Too Popular? (20)

1 Name: Katsuke : 2010-11-14 18:58 ID:NUx82fDG

Hi there guys! I'm Katsuke, but please call me Katsu, because it get's annoying typing out "Katsuke" all the time.

Anyway, I don't wanna sound like a glob of jealous green jell-o over here, but have you ever looked at a fan fiction (or several) then looked over the author and realized that maybe they're TOO popular? I mean, of course, their story might be great and all(and I'm not saying that their writing particularly sucks or anything), but sometimes doesn't an author seem like they're getting too much attention for their work?
I understand if the story/author has been around for a couple years and has just racked up some fans, but when you start seeing the mentioning of their names everywhere that pertains to the series they write about, it gets quite annoying, to say the least.
It makes me think that the fans of that series read other fan fictions and compare them to those of the famed author. I feel that it's a little unfair, but I don't discriminate against them. However, I feel that they're part of a never ending fad, like Justin Bieber or Twilight.

Anyone else feel the same?

2 Name: Chris000 : 2010-11-14 22:12 ID:TVlYxXya

Hell,I wish I were more popular.

In response to your question though, yes. I do believe that there are some who become a yardstick for other fanfiction writers.

As for Beiber, his career will end when his voice cracks.

3 Name: Japancat : 2010-11-15 21:15 ID:9Bo9k5eS

Oh, heck, I'll respond.

There are some writers out there that have like this pantheon. Like people treat them like they're gods. It kind of annoys me and I know it shouldn't. I dunno... Every time I hear how awesome some writers are, I feel really discouraged. I dunno why. Like I can never be good.

Hey, don't get me wrong. I've read some of their works but it depresses me that I work so hard and I'm not getting anyone to see my effort because my name isn't so and so's. I dunno, I think in my fandom if you're writing something serious and you're not in the pantheon, you don't get attention. If you're writing something stupid, somehow everyone loves you.

I dunno. I'm annoyed but I think I'm kind of jealous even though I like to think I'm not.

4 Name: Marth : 2010-11-15 22:17 ID:tpDMYmsb

>>3 So only stupid stuff gets attention in your fandom? I don't believe you, but if that's true, then the answer is obvious.


I mean that quite seriously. If you're interested in being widely-read, the best way to do so is to write the kind of stuff that everyone reads and, in most cases, to do so no better than competently.

I don't really have this problem, so maybe I shouldn't talk. My fandom's too small to really have any BNFs, and the closest things to BNFs we've got are, with a couple exceptions, lovely people and good writers. The couple exceptions I mentioned, my fantasy is more to slap them upside the head for being arrogant than to be as popular as they are.

I s'pose that's even worse a sentiment, though. XD

5 Name: THEKyuubi27 : 2010-11-22 19:08 ID:KYz3I3bA

I agree with >>3. I mean, I read some FFs, and they're good, and then look at my stories, and wonder how it would be if that writer had it published under their name. Would they get thousands of reviews? It's so depressing.

6 Name: Chris000 : 2010-11-22 21:15 ID:+2PeUgPb

>>5 Try not to think of it that way. I've unfortunately thought the same thing and it's self-destructive at it's core. You start to lose confidence if you compare yourself to others. People will always go for what they do not know.

What's weird though is that most people that favorite'd my work have not written any stories themselves?

...oh God, I'm thinking too much again.

...I need a drink...

7 Name: Anonymous : 2010-11-24 12:55 ID:zbu3MzKn

Being popular is only a problem when it starts getting to an author's head, and they let the quality of their work decline, or start thinking of their work as 'better than canon', etc.

Just being popular, however, is not intrinsically a bad thing. Sure, there are some fics/authors that don't deserve popularity—but on the other hand, one of my favorite fics has over a thousand reviews, each one of them deserved. So it can cut both ways.

8 Name: Banzai : 2010-11-28 12:38 ID:zva02jFP

>>1 Ugh, it's so annoying and frustrating. There's a popular writer in my fandom who gets gushes of praise from almost EVERYONE who reads her stories. In fact, it's not the popularity which annoys me - it's the fans and ignorants who don't see the obvious flaws in the stories like I do. The stories aren't bad in themselves, and the grammar is okay, but I still see things that need improving. This might sound so big-headed but I know I'm a better writer than she is. Most of the fans of the fandom are likely to be pre-pubescent and don't know the techniques for writing; I can tell from their reviews. Actually, most fans on fanfiction are teens so no surprise. Quite frustrating to see really. But hey, she's doing the right thing to get fans: giving them what they want (ie EXPLICIT SLASH).

The problem is this, folks: THE FANATICS.

9 Name: Chris000 : 2010-11-28 14:29 ID:nG+l7plx


I agree. If you've taken English as your major, you are encouraged to look critically at work. It's actually improved my writing as I finally learned how to properly use a semicolon (yay!)

Unfortunately, you are correct, the best way to get fans is to PANDER as a very knowledgeable writer told me on this site.

10 Name: Banzai : 2010-11-28 15:28 ID:zva02jFP

>>9 You don't necessarily have to take an English course to know what's wrong in a fic, but it does help. If only everyone on fanfiction has some knowledge of writing at higher level and then they will see how imperfect writing is, and thus improve it dramatically, but sadly they don't.

11 Name: KazeYami : 2010-12-01 18:33 ID:vcySBKDN

It's just the way that the dynamics of most sites work. Like, what fandoms do you write for, what pairing, how long are your stories, how often do you update. All these things factor into how many hits and how many people begin to follow you.

For instance, I tend to write for very strange little corners of fandom. But, every once in a while, I'll misjudge how big a fandom is, or post a story from when the fandom was not very popular and get an explosion of hits and reviews. And, it sort of staggers me. For instance, my first fanfic was a very short and badly written one shot. But, it was Naru/Sasuke of the Naruto fandom. Even though it's only a oneshot and I've written many longer and better written stories since, it's still one of my top stories, in stats, on

Personally, I find that vaguely deplorable. But, that's just the way the water flows, baby.

12 Name: fan-to-fictiob : 2010-12-15 09:44 ID:TVMAIlF0

Sometimes there are writers in my fandom getting a lot of praise while in reality they are actually trolls or people who don't even spell check. Those are people who don't really deserve the popularity, but if the readers like it then don't till too hard. I mean, as long as you enjoy your own hobby and writing you shouldn't let it get to you.

I myself look up to a couple of very good writers. Those writers make me want to improve myself always and that works.

I don't think it's annoying. I mean, what if you were one of the popular writers I doubt you would mind the attention much.
Plus, there need to be people who are more popular than others, it's just in the human nature to find a leader of some sort, even if it is in the form of someone you like the writing from.

13 Name: Marth : 2010-12-16 01:14 ID:tpDMYmsb

>>12 I recognize that my original post didn't make this clear, but I agree with you, at least broadly. I'll admit that I have moments of "Ugh, why do people like this writer?" but I don't begrudge them their level of popularity. The popular authors in my fandom whom I hate, I hate because I find them personally odious, and I would still hate them if no one reviewed them. In fact, now that I think about it, I also hate a good handful of unpopular authors, again for personal rather than fic-related reasons. I guess I'm just a hater. XD

Mostly, my problem with saying that some authors don't deserve their popularity is that it's a really off-putting sentiment on a personal level. Reviews are great. I like reviews. But as soon as anyone starts talking about how the number of reviews someone gets is unfair (especially if they couple it with "I should be getting more reviews,"), I immediately like/respect that person less. That's mean, I know, but I can't help it.

It doesn't help that one of the popular authors I hate is a jealous little bitch in this respect. He goes on forums and complains that he doesn't get enough reviews to people who get significantly fewer reviews than he does. Whining about someone being too popular/you (general you) not being popular enough always puts me in mind of this guy.

14 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2010-12-16 06:39 ID:DLtHJ7eZ

>>13 Thanks for clearing it up. Now I understand your point better.

Yeah, I do get the point you're trying to explain. And frankly, yes it can be annoying. But I don't really care much about the quantity of reviews.
I would rather have one review giving me a whole lot of CC than a thousand reviews saying 'omg plz update!!'.

I understand what you mean, but still I don't get the fact that people care about that. I mean, so what if someone is more popular, so what if that popular guy rants about not being popular enough and so what if they really are just annoying people.

Ignore the people you don't like (most often they don't like you either so it's simple) and cherish the few reviews the unpopular you (general you) gets.

15 Name: Vaneskera : 2010-12-25 22:14 ID:I/kQcMY8

I beta for someone who may have gotten it too her head, but she's also giving the fans what the want in our ship. Fluff and an OOC male.

Meanwhile, I work for hours on a single short chapter, keep extremely in character, and have like, five different people reading it before the beta even sees it too point out any plot holes, etc, and I get about four hundred less reviews that her.

But I can't complain, and shouldn't with almost 300, but it is depressing.

16 Name: ripan : 2010-12-30 12:33 ID:VX5yU7Kl

Hey, I've just been reading this thread and I thought, yes, I know exactly what you mean.

On the site I post, I can't get over the amount of reviews on one, never ending story, which has no plot, no grammer but lots of badly written smut. (I read it after reading the reviews. I was expecting something good!)Then i carried on as I was trying to understand why it was so popular, where as other writers who obviously spend a great deal of time, on plot and spelling checks and actual story, get hardly any responses.

It continues to be a mystery to me.

I also understand the comment about the pre-pubescent teens, (laugh) I had one reviewer that told me that my writing was basically crap because I had writen that one character thought the other was better looking! I got a right ticking off for that, she disagreed, and she will "no longer tollerate reading your work!" It still makes me laugh, once I got over my initial shock.(At least I hope it was a pre pubescent teen!)

17 Name: Anonymous : 2011-01-04 06:39 ID:OFXIgi6I

Alas it often happens with authors who don't deserve the attention at all. They often possess poor writing skills and can only develop a really lousy storyline. BUT...their writing is so simplistic and has so much teen romance, that it appeals to young teen audience. The also tend to leave reviews which suck as much as the story itself ))
P.S. Stephany Meyer's terrible books are a good example of this phenomenon btw.

18 Name: Renica : 2011-02-10 15:09 ID:J2HvTTlG

>>11 I know how you feel, man. My most popular fanfic is one for a series I don't even like any more, while fanfic's I've worked really hard on are just... ignored.

>>17 THANK YOU. Lord, I cannot STAND Twilight!

19 Name: Ambezua : 2011-02-16 15:02 ID:BufJygC/

What I find very irritating is that although I have written a few FanFiction pieces, and at the time I thought they were reasonably good, when I look back on the ones which get the most reviews/hits the ones I now see as the most deplorable tend to get the most attention.

Perhaps its just the fact the people dislike my highly descriptive style, or perhaps they see the lines and lines of text and their minds shout out: "OH HECK NO..." or something to that extent... but it seems that the more stale and simple I write, the more people seem to like it.

Honestly, I would prefer it if people would read and comment on my original works which I have posted on FictionPress, but they have never actually gotten even a tenth of the traffic (and a tiny fraction of the reviews) as my FanFiction works.

All-in-all, the situation is quite depressing since the harder I work on a story to make it deep, descriptive, and well planned, the more people just pass it over or ignore it. I write for the satisfaction of the process, but also for the enjoyment others can take away from my writing... if no one is reading my works, what's the point of writing them, right?

Although there are some writers that I certainly admire, and a few who originally inspired me to write, I wish to grow as a writer and develop my style... Unfortunately, that's hard to due when my stories only get so little traffic.

  • Amb

20 Name: Chikanpo : 2011-02-23 19:41 ID:5B+9m8AD

I agree with pretty much everything said on this thread so far.

I know a couple authors in my fandom that randomly get just a ton of reviews, and personally, they're nice. But the stories... I don't really have the heart to tell them, but they're not that great. I point out things they can do to improve, but that's it.

As for mine, the lame quick ones I wrote out a while ago get a ton of traffic. It's strange. I wrote a tragedy one recently, and only got one review: "O.O" I have no clue whether it was good or not, since it was my first time writing a tragedy.

Another thing, I have a story I planned out for a long time, and I really liked it, but it seems to just be skimmed over. The few people that do review it, I am very grateful too, seeing as chapter 4 had gotten no reviews whatsoever.

As for the original topic about really popular fanfiction writers, there aren't really any in my fandom. There are a couple of well known ones, but no one author is constantly mentioned. So I guess I don't really know what you're talking about since I haven't seen it yet.

If there was something like that in my fandom, I don't know if I'd be annoyed or not lol. Possibly, but I don't know.


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