'Recasting' shows (2)

1 Name: Zell : 2011-01-03 07:08 ID:/WGqa4Ez

If anyone checks on my profile, they'll see that currently, I have several ideas in the works for recasting things with a different cast of characters (ex Star Trek with SSBB characters). I do not know, however, if I would annoy fans or something. Any advice?

2 Name: Yumi : 2011-02-04 19:47 ID:GfyMVi2u

Well, how much re-casting are you planning on doing, and what exactly does that mean? If it's a matter of leaving the storyline alone and simply replacing characters (and as such changing the roles' reaction to things to suit the new character) I would bet people who know both series would find it really, really entertaining.

Hah, this makes me think or how amazing it would be to see the Next Generation cast living though an episode of Eureka. :DD

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