Twilight Fanfic Abuse ideas (26)

1 Name: CaffinH : 2009-09-20 03:29 ID:7n10UDsU

Im thinking of writing a Twilight Fanfic thats going to be quite depressive and tragic where Charlie starts to abuse Bella, physically, mentally and sexually after Edward leaves and when she jumps off the cliff, Forcing Alice to return, goes to Itally, forces Edward and the rest of the Cullens to return and then she realises shes too afraid to Love Edward any more and she slowly goes into herself. Charlie carries on abusing her and shes terrified of Edward or Jacob abusiing her too, plus with the general conflict around them. Eventually she might go looking for Victoria.

But basically Im not sure how to convey the level of Abuse Bella will be putting up with. So any help would be welcome please!

2 Name: Kennie : 2009-09-20 05:30 ID:0WIgLkD4

Unless you're comfortable writing graphic scenes, I'd recommend using the reader's imagination. For example, when Bella is being sexually abused by Charlie, you could show him slipping into her bed at night, her waking up, him telling her to shut up and leave the scene after some minor groping. In the morning, you have Bella's reaction to the events. For physical abuse, you can show other characters reactions to her battered face instead of the blows that caused it.
Just a couple of suggestions there. I hope they help.

3 Name: CaffinH : 2009-09-20 08:17 ID:7n10UDsU

that does help. i dont mind the graphic scenes really, except for the sexual abuse scenes, but my readers might so yh...

thanks yoou]

4 Name: ashleigh : 2009-09-20 11:06 ID:cnAGmG0d

its a good idea but becareful, there is alot of charlie abusing bella fics out there and alot of them are very poorly written, you need to make sure your completely comfortable going into lots of detail (but as kennie said, you can leave some parts to the imagination), you cant have it as 5/10,000 words and thats it as it doesnt include enought detail, most good abuse fics go over 25,000 but don't be put off by such a large sum, if you can pull off an abuse fic with the detail needed you wont notice how much you've wrote

hope i've helped :)

5 Name: The.Immortal.Author : 2009-09-20 14:30 ID:awoH+r5n

6 Name: Scarybulma : 2009-09-20 14:57 ID:v0OamCwX

You'll probably find it easier to reach those sorts of word counts and truly develop your plot and characters if you plan the story out very carefully.

What I tend to do is write the chapter numbers and quickly run through the story in bullet points. You don't have to go into major details because you can flesh them out as you're writing, just get down the bones of the story. That way you make sure you get in all the key elements that you are interested in portraying.

Ashleigh is right, the word count should reflect the depth and sensitivity of the subject matter but at the same time there's nothing worse than a long rambling fic that seems to go nowhere. Make sure it's bursting full of plot so that the reader feels a sense of progression and anticipation. Good luck with it!

7 Name: ParamoreTwilightfan : 2009-09-22 09:50 ID:tc/lqnvx

i wrote a successful fanfic on something like this. other than the fact that edward was abused my his father and then Bella was abused by edward's uncle later on in the sequel. if you wanted any help i would be willing to or you check out my story on fanfiction? good luck!

8 Name: Ashers : 2009-09-23 13:56 ID:c5IJ9xjZ

Ok I've done a fanfic about Bella getting abused by Charlie and all I have to say is be committed to the story and plan. Readers like it when you know where you're going with a story, and if you're not committed to a story then you'll get sick of it and you may not finish it (Guilty as charged), but you also have to write it because you want to, or else it doesn't write well. Don't write a happy ending if you don't want it to have a happy ending, and don't have it the way that your readers are begging you to have it if that's not they way you think it should run.

Just make sure you know what you're writing really and have fun with it.

9 Name: Hell's Nightingale : 2009-09-23 20:10 ID:7aR2GL8q

(Not much of a Twilight fan but I can help with ideas)

Personally, I have been emotionally and sexually abused. I would just say that when someone sexually/emotionally abuses you it DOES NOT just magically disapear over one week in your mind. It sticks with you.

If Edward was trying to make a move on Bella then she'd have flashbacks of Charlie doing bad stuff to her and ultimately run away from Edward.

I am saying this because I've read too many fanfics that go something like this:

Bella remembered one week ago what Charlie did to her. She shuddered.

Edward came up and began to make-out (Out of character, I know, and totally doesn't fit but go with it for now) and then they made love.

It pisses me off just how lightly the subject is taken. People who've been raped, abused, and verbally harrased are offended by stories that neglect the character's abuse.

Personally, it makes me really angry to see raped victims be tossed around like a secondhand teddy bear in plots.

Day after rape: They're smiling and feel giddy near their lover!
Three days after rape: They see their rapist and wave nervously.

That would not happen. sighs

My two-cents for your story is to really get into the emotional conflict and Bella's fear of Charlie. Don't make it a second thing, make it the first. A threat at home is always scary.

Make it the bad and good thing of the story and keep on writing good! ;]


10 Name: CaffinH : 2009-09-25 04:27 ID:0quYVOsd

To Hell's Nightingale (nice name btw)

Thanks for your help, youre very right. It is quite wrong how lightly peiople take the subject and I thank you a lot for your comment.

Thank you to all the others as well, Youve been great help and Ill write and put up the story ASAP okay

Thank you all xxx

11 Name: Hawkesey : 2009-09-30 14:30 ID:44wZbZRi


I dont know if you've written your story yet, but have you ever read the Twilight fanfiction The Perfect Wife?
It got pulled from due to content but it is a really good story and the author describes the abuse Bella suffers at Charlie's hands very well. It may be good for ideas?

Here's the link:

12 Name: Sputnik : 2009-10-01 00:21 ID:hF8ORXLL

i know i'm being narrow minded here but the very idea of twilight makes me want to weep and batter my head off a solid object, such as robert pattisons ridiculously over-coiffed hair do

13 Name: Crimson Cataclysm : 2009-10-01 08:25 ID:Xy79iYgN


Then maybe you can make a Twilight Hate thread instead of bashing it where there are obviously fans of the series. I'm not a fan myself, but it's just rude.
So a good idea would be for an AntiTwilight thread to exist--or better yet to go discuss the hatred over at an entire forum dedicated to antitwilight.

14 Name: CaffinH : 2009-10-02 09:21 ID:+UyXzldA Spitnik...Theres nothing wrong with having your own opinion but Crimson Cataclysm is right. If you want to express your opinion or hatered of Twilight, make your own thread. Ims ure plenty of people will join in because Twilight really is a love/hate kinda thing. I put this thread up because I wanted help with my story not to have the story category mocked.

Thanks to Crimson Cataclysm :)
And thanks to Hawkesey. I havnt put the story up yet, but I will soon. Thank you for the link, Ill go read it now.

Thanks to you all.


15 Name: Twiholic : 2009-10-02 10:04 ID:q4XNWCtF

yh to be honest if you arent a fan go on an anti-twilight website

yh and your so right caffin h it is a love/hate thing

i love it!

i was thinking about one where jake abuses nessie, or one of his pack and bella founds out an hates him??? idk

i do like jake jus thought of it lol

16 Name: CaffinH : 2009-10-02 11:52 ID:+UyXzldA

To Twiholic

Thats a rly good theory though. It would be good to write. You can have a whole adventure thing where Bella starts to worry about Nessie and eventually you find out Jacob (her husband/fiance'/boyfriend) is abusing her. That would be something I would read.

And I quite like Jacob too...sometimes...I hate him a lil too, Im teamEdward all the way :D lol

But thanks anyway :D

17 Name: CrAzYwRiTeRgUrL : 2009-10-05 11:20 ID:nlpSjczB

woah I thought this was innocent Twilight abuse! As in Jacob imprinting on a hamster kind of innocent! Oh well I wrote one where everyone goes and kills themselves in hilarious ways! Mwahahahaha!

18 Name: TanyaHeartEdward : 2009-10-11 03:35 ID:VHvhu3Xj

Have you read The Perfect Wife?
It's a really good fanfiction and is sort of similar to what you're wanting.
But are you wanting to keep the whole vampire thing or just real life people?

19 Name: CaffinH : 2009-10-13 08:58 ID:2RXqDAxj

Id liek the Vampire thing involved too

20 Name: Dreamer : 2009-12-11 13:02 ID:DDQtlbM5

I guess the best idea would be to protray the physical abuse through other peoples eyes and let Bella's imagination guess what Charlie could be doing at night.

21 Name: Twilight0320 : 2010-08-08 00:22 ID:DTVNRkto

Well, I'm not pretty much a fan of the thought of Charlie abusing Bella, as I think he rox!
I am currently working on a story where Eddy boy is the abusive person.
I'm so a Jake fan ;)
Anyway, I think you've gotten a lot of great tips from people, so I think your story will be a good one.
The point Hell's Nightingale carried out is a good one too.
It should at least be realisitcally written in order for your readers to feel with Bella.
I was seriously mistreated as a child, and even though I'm almost 27 now, it sometimes still affects me.
Good luck on your story!

22 Name: Nightlife666 : 2010-08-16 01:37 ID:FEueYEYy

Dude fuck these twihard kids. geeze next time i get a bot about a a M rated story written by a ten year old im gonna snap

23 Name: Nightlife666 : 2010-08-16 01:39 ID:FEueYEYy

Dude fuck these twihard kids. geeze next time i get a bot about a a M rated story written by a ten year old im gonna snap

24 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-16 22:28 ID:s0y85jPn

I am not a fan of Twilight, and I hate Twihards, but I also understand the need for a good candy read, and support Twilighters. When I first saw this topic, from my limited knowledge of Twilight, I personally thought it OoC for Charlie to abuse Bella. That being said, my peice of advice would be, find a way to make it so that his personality develops from a non-abusive person, to an abusive person, because then he isn't OoC. However, with Twilight, there is also the fact that some of Meyer's characterization has logic fails when it comes to real life emotions and reactions people have with each other, and one could also write the characters IC for real life interactions between people, rather then simply using Twilight/Meyer logic.

>>23 - Unfortunatly, the number of ten to thirteen year old Twihards trying to write fanfiction for ANY fandom is scary. :(

25 Name: Fawx : 2010-08-17 06:05 ID:C9JAIHys

Like Edward isn't already enough of an emotional abuser...

26 Name: Yemi Hikari : 2010-08-17 08:34 ID:s0y85jPn

>>25 - That was what I was talking about with Twilight/Meyer logic, versus Real World Logic, as to how people act. To Twihards and Meyer, Edwards behavior isn't abusive at all. shudder

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