Tangled Fanart (3)

1 Name: Turner Child : 2011-04-18 15:34 ID:xJjOCPCp

Okay. This is going to sound dorky most likely, but I love the movie Tangled. Frying pans are a great weapons...lol. Any way I have been looking on deviantart, and I have realized how few arts there are of Rapunzel with short hair. It would be nice to see some good pictures of that especially if someone wants to get her haircut like that.

2 Name: Ciel Elleira Sky : 2011-05-04 08:04 ID:sQyLP2+F

I think its a very good idea, i love that movie as well and find very few pictures of her with short hair as well!
I was thinking of drawing one as well.

3 Name: Naked Pie : 2011-05-06 13:52 ID:R4oXv0+I

Wow. I just got an idea for Tangled fanart.
And Ive ALWAYS wanted hair cut like hers, but my hairs naturally curly soooo...yea, not gonna work out too well.

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