11 Name: KurukiXV : 2009-10-23 20:04 ID:/Rsniz8T

Avatar fiction is my fave out of all three. There's this fic on ff.net called "Parlor Tricks" by Lyralocke. It's an AU, set in the 1920s, and it's an awesome read. In fact, go search it, it's highly recommended!

12 Name: xx-AliceCullenForever-xx : 2009-10-26 10:22 ID:xud2mNaq

My favourite is;
Welcome to Drama Acadamy (Twilight)
Green Tinted Affection (Harry Potter)

13 Name: Nadine : 2009-11-13 22:07 ID:zvTRsaj9

Harry Potter: I blame the Muffin and The Carefree Year
Twilight: Breath Again, Supernova and Skin Deep

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