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Belgium, België, Belgique (75)

1 Name: Easia : 2010-05-09 12:22 ID:ACcMutZF

Hey there,

I bedoel hey daar, sorry hoor maar ik onderga nogal wat taalswitches op deze site.

Anyway, Ik zou eens willen weten wie er allemaal geïntresseerd is om eens samen te komen ergens in België. En wie woont er in België? De plaats bevalt te bespreken natuurlijk al ben ik 17 en woon ikzelf in Limburg. Nu goed ik zou gewoon eens wat willen horen uit dat kleine landje onder Nederland en datzelfde grotere land dan luxemburg.

laat wat horen

greetz Easia

66 Name: WraithFan : 2011-12-16 01:02 ID:IHXyYf4I

He, dit topic is nog draaiende!!!:D 'k kwam even kijken op namen te controleren voor een kerstkaartje lol lol lol ben bijna iedereen z'n naam vergeten :P

Helaas, pindakaas, heb het MEGADRUK dus afspreken... not going to happen I'm afraid :) Zit volgende week al in blok :(

Ma mss es een keer in de grote vakantie ofzo?:D

67 Post deleted by moderator.

68 Name: WraithFan : 2011-12-16 01:04 ID:IHXyYf4I

He lol heb dit er nu drie keren op gezet lol! 'k dacht dat het er niet op kwam :P

69 Name: Susu : 2011-12-24 12:09 ID:jdy87Esr

Is dat een groot bezwaar dan? Mij maakt het niet uit, ik heb het geld dus komt wel goed.

70 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2012-02-19 10:15 ID:w1pJxlPj

Inderdaad. Wil graag nog eens afspreken. Ik kan in feite elke vakantie. Vorige keer was het in Roeselare, dus nu misschien in Gent of Antwerpen?

71 Name: fan-to-fiction : 2012-02-19 10:19 ID:w1pJxlPj

Ow, and here's my email in case you want to talk about fanfiction and all

72 Name: Bola : 2012-06-03 13:54 ID:kBSJ5nDr

Idioot, waarom per se Belgë lastigvallen! :p

73 Post deleted by moderator.

74 Name: Anonymous : 2015-03-04 04:24 ID:3+hhNF0/

tfw no gf

75 Post deleted by moderator.

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Pompey, anyone? YOOOO?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! (3)

1 Name: Shadow04 : 2010-01-30 03:22 ID:23ffp0e/

Hey, I'm a fan-fic MANIAC n wanted to know if anyone wanted an offline meeting with me. PLEASE!!!!!

2 Name: mesmerizing : 2010-02-02 18:18 ID:VkR7vddq

I don't see why not. What's the meeting for?

3 Post deleted by moderator.

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Does any one live near the north-west? (5)

1 Name: JokerSparrowLove : 2010-01-05 14:07 ID:YYgUbipC

North-west of england like liverpool and stuff? I'm really interested in theese offline meetings ;D

2 Name: FluffyKeira : 2010-03-21 18:36 ID:2pOvtcqv

Lancaster =)

3 Name: tokyomajin : 2010-03-28 12:16 ID:N6/U58JK

I'm also from Lancaster =)

4 Name: Shion : 2010-04-08 11:33 ID:TYMcZ7y9

I live in Flintshire, which is near Chester, That's North West right?

5 Post deleted by moderator.

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Zuid-Holland 2 (624)

1 Name: AlexPhoenixWing : 2011-03-25 02:08 ID:2VEwftlR

New thread voor Nederland's meest actieve FanBBS groep.

615 Name: Susu : 2012-02-06 07:39 ID:6+K0yFwM

Er zijn al wel mailtjes naar de beheerder enzo gestuurd, maar die lijken de site ook een beetje vergeten te zijn ofzo, I dunno man.

616 Name: AnneCupcake : 2012-02-10 14:39 ID:pgC7gbKS

Volgens mij zijn wij nog zo'n beetje de enige actieve groep?

617 Name: Susu : 2012-02-13 14:54 ID:6+K0yFwM

Jup. Ook niet allemaal uberactief, maar zeker meer dan enige andere thread.

618 Name: CharlieWise : 2012-02-24 02:31 ID:Gv3YnXq8

I miss you guys!!!!
It sucks that I can't be there the 23 mrt!!!!

Thom you have a game on sunday right?

619 Name: CharlieWise : 2012-03-05 09:22 ID:Gv3YnXq8

I mean 25 mrt

620 Name: AlexPhoenixWing : 2012-03-14 15:51 ID:3b4x5lrj

So yeah, 25ste Wie/Wat/Waar

621 Name: Susu : 2012-03-15 08:58 ID:6+K0yFwM

Count me in, sowieso.
waar, ehm, ja maakt me niet zoveel uit. Rotterdam, Den Haag, either is fine with me.

622 Name: AlexPhoenixWing : 2012-10-14 18:30 ID:DRz/7mH4

De spam is verwijderd, dus zet ik weer even een nieuwe post

Wij zijn Team Retard, een offline groep van 8 personen voornamelijk actief in Zuid-Holland.
Wij proberen minimaal 1 x per maand bij elkaar te komen.

623 Name: RL & CE : 2012-10-20 11:57 ID:2XPB7XOm

Yayyyyyyyy!!!! Ikke ook weer een keer posten!!!! joepie!!!! awesome!!!!

624 Post deleted by moderator.

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Anybody from Northern Ireland? County Derry? (108)

1 Name: The Real Shana Cullen : 2009-11-05 09:51 ID:b8j9s36y

Hey, is there anyone from around here with Northern Ireland?

Around the county of Derry?

99 Name: Anonymous : 2010-02-15 19:33 ID:VijVv/Jc

Hmmm... seems like we might have to wait a while... but for now, perhaps we can try talking to each other, to get more coordinated, or something...

100 Name: Nadine : 2010-02-17 16:34 ID:VaZ6H3Ip

>>99 good idea, but hardly anyones ever on

101 Name: Yoshino◆ADmhDJ9Ke6 : 2010-02-17 18:35 ID:kooY8lCv

I have kept a list of everybody in Belfast who is interested in going, and when this list grows big enough, I can remind everybody.

102 Name: Nadine : 2010-02-21 21:17 ID:k7zxgIaZ

Thats great XD

103 Name: Nicole : 2010-03-04 13:44 ID:ksCJx/IR

Im from derry so meeting there would be easy for me.

104 Name: flowerspring : 2010-03-07 09:23 ID:9LP6jcTq

I wont be able to meet until april, and only the first week..

105 Name: Nadine : 2010-06-12 15:46 ID:6banfQna

hey hey hey any peoples from NI still interesting in meeting up reply on when is good for you. or email me we can try and arrange it well for during the summer

106 Name: Frizwizz : 2011-04-08 14:37 ID:QwOiA3ph

As a favor to yoshina on I said that i would try to get this thread started again as it hasn't been updated in a while. Hopefully this should get it up and running again. haha ^^
So basically this is a forum for discussing meeting up in or around Belfast, N.Ireland.

107 Name: Nadine : 2011-09-05 17:28 ID:s0rHyw3F

I just found the link to this site again, was one of the first people Yoshina messaged back at the beginning. I live near Belfast; Carrickfergus actually.

108 Post deleted by moderator.

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Wakefield anyone? (426)

1 Name: Robyn : 2009-11-29 13:26 ID:lWmM01Mt

Theres a thread for Leeds already, but I wanted to start one for Wakefield.

Anybody else from Wakefield? I'd love to talk to you :]

417 Name: Amy : 2010-09-09 14:50 ID:EOosO4ih

Haha. I'm in Liverpool now. :D It's great so far. :)

Just enrolled today so I'm officially a LJM Uni student. :D claps happily

You started college yet? x

418 Name: Robyn : 2010-09-10 03:42 ID:OWOfSA02

Awesome :) -claps happily with you-

Yeah, I started yesterday :) I love it.

419 Name: Amy : 2010-09-14 23:27 ID:EOosO4ih

Hahaha. :D

Wooo!!!! Always good.

I'm up at 7 in the fricking morning in order to make sure I have everything for the stupid field trip I'm off on today. Probably won't be so stupid at a more reasonable time but y'know.. Haha

God I hate mornings.

420 Name: Robyn : 2010-09-15 08:41 ID:asw4wpQM

Really? Where did you go?

I hate them too :|

421 Name: Amy : 2010-09-20 07:43 ID:EOosO4ih

Haha. Poulton Research Project in chester. :) Of course I slept on the coach there and back. Haha! Was pretty fun though, once the boring guys stopped talking.

So how's college going? Enjoying it? :D

422 Name: Robyn : 2010-09-21 08:31 ID:haHRCkbE

Sounds interesting. Lol best way.

Its going pretty well actually, I'm enjoying more than I thought I would :)

423 Name: Amy : 2010-09-22 04:41 ID:EOosO4ih

Haha. More than you thought? :) Gooood..

Boy, my lecture yesterday was the most boring I have EVER attended. The lecturer was so monotonous it was ridiculous. Forensic Science is gonna be one hell of a boring module unless we have some different lecturers.

424 Name: Robyn : 2010-09-23 12:05 ID:VrF9jACI

Sounds fun :|

I can relate, geography teacher at college is so monotonous I nearly fell asleep in lesson yesterday.

425 Name: Amy : 2010-09-23 13:43 ID:EOosO4ih

Pmsl! Well at least I'm not alone. Haha. Made my friend laugh though. He was sat there most of the time trying not to laugh out loud because of my inability to sit still for more than a second.

But oh well. :)

On a good note though, my earth surface processes (I know, sounds riveting eh?) lecturer actually has a sense of humour. Always good. :D

What are your teachers like at college?

426 Post deleted by moderator.

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Anyone living near Cambridge? (15)

1 Name: Fresh Water Plimpy ( : 2009-12-16 15:49 ID:AZdmTTkV

Anyone living in the Cambridge area?

6 Name: Sam : 2010-01-05 14:17 ID:0cqZwdBU


I live in Cottenham so I can get in easily.

7 Name: Nyt Yanse : 2010-01-09 05:24 ID:jpTNxwYY

I'm near Ramsey, but i have to say, with my fear of crowds i have avoided Cambridge since my first visit- i nearly had a breakdown!!! Is it always that much of a crush?

8 Name: Lizzieleaf : 2010-01-18 15:20 ID:XVlzq/C9

No, besides, it depends where you are in Cambridge.

9 Name: Valmarien : 2010-01-18 15:31 ID:Mo7fM0nh

I live near Cambridge ^_^ Hello all!

10 Name: Okami : 2010-02-11 14:27 ID:rHCP30lL

I live around.. 25 mins away on a good day, but it can turn into an hour on the trafficky days.

11 Name: BertieTiger : 2010-03-07 03:04 ID:4GXL0fdu

I can get the bus to Camebridge! I live in Bury. ^_^

12 Name: Thephoenixsong : 2010-03-08 15:10 ID:srL0gWQy

I live about 30 miles awa near stansted.

So Train, car etc easy to get to Cambridge.

13 Name: MegaUnknownxx : 2010-04-20 11:15 ID:eGoBwTYt

i live about 30 mins away from cambridge by train :)

14 Name: MegaUnknownxx : 2010-04-20 11:16 ID:eGoBwTYt

i live about 30 mins away by train :)

15 Post deleted by moderator.

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Noord-Brabant (103)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2010-05-03 11:27 ID:u52Q1ZsK

Since there seems to be a few people from Noord-Brabant, perhaps we could meet together soon?

What do you people think would be a good meeting place? I am thinking that Eindhoven might be the local choice, but perhaps another place could also be chosen.

94 Name: Lady Midday : 2010-06-26 07:15 ID:VadxFXCS

Meh, da's jammer. Volgende keer dan maar, inderdaad.

Maargoed, voor de rest die wel komt: ik zie jullie morgen bij de Free Record Shop. ^^

95 Name: China Dolly : 2010-06-26 08:27 ID:BKslA7gJ

Ja jammer inderdaad :(

Maar ik heb er al wel zin in! Tot morgen ;)

96 Name: Amber : 2010-06-26 10:18 ID:Ah1pjGZc

Ik kan ook niet komen. Geef de schuld aan de ouders. Die begrijpen geen snars van hoe belangrijk FF voor mij is.

Kben aan t overwegen om stiekem het huis uit te sneaken maar k wil liever niet t risico lopen het huis uit geschopt te worden

sorry :(

97 Name: Mandje : 2010-06-26 15:33 ID:VwN6VGS0

Sorry voor de late reactie maar ik kan morgen helaas ook niet komen:S

Ik had er echt veel zin in om jullie allemaal te ontmoeten maar helaas is er iets onverwachts gebeurt waardoor ik deze meeting zal moeten overslaan.

Volgende keer beter en voor de gene die wel gaan: heeeeel veel plezier!!!:)

98 Name: AlexPhoenixwing : 2010-06-27 13:09 ID:v1eYfMtJ

Nou, Eindhoven is geweest. Het was een beetje teleurstellend. In totaal zijn er drie mensen komen opdagen. Het was wel leuk maar de onderwerpen raakte snel uitgeput.
Volgende keer moeten er echt meer mensen komen.

99 Name: Foohke : 2010-06-28 00:45 ID:ZxLoTgn2


Ik heb gisteren te horen gekregen dat mijn kamertje in Eindhoven doorgaat (H)
Volgende keer ben ik dus zeker van de partij!

100 Name: Amber : 2010-06-29 09:28 ID:Ah1pjGZc

Ik ook!

101 Name: Anonymous : 2010-08-29 23:07 ID:IMKdSIFY


102 Name: Foohke : 2010-09-10 00:38 ID:a8Fz4HkL

De zomer is voorbij,het schooljaar is weer begonnen, wellicht tijd voor een 2e meeting?

103 Post deleted by moderator.

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Calling all Londoners! (UK) (258)

1 Name: Scourgeofthegalaxy : 2010-11-05 05:02 ID:z2RmTe3q

Yes, this is the new London UK thread. If anybody wants to jon our merry band of writing enthusiasts and you live in London, or can justify travelling into London regularly, come see us! We want to meet more of our ilk.

So get typing in this thread and let us know you exist. We can tell you when and where to meet us - just ask.

See you soon!


249 Name: enchantedsleeper : 2011-06-07 13:39 ID:9iqjiskR

pokes head out from a pile of exam revision ohai thar.

I still don't know the precise date of my return from Cambridge but it'll be around the 22nd-24th. That's all I know so far.

tearthepetals might be interested to know that I've been using her gel pens to make copious colourful exam notes :D Hey, whatever brightens the chore up a little.


250 Name: tearthepetals : 2011-06-07 17:11 ID:vOkbzdfR

Also, I now (as of today) have a job, so I don't know what days I'll be available for meetups. BOOOOOOO, WHY CAN'T I BE A LADY OF LEISURE?

251 Name: TV Geek : 2011-06-08 02:16 ID:kFfEM84X

#wakes up, empties head of dust cloud#

I'm so happy for you both!

As far as I can tell Mondays and Tuesdays are the only days that are un-possible (I know that's not a real word, I just thought it'd be fun to type). So, let's see how things go and type possible dates when we know what they might be.

Although I must say that HoldenCaulfield (Almost typed her real name for a second there) asked me to send her a message when I found out what the agreed date was because she pretty much said that she won't be checking the BBS anymore and would need to be told more directly what was happening. So I'm just thinking that we need to consider her availability and give her a good amount of prior notice because we're nice friends like that.

So, we don't need to do this right now, but we must work out the date a good while before the it happens and possibly have a couple of back-up dates in case we need to compromise? Sound okay with everyone?

252 Name: enchantedsleeper : 2011-06-08 03:05 ID:PswqZGJm

Ooooh, that totally reminds me.

I've been thinking for some time that we ought to switch to using the Facebook group to organise meet-ups. Let's face it, we don't really gain anything from using this thread. The only possible advantage of it is new members and we haven't had any of those who actually came to a meeting for about six months (Fairylights), and none who actually stuck around for a decent amount of time since Jude and Kyle joined. So it's not really worth still using the thread for. The BBS is massively cluttered and annoying to use and (perhaps for that reason) half our members don't even check this thread anyway, so to save us all having to relay messages, why don't we just let Facebook Notifications do it for us? It might actually serve to remind some of our more rarely-sighted members that we still exist.

Plus, what's the point of having a Facebook group when we never use it? x3

253 Name: TV Geek : 2011-06-08 04:21 ID:kFfEM84X

All very good points. Remind me what the Facebook group is called again? I haven't actually used and Facebook group in a while, and I think some groups might actually have been deleted because of inactivity. But as far as I know that is just rumour, anyway, a link would rock.

254 Name: TV Geek : 2011-06-08 04:23 ID:kFfEM84X

Nevermind the link, found it and was shocked at how easy that was.

255 Name: TV Geek : 2011-06-09 05:46 ID:kFfEM84X

So, if Enchantedsleeper is hopefully going to be home by around the 24th, does that mean that the weekend of 25-26th is too soon for a meeting? If it is then we'd have to either have a midweek meeting during the week after that weekend because TearThePetals won't be able to attend the next weekend, and the one after that is Comic Con, so I'll be busy.

So, if we can't do the weekend of 25-26th then I think midweek is the best thing to do, although I can't do Mondays and possibly not Tuesdays either.

What are everyone else's opinions?

256 Name: enchantedsleeper : 2011-06-09 07:18 ID:lw5W138Z

Uh, sure.

257 Name: enchantedsleeper : 2011-07-07 12:00 ID:Be4kLhb6

Just bumping this thread up in case anyone new might be interested. We have a new Facebook group - click my name to go to it!

258 Post deleted by moderator.

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Any Scottish people or people who are near Glasgow? (126)

1 Name: DarthRevanShepard : 2009-10-25 10:03 ID:aCvCVmzr

Are there any fellow Scots out there who like fanfiction or simply people who are near Glasgow?

117 Name: Laura : 2010-04-02 05:29 ID:GQ7r1OP8

Should one be set up?

118 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-02 06:56 ID:PCyz5wZq

Why not? But, of course, we have to agree on a date that will work for all of us.

119 Name: Fanille : 2010-04-14 20:12 ID:/GJsLKxy

I'm from Stirling, but I can easily make it into Glasgow. This still running?

120 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-14 20:32 ID:Q3dJn7/I

Yes, it is. However, we have to agree on a date to meet again, and a time as well.

121 Name: Anonymous : 2010-04-18 11:50 ID:D/sp2XzA

Just read through this whole thread and it's just full of failed meetings heh.

So as not to cause any more confusion and making some people waste their time coming out when no one's sure what's happening why doesn't some take up HoldenCaulfield's suggestion and create a blog. Or maybe even a twitter or something where you can get notified of replies by email and, like they said, there will be no more confusion and having to check this thread for dates.

It just makes more sense ...

I'll be really interested in it but I don't fancy showing up if no-one else is going to be there, yeah?

122 Name: Dave2380 : 2010-07-05 12:30 ID:vrw5rv4Z

Omg 82, a fellow ficcer in whitburn, awesome, so what do you fic and where do you host them? I'm on myself

123 Name: Shattered Glass : 2010-08-29 09:26 ID:Q6NsUQB6

Um... Hi. I helped set up the original London meetings (cafe Nero, awesome!) and if people from Edinburgh are still interested then I can do those too. I'm the one happy to ask strangers if I'm supposed to be meeting them or not, you see. It took a while to fix in London but I think Edinburgh would be simpler.

Yes, I know it's months since anybody posted on this thread, but I just thought I'd check.

124 Name: swiftswallow : 2010-09-15 12:42 ID:e3p0sHb5

>>123 Thank you so much for offering and I know I don't speak for everyone here but I would love you so much if you did that.
Although, Edinburgh would be too far for me a start is start. Thank you so much.^^

125 Name: Zaku-118 : 2010-10-02 13:44 ID:hJff7OdY

I realise this threads pretty much dead, and didn't really acomplish anything whilst it was alive, but i'm curious
Are there any other Fanfic writers at Glasgow Caledonian, or am i the only one?

126 Post deleted by moderator.

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New thread

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