Reposting storys under a different age rate. (12)

1 Name: captinifeelwozey : 2010-08-09 08:52 ID:VHKEQmam

I am currently writing a story, one for teenagers and one for adults. The adult story will detail sex scenes and the teen story will have mild or no sex scenes, this is the only difference between storys, thus rating the storys differently.

Can anyone confirm if it will be against fanfiction rules if I post the story twice for these purposes?

2 Name: Marth : 2010-08-09 09:20 ID:pIpaIMPz

It's a little fuzzy, but as long as their content isn't exactly the same (which seems to be the point), you should be okay.

3 Name: tiger002 : 2010-08-09 12:08 ID:54DEBUUE

I've seen some people post the M rated scenes separate from the main story that way if people want to read those they can but they won't be in the story itself.

4 Name: captinifeelwozey : 2010-08-10 03:03 ID:+uEZUuTZ

Uh! Ok perhaps I could post the Teen version on one website and the adult on another instead. Such as the teen rated on Quizilla and the adult rated on fanfiction. That would work! sort of...

5 Name: KillerMay : 2010-08-12 08:51 ID:q63QnAML

Like Tiger002 said, most people will post the T-rated story and then only the M-rated scenes as a separate story.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-12 17:13 ID:rbEqfil3

The teens will probably just read the M-rated stuff anyway.

7 Name: FM : 2010-08-13 08:13 ID:1ll1a3Zk

>>1 stories.

8 Name: SerialAuthor : 2010-09-19 17:03 ID:TWPAzyfa

>>1 No, I don't think it will, but most people will bypass it anyway and read the Adult version.

9 Name: fan-to-fictiob : 2010-12-15 09:34 ID:XfGlNr+h

>> Well, in the fanfiction rules it is stated you cannot post a fic with the same content twice (even if it is meant like that)

You have to either decide to keep the full version and put it in M or change the content so it suits another age category.

A lot of writers also post the full M story on another website like Adultfanfiction or something.

10 Name: KazeYami : 2010-12-15 19:48 ID:btDNR4CB

When was on a deleting frenzy, I protected myself by posting on two different sites.

If I had a mature story to post, I would post an edited version on and just direct people to the unedited version on Though a lot people whined and moaned, it was mostly because their internet filtering program wouldn't let them go there... >_> Which was the whole point. So, I always thought it looked good, even if I got less hits and a lot of complaints.

11 Name: Noc and NC : 2013-01-03 15:25 ID:jdHf4z7Z

I have a story which is written with a T rating, but as I am an adult I sometimes like to delve into more mature themes as well, so I created an M rated companion story from another character's viewpoint that runs alongside the main story. I usually retell important moments that happen in the main story or use it to bridge together main scenes with extra events, but the page content is always original (except for when characters are speaking, although the things they say are sometimes delivered differently depending on who's viewpoint I'm writing from).

I've found it really enjoyable so far.

12 Post deleted by moderator.

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